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June 5, 2013 by thetbjoshuafanclub

The Sunday service began with prayer and visitors from far and wide received a touch from the Five Wise Men that rewrote the history of their lives. Immediately after the Prayer Line session, the church began to listen to testimonies of extraordinary breakthroughs resulting from the ministration of the New Anointing Water and Stickers, to the glory of God.



Mrs Naomi Kiloko was experiencing blindness for one year. What started as mere irritation of the eyes soon worsened to the point where her eyes became grossly swollen and she lost all vision. Medical doctors were unable to explain the sudden deterioration of her vision and discharged her from hospital offering no hope of solution.Mrs Kiloko would spend the entirety of her days alone, lying down on her bed in utter darkness and desolation.


It was in this condition that an extended family relative who was privileged to have visited The SCOAN and received the new Anointing Water came to see her. Using her hands to prise open the severely swollen eyelids, she ministered the New Anointing Water in Jesus’ name.

To the astonishment of all witnesses, a physical sound erupted as if a cork was unscrewed from a bottle! At that Divine moment, Mrs Kiloko’s sigh was restored! Blindness had been swallowed up in victory! Jumping up and proclaiming her ability to see, she astounded her family members by picking up a Bible and beginning to read. Several days later, all the swelling had disappeared and her vision was back to normalcy!



Mr James Asemota, a lorry driver, was driving along a highway when the brakes of his lorry failed. Veering out of control, the lorry hit an oncoming boulder and somersaulted into a ditch, ending up preciously perched on its side. He and his three passengers were trapped in the fallen lorry with the prospect of a fire erupting very imminent. JAMESAs Mr James uttered a prayer for Divine protection, an extraordinary scene unfolded before his dazed eyes. He saw a giant man wearing a white robe and holding a sword emerge from the Anointing Sticker from The SCOAN that he had placed on the windscreen of his lorry. The tall man flashed the sword across the windscreen of the lorry. Instantly, the glass of the windscreen collapsed! He and his boys were able to come out through the collapsed windscreen safely. Remarkably, none of them recorded a single injury or bruise from the terrible accident. As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “When the eyes of your faith are opened, you will know the protection that you are under.”



Mr Sunday Eghele, Edo, Nigeria, had been addicted to drinking alcohol for 25 years. The habit had adversely affected his marital life to the point that his wife threatened a divorce. He was unable to perform his normal duties. His wife who had earlier collected the Anointing Water from The SCOAN, ministered it to Mr Eghele and he immediately started manifesting in a strange manner.SUNDAYHe had a dream where he wrestled with some strange beings that came to take away their children. He was able to overcome them by shouting out the name of Jesus Christ. In another vision that followed, he saw a giant man come out of his body and leave. He called his wife to bring the Anointing Water and as soon as he ministered it to himself in Jesus’ name, the giant man ran away. The following morning he woke up and went about his day alcohol free forgetting about the beers stored up in his refrigerator. He has since been free from the habit of consuming alcohol. The regular supplier of beer to the man saw the wife and asked her why the husband had not come for his usual drinks and she told the woman that her husband does not drink alcohol anymore. Indeed, he is free.



Mrs Joy Nnaji, a Lecturer of Political Science, College of Science & Technology, Anambra, Nigeria, had a severe eye problem and was booked for an operation. Doctors had diagnosed cataracts and she had been using glasses for five years. The pain and discomfort she experienced continued to worsen as time progressed. She couldn’t do anything without wearing glasses, proving increasingly burdensome to her responsibilities as a lecturer.JOY

As an avid viewer of Emmanuel TV, when Mrs Nnaji heard about the new Anointing Water, she believed that solution to her deteriorating condition had finally come. Priviliged to be among the few who received the New Anointing Water upon its release, she ministered it upon her affected eyes and slept. The next morning, she got up and noticed some mucous coming out from her eyes. She cleaned up and went to work as usual. To her surprise, she was able to read the scripts that were brought to her by her numerous students without using her glasses. Ever since the ministration of the new Anointing Water, the lecturer has stopped wearing glasses and all the accompanying aches and pains of the cataracts have completely gone. Thank You, Jesus Christ!



Mr Okocha Ifechukwude who works at the College of Medicine at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital had a problem of kidney stones which subjected him to bouts of trauma for twelve months. He explored all medical possibilities in order to cure his ailment but to no avail. His mother also took him to native doctors who were unable to help him out of the problem.OKOCHAHe was then encouraged by his sister to visit The SCOAN where he collected the new Anointing Water and ministered it to himself believing God for a sure cure. To his amazement he noticed that he no longer felt the symptoms associated with the kidney stones. To confirm his healing, he returned to the Teaching Hospital for another scan. The University Teaching Hospital ran various tests on him and all indicated that he no longer had kidney stones. He confessed that he used to have a negative perception of The SCOAN and it was difficult for him to come to the church for prayer except for the severity of his disease and the fact that all other avenues had failed him. Indeed, God can use foolish things like sickness to draw us close to Him.



