Daily Talker: Pregnant Nurse Fired For Refusing Flu Shot

CBS Boston

A pregnant nurse in Pennsylvania has lost her job for refusing to get the flu shot because she was afraid of miscarrying.

Dreonna Breton said she made the decision after having her last two pregnancies end in miscarriage, and because she was concerned the vaccine may not be safe for pregnant women. “There’s nothing more important to me than my children and their safety and their health. So even if I didn’t go through the miscarriages I would have still been doing the same research and come to the same conclusions,” she said.

Breton wrote a letter to Horizons Healthcare Services in Lancaster asking to be exempted from the mandatory flu shots, and offered to wear a mask instead. Her employers refused, and terminated her.

“I looked at studies that showed there is no evidence that getting the flu vaccine prevents transmission,” said Breton. “There’s no evidence that getting the…

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