The Xbox One’s Two Potential Problems: Price and Indie Games


As I wrote yesterday, Microsoft’s unprecedented Xbox One DRM reversal, whether enacted earnestly or cynically, bodes well for everyone (including, in my view, Microsoft). And no, to all the cynics and doomsayers, it’s not too little, too late, nor has “the damage been done,” which is just a shortcut to thinking about a bit of melodrama that’s played out over the space of less than two weeks.

Microsoft announced plans to restrict used games and force players online every 24 hours on June 6, then rescinded those policies on June 19. That sort of reversal’s unheard of in the games industry. Consider how long it took Nintendo, by comparison, to fix the 3DS’s pricing problem (six months). And at the time, we considered that extremely unusual.

Speaking of price, some are suggesting Microsoft ought to counter Sony’s PlayStation 4 and lop $100 off the Xbox One’s $500…

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