Do Not Stand Still….

stuff i tell my sister

Ice do not stand stillWell it seems I’m a little late coming to the party this year!  Regardless, I wish each of you a better year than the last.

I hope that if you are trying to find that certain someone or something in your life, that this will be your year.  (understanding of course, you must work to do so….no sitting around and waiting!)

I pray that if your heart hurts from loss, that you find peace and resolve.  I pray that we remember to mourn with those who mourn.

I hope our hearts are always open to need, and that we will feed those who are hungry, and clothe those who are bare.

If you have caused hurt to someone, try to make it better.  Even if it means leaving them alone.

Our year is brand new!  I am grateful for another day of life.  Another day with hubby.  Another day with my children, family and friends. and pups!

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