Miss Mhloti had been working as Admin Officer without promotion in her job. Her colleagues including his juniors were being promoted in due time. She visited many prayer houses in South Africa in search of solution to her problem but did not get promoted. MHLOTIOn the day the New Anointing Water was launched by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, a friend called her from The SCOAN and told her what was happening at The SCOAN and asked her to tune in to the Emmanuel TV. When she tuned in, she saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for the masses and she placed her hands on the screen of her television and prayed along with the Prophet claiming to possess her possessions. The next morning, she went to her office and a letter of promotion was given to her appointing her as Senior Provisioning Administrative Officer; Budgeting and Planning.



Miss Evarister Ezeh came to The SCOAN with an issue of multiple fibroids for three years. Her stomach was as big as that of a three month pregnancy, being both hard and painful to touch. Doctors said the only solution was for her to be operated upon. She declined having the operation believing that God could heal her through the medium of the Anointing Water.EZEHDuring the period of the affliction, she lost her job and her official car because she could no longer perform effectively in her work place.  A man who had received the Anointing Water from The SCOAN shared a little and she ministered it in Jesus’ name. That night, she saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua in her dream and he prayed for her. She woke up from the dream and felt something running down her legs. When she went to the bathroom and realized it was the fibroid that was coming out. She experienced a period of continuous bleeding with pieces of fibroid coming out. Now, she is healed and fibroid free – to God be the glory.



Mr Oluwaseyi, a Nigerian living in South Africa was a cult gang leader and a notorious drug dealer. While attending university, he was initiated into cultism and soon rose through the ranks to become the cult’s leader. His lust for power led him to visit spiritualists and witchdoctors to procure charms for protection against attack from rival cultists which is a regular occurrence on campuses. At one time he had a face-to-face battle with some competing gang members where he was shot at but the bullet could not penetrate his body. After the running battle, he was declared wanted by the Police and run away from the university. He came back to Nigeria to hide but when he noticed that the arms of the law were still trailing him, he returned to South Africa. His girlfriend who was an Emmanuel TV addict tried to introduce the channel to him but he would rather paint a discouraging picture of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua telling the girl that he is from Nigeria and that he knows that the Prophet was dubious and uses charms to perform the so-called miracles.

SEYIDuring these periods, he was often afflicted by a spiritual wife that used to make love to him in his dream. Things always turned rough whenever that spiritual wife met with him. At a point in time, his girlfriend visited The SCOAN and returned to South Africa with the Anointing Water. When he saw the Anointing Water, he ministered it into his mouth without any expectations as to what would happen. A few days later, some security personnel came to raid their house and arrested all the occupants including their house girl for drug peddling. His boss, who was a renowned drug baron, was arrested but he was inexplicably pushed aside by the security operatives. It became clear to him that such a narrow escape could not have been possible and he was able to link it with the Anointing Water he had inadvertently ministered to himself.

He then developed interest in viewing Emmanuel TV and decided to visit The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria to seek for deliverance. As Wise Man John Chi prayed for him, the evil spirit within Mr Oluwaseyi violently manifested and he was finally delivered and declared free, in Jesus’ name. Since his deliverance, his life has radically transformed! He testified that he is enjoying peace of mind for the first time in his life and all lust for drugs and women had completely vanished. He advised young people to be careful about the friends they keep as it was the company of bad friends at university that influenced him to join the cult. He further advised parents to be mindful of the gifts and clothes they buy for their children, noting that cultists in school usually look for those who are flashily and flamboyantly dressed as targets for potential recruitment into the cults. Thank You, Jesus Christ!



Prophet T.B. Joshua briefly commenting on his forthcoming 50th birthday anniversary which falls on June 12, 2013, advocated that the best way to celebrate his birthday is for the people to pray for unity and love for the church of God. He says that we lack the strongest bond of love which is the backbone of unity that can only come by relationship.PROPHET TB JOSHUAHe also advised people to use their quality time to visit the sick in hospital, orphans and be a father to the fatherless and benefactor to the needy by extending scholarship schemes to the less privileged ones. He concluded that the best way to celebrate the birthday is by embracing these members of society, adding that it is an opportunity for soul-winning. He strongly advocated that people should rededicate their lives through acts of giving for a true transformation. He also reminded us that there is no one like you and there will never be anyone like you therefore, we should be imitators of God not man in the way we do things and that we should allow the Spirit of God to suggest to us that is when we will be ones with a difference.



