Baby Born 2 Months Early Inside Attleboro Home

CBS Boston

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ATTLEBORO (CBS) —- Exhausted but very happy, Lia Estey and Bob Miller are two proud parents of Cruz Estey who was born two months premature.

“He was cruising on out,” Lia Estey laughed.

Lia gave birth to her son Cruz by herself Sunday afternoon inside her Attleboro home.

“She had called me and said get home now and I could hear crying in the background,” Bob Miller said.

Bob called 911, but by that time Lia was already holding Cruz in her arms.

“I just waited and I was holding him waiting for someone to cut the cord,” Lia said.

When paramedics arrived and cut the umbilical cord, Cruz started to have a difficult time breathing. Attleboro Firefighter paramedic Justin Jackson was first to arrive on scene and immediately began using a bag valve mask.

“I just created a seal over the baby’s nose and…

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