God is in the details


SUNDAY MORNING: This week, talking about all the literally hundreds of items that need to get checked off the huge (and growing) “to-do” list Rebekah and I have going on, someone threw out the idiomatic expression, “The Devil is in the details….”

Typically, even though I’m a writer, I tend to appreciate cliches. Words or phrases become cliches because they work, so there’s definitely a place for them in routine communication.

But, “The Devil is in the details” runs counter to my functional theology, so I’m going to substitute the following instead, both as a prayer request and as a alternative idea; here it is: “May God be in all the details.”

GOD IN THE DETAILS: Too often, as people of faith, we tend to limit our prospective apprehension of the Creator to the grandiose, looking for a “pillar of fire,” a “parting of the Red Sea,” or a golden…

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