Let’s talk about sex….


When we talk about sex, social scientists use terms such as extra-marital sex, premarital sex, group sex, multiple partners. But in the Bible and in our churches, we use the words, ‘adultery,’ ‘fornication,’ ‘orgies,’ ‘promiscuity.’ While they are referring to the same act, our Christian terminologies are expressions of judgement and condemnation.

In her book, Queer God, Marcella Althaus-Reid, laments that Christianity has placed God in a very small box called heterosexual marriages. Only those that submit to these standard encounter God in their relationships, or are ordained by God. As a contextual theologian, she critiques how ‘Eden’, where God brings together man and woman, is constructed as paradise. She argues for ‘beyond Edens’ and how Christians, as resisting people must cross boundaries and encounter God in the most unexpected places.

Riane Eisler in her book Sacred Pleasure: Sex, Myth and the Politics of the Body proposes ‘cultural transformation theory’…

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