We are unknown^ we „kno3Kers,- ourselves to

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We are unknown^ we „kno3Kers,- ourselves to \ ^ourselves : this has its own good reason. We | have never search^_fgr_pursdves—how should ‘ “ff~tKeir”com? to pass, that we should ever ^nd
ourselves ? Rightly has it been said : ” Where
your’ treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Our treasure is there, where stand the hives of our knowledge. It is to those hives that we are always striving; as born creatures of flight, and
as the honey-gatherers of the spirit, we care
really in our hearts only for one thing—to bring something ” home to the hive !

As far as the rest of life with its so-called
” experiences ” is concerned, which of us has even
sufficient serious interest? or sufficient time?
In our dealings with such points of life, we are,
I fear, never properly to the point; to be
precise, our heart…

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