Having Breakfast and Sex

The Unicorn Princess

Daniel feels strange today. Something is definitely wrong. It is not his sleep orientation problem or the smell of their breakfast atmosphere (that he usually hates because of his dad’s awful cooking) or even his naturally frizzy hair. He put on his clothes and combed his ugly awkward hair. He got his phone from overcharging last night and texted his girlfriend.

“Good morning babe, see you later @ Joe’s?”

He got down and poured himself a coffee, he ignored the overcooked bacon and messed up pancake his dad carefully laid on his favorite square plate. He got himself a banana instead. After he emptied his cup, his phone beeped.

“Sure, but pick me up will you?”

“Alright, be there in one hour.”

“Thank you babe! See u”

His dad was already on the kitchen disappointed on his cooking for the hundredth time. More than Daniel, his dad suffers more and…

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