Miletta: Lessons from Harry Potter for Teachers

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Alexandra Miletta is a teacher, like her mother, in New
York. When I was in graduate school at Teachers College in the late
1960s, Maureen Miletta and I were in classes together. I am happy
to see Alexandra carrying forward her mother’s legacy as a devoted
educator. Alexandra thinks we can all find inspiration in this
particular Harry Potter story.

Thoughts on education from a teacher

Dumbledore’s Army

In case you are not a fan of the Harry Potter saga (as I am) allow me to
sum up an interesting moment in the story when it seemed there was
no hope of learning to defeat evil. (For the longer summary with a
bit more context, read this.) The part that I find interesting is
when Hermione (my favorite character) tells her peers:
“Well…erm…well, you know why you’re here. Erm…well, Harry here had
the idea – I mean” – Harry…

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