My king my father Sango

King Chango ,sango or xango as the name is different with different cultures and regions originally from Nigeria west Africa,the different names can be attributed to slave trade along the coastal parts of Nigeria west Africa where slaves taken across the seas held on to the traditions and original deities of the African culture which after years of passing down to generations across seas founded the Santeria, bruja spirituality in places like Cuba and parts of South America,but not to dwell on that let’s talk about this awesome king,father and reversed deity of Africa.

The King of Kings had a faithful slave who followed him everywhere: the goat. But he began to envy to its owner, to the point of allying to the ounko and the aure. In the silence of the night, and with the complicity of the Moon, the stars, and with the rythmic sounds of the owl, they devised a plan to do away with Chango.

Such plan was to hide all his weapons: his axe bipene, his machetes, his peaks and his hoes. Chango, angriest among the angry, responded to the challenge of his slave and immediately went to look for his weapons. And what would be his astonishment to find his empty Armory, where it was only a bat of acana.

Concerned, he decided to register with Orula who immediately sent him an ebbo. Multiple ingredients included an akuko to Eleggua and a bat of acana. After indicated by Orula, Chango was presented to the battlefield. Immediately the abbo he put on enchanted horns and lashed out at his rival, leaving him battered. But always strong Chango arose and fired; It deprived the horns, although for this trance, the abbo had spare parts. He turned toward the hiding place where was the ounko was to get the other horns.

Then saw it Eleggua, always vigilant, whose gratitude for Chango made it so he closed the roads to the abbo that it has not come. Thus, forests intertwined branches and vines blocked the trails. Eleggua ran to Chango and told him: “Betrayed you the abbo, the aure, and the ounko.” Eat them, because you will serve you”. To find all three together, Chango attacked them and cut off their heads, drinking their life-giving blood, after which he said: “As long as the world is world, my children and I will continue eating abbo, but if necessary will also eat ounko, that is my medicine, but as Baba likes the aure, this will be respected”.

Kawo…Kabiosile Chango!#StayWoke and conscious


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