Susan Asuquo a worker with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) was diagnosed with kidney failure. In addition, the family was facing serious financial problems. She tried to go into petty trading which could not do well and she eventually went into politics but lost all her money. She was experiencing severe waist pain and went to the hospital for a checkup only to find that her kidney was not functioning properly. Her husband said to her, “Why don’t you go to T.B. Joshua?” She rejected the idea because of the rumours she had heard about The SCOAN and the repercussions there may be for her work in the church. Her husband kept encouraging her and eventually she decided to watch Emmanuel TV and saw for herself that T.B. Joshua is a man of God.SUSANSoon after she met a grieving lady who said that her husband had died of kidney failure. She began to cry and the lady thought she was sympathizing with her situation but rather she had come to understand the reality of her own situation and imagined what would become of her husband and their three children if she died from this disease. With no job or any other means of supporting the family, the couple finally decided to come to The SCOAN. They were privileged to receive the new Anointing Water. That night in the hotel room, she ministered the Anointing Water to herself. That whole night, she felt as if her body was being cleansed and reinvigorated.

When she got back to her State she went to the doctors that had formally diagnosed her with kidney failure and they ran some tests which revealed that indeed she had a brand new kidney. The astonished doctor asked her whether she had attended The SCOAN upon seeing the remarkable transformation! Her advice to others is to not be deterred by others or listen to false rumours that could stop them from doing what God puts in their heart to do.



During last Sunday’s service, Prophet T.B. Joshua made an appeal to entrepreneurs and institutions to create job vacancies for at least ten graduates.  To this end, a call was made for qualified graduates in the field of education to make themselves available for placement. The response was instant and overwhelming. Eventually, a total of twenty-four candidates from diverse backgrounds and various churches were successfully selected given job placements in a federal establishment. Today their situation has turned around and they are now working class graduates. Prophet T.B. Joshua used the occasion to stress that our membership in our local church is merely symbolic as the essence of the true church is Christ in us, the hope of glory. He called on the body of Christ to unite as one!

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SUNDAY SERVICE at The SCOAN – 26 May 2013

Emmanuel, God is with us! When God is with us, we know what follows – healing, deliverance and all of God’s blessings. We saw the evidence of God’s presence once again at The SCOAN during the prayer line which formed the beginning of the Sunday service, 26th May, 2013. Visitors from around the world came and received healing, deliverance and breakthrough as the wise men prayed for them in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

After the prayer line, the Sunday service was devoted to accommodating the teaming number of testifiers who were more eager than ever to share their testimonies of breakthrough, healing and deliverance through the medium of the Anointing Water. It is our earnest belief that you, too, will be richly blessed as you read these astonishing accounts of miracles happening at The SCOAN.





Mrs Shelter Ugbebor had visited The SCOAN and was privileged to obtain the New Anointing Water. Back home, she had a neighbor who was watching Emmanuel TV and saw the clip showing where Mrs Ugbebor was receiving the Anointing Water.


This lady requested that she should minister the Anointing Water on her sister who had a hip problem that needed to undergo a surgical operation to have it replaced. The hip injury had lasted so long that people in the neighbourhood knew that her prolonged withdrawal from public view was as a result the problem. As soon as the New Anointing Water was ministered to the lady, she immediately sprang up and walked. The joyful uproar that greeted her miraculous healing attracted a huge crowd that soon gathered to behold the mighty power of Jesus Christ operating through the medium of the Anointing Water.



Richard Martins, a Nigerian residing in South Africa, was on a journey from Johannesburg to Lagos. Right in the middle of the flight the pilot announced that the engine had caught fire and the plane had to be diverted to the nearest airport for an emergency landing.


The aircraft crew tried to calm the panic-stricken passengers, telling them they would be landing safely in 15 minutes. The first attempt at landing failed and the aircraft had to go back up in the air. The pilot attempted two more times but each attempt failed. They had to float about in the air for another 45 minutes. They could hear the pilot sending out distress calls to the airport that the aircraft was in great danger.  It was in this uncertainty that Richard remembered he had the Anointing Water in his possession. He ministered it in the plane, praying in the name of Jesus Christ for a safe landing. Miraculously, a few minutes later, the aircraft landed safely to the amazement of all including the airport ground crew who had already gathered with fire fighting trucks, anticipating the worst. Our Lord is indeed a miracle-working God.





