Microsoft’s Xbox One Access Requirements Create an Odd Double Standard


Microsoft‘s Xbox One will allow you to play games offline for up to 24 hours a pop, says the company in a fresh explainer, but you’ll have to connect to the Internet thereafter or forfeit access. If you’re playing on someone else’s system, that 24-hour window drops to just one hour. Think of it as Microsoft’s Cinderella clause, only instead of a pumpkin, your system turns into a giant black-and-green brick.

That may seem something of a positive concession to players worried Microsoft’s next Xbox would require “always-online” connectivity, if only because it means modem-goofing power surges, your curious cat, your even more curious 10-month-old and whimsical, whimsical fate won’t drive your Xbox One off a gaming cliff. You have time to get it together, Microsoft’s saying in essence, though it’s unclear what the carrot is, and the stick is more like a high-voltage stun gun.

But let’s look…

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