Mr Sylvester had been engaged in the act of masturbation for 13 years. It all started when a friend suggested to him that it was a way of avoiding the sin of fornicating. He did not understand then that the act of masturbating was as bad as fornicating.  This act brought about many problems both in his career and health. He was into Property Management and was getting contracts from his state government but started experiencing disappointments from customers who would suddenly cancel business schedules. The act of masturbation caused him lack of affection for his wife as he would prefer to masturbate rather than being intimate with the wife. This and many other problems eventually led to the collapse of the marriage. He suffered back pain and feverish conditions. He tried in so many ways to stop including observing fasts but would end up masturbating the more.

He then decided to come to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. Getting back home, he ministered the Anointing Water on himself, in Jesus’ name. Since then, the urge to masturbate completely disappeared. He now has peace of conscience and renewed desire to please God. Praise the Lord!




There had been strange occurrences in the apartment that Mr Lucky Godwin and other tenants were living in. It was reported that at a time the landlord rushed out of his apartment and was shouting for help saying that something was pursuing him.


People had come out to hear the landlord but could not see anything pursuing him. The man slumped and died before he could receive any help. After his death, another family moved into his apartment and started hearing strange movements and noises in the ceiling. They started having financial problems, disappointments and business failure which they could not trace their origin since they were continuing the way they had been before. About the same time, Mr Godwin who happened to be a co-tenant also started experiencing business failure and his wife would continually dream of encounters with dead people. A pastor friend also living in one of the apartments in this compound complained that when he parked his car and switched off the engine, he would wake up the next morning to find the car engine on. This sparked quarrels between him and his neighbours, not knowing that there was an evil force at work, behind the strange occurrences. When he came to the SCOAN, he received the Anointing Water. He went home and prayed with his family that God should expose whatever evil that operated in the apartment. The next day, one of the tenants heard a strange noise in her house; looking up, she saw an owl flying over the flat. Immediately, her brother got a stick and was able to strike the owl down and kill it.


Since the death of the owl after ministering the Anointing Water, the entire compound and the tenants have enjoyed peace.  Mr Godwin’s business that had been tied down by the evil one suddenly resurrected and the strange experience regarding his pastor friend’s car has also stopped.



Miriam comes from Equatorial Guinea but lives in Spain. She had been jobless for seven years. She became a burden on her husband who had to opt out of the marriage thereby rendering her homeless. She did a secretarial course but still could not get a job. A friend of hers helped her with finances to go back to her country, Equatorial Guinea. It was there she learnt about Prophet TB Joshua and decided to come to The SCOAN and was privileged to receive the Anointing Water.


After praying fervently and ministering the Anointing Water to herself and on her credentials, she received a call from one the organizations she had earlier submitted a job application to and was offered the post of a manager of the international company. With a good job and the financial problems in her life over, she can now pay the school fees of her two children. She has been able to win big contracts for her company and because of this breakthough; her Director who was an unbeliever has granted her permission to visit The SCOAN again for more of God’s blessings.



Tom Rockafellow from the USA came out to testify to complete deliverance from an addiction to smoking from childhood after receiving a prophecy and prayer for deliverance from T.B. Joshua. He said that before, he did not believe in the happenings at The SCOAN but was convinced when the man of God had told him about his brother wanting to commit suicide – something he had not told anyone. After he returned from The SCOAN, out of habit, he lit a cigarette but was immediately disgusted and threw it away, the desire for it having gone completely! The man of God, commented that “Leaders all over the world, when they are tense, they believe that smoking will relieve the tension and pressure. When they smoke, they are gone, out of this world. They lose their sense of reasoning and judgment. These are the challenges people are facing all over the world.”


He further said that we should pray for the whole world and that if there were any occasions for people in their thousands come out to protest, no leader would see thousands to protest and be calm without the Holy Spirit and that if there is no Holy Spirit, it is either they smoke, drink or find another alternative.



Esther Oni Jesus, a Nigerian living in Kampala, Uganda came forward to testify to the mighty power in God in her life. She had been bleeding profusely for ten years; it had not stopped for one day. The pain, mortification and discomfort had become difficult to bear. She had been to South Africa, Turkey, Cape Verde and India where various tests were conducted on her but the cause of the bleeding could not be identified.  She would use more than one pack of sanitary pads within a space of two hours. The problem had also caused her several business failures because she had lost focus and was unable to attend to her various engagements in person. Explaining the severity of her condition, she said that she was not able to sit for more than 15 minutes because her clothes would quickly become soaked with blood. As a result, she avoided going anywhere and would rather stay isolated at home. At times, clots of blood would fall from her body and she would not notice it until someone would point it out.


When her mother insisted she came to The SCOAN, she was at first unwilling because she had gone to places where she thought were very efficacious but could not get any relief from the affliction. Moreover, she had reservations about ‘so-called miracle works’ that went on at The SCOAN. When she eventually agreed to come to The SCOAN, she was seated at the nursing mothers section, afraid to sit in the church due to the bleeding. She was among those privileged to receive the new anointing water during the Live Service. When she returned to her lodging, she ministered it and drank some of it, praying that Jesus who delivered the woman with the issue of blood would deliver her.


That same night, she had a dream. She saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua who told her that God wanted to do an extraordinary thing with her that had never been done in this ministry. She was seated in front of the altar and the man of God instructed the wise men to lift her in that chair to the right seven times, to the left, seven times and to the front. Immediately they put her down, the man of God touched her forehead and said, “It is over”. She felt that she needed to go to the bathroom urgently. It was this feeling that woke her and she quickly ran to the toilet. To her greatest surprise, it was a pool of blood that came out from her. This happened three consecutive times. Since then, her bleeding had completely stopped. A plague of ten years came to an end abruptly through the power in the name of Jesus operating through the Anointing Water. Truly, God had done something extraordinary, something unheard of, something unprecedented. This is the first time in 10 years that she can go out without wearing a sanitary pad.


The man of God commented that the way and manner people receive the anointing water and God’s gift really matters. God is using the new anointing water to re-write people’s history. He explained the vision God had given him about the anointing water, saying that it would be used to purify people and make their lives, businesses and prospects clearer.




Pastor Obi, while sharing his testimony stated that he was a minister of God before and in obedience to the advice from his mentor, would pray against The SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua.


He said he had thought that the power in The SCOAN was not from God and their members call it ‘The Synagogue of satan’, believing that T.B. Joshua and his workers had horns and tails like the devil is depicted. He and colleagues would hold prayer vigils specifically targeting and rebuking T.B. Joshua and his ministry. He noticed however, that the more he prayed against T.B. Joshua, the more he experienced setback in his life, home and ministry. After some time, his friend who had been without a child for 17 years came to The SCOAN, was healed, delivered and now has a baby. That opened his eyes and he decided to come to The SCOAN to see things for himself. He was surprised to hear the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua continually preaching about love, not condemnation of any ministry or minister. He asked God for forgiveness, stating that his condemnation of this ministry was the greatest mistake of his life. He confessed that he has now installed the Emmanuel TV decoder in his house. He further spoke of a prophecy he had received from Prophet T.B. Joshua during a previous Live Service where he was told to forgive his wife. He had been very angry and annoyed with his wife because she told him that if he travelled to Lagos to visit The SCOAN, he would die, according to a message she had received. He ignored what she said and came to Lagos and returned home safe and sound. His wife, who accompanied him on the occasion of giving this testimony, also spoke, thanking God for the grace in the life of the man of God and her husband’s faith.


Prophet T.B. Joshua commented that many mouths that had been used to curse the ministry in the past are now blessing God for the ministry. He concluded by saying, “If lying goes on for 100 years, one day, truth will meet it.”   “The mouth we are using to bless this ministry now, once, we have used it to curse this ministry. Now, people are provoked because they realize that they had made a mistake.”


After the testimonies, T.B. Joshua moved round ministering words of prophecy to individuals. The wise men then came to minister deliverance and pray for every person present. The service concluded with a powerful time of mass prayer as every bit of darkness in the lives of the people was exposed by the light of God.

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Prophet TB JoshuaThe live services at The SCOAN continue to gather attention and interest from all over the world as the Lord Jesus Christ adds to the number of those who are being saved. With the introduction of the New Anointing Water, launched by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, crowds came from far and wide for the chance to get their hands on just a bottle. The New Anointing Water it was stressed was being distributed free of charge to as many people as the production could manage. The cost to the ministry of producing the New Anointing Water, Stickers and Booklet were estimated to be in the range of $12 million but was given out for free. The man of God emphasised that he was giving water and that it was God Almighty who would do the anointing if only they were received in the proper attitude.

Unfortunately, the distribution of the New Anointing Water had to be suspended ‘til further notice due to the overwhelming demands of the mammoth crowd that flooded every available space on both Saturday and Sunday services but due to the large presence of foreigners, the New Anointing Water would be given out that very weekend. Keep watching Emmanuel TV for further information.

The following testimonies are just a tip of the iceberg of the instant miracles that took place during the sharing of the New Anointing Water. Take note – the following testimonies were received without even opening the New Anointing Water. Merely by receiving the package, the power of God fell upon the individuals privileged to come into contact with the gift from God.

Ms Abigail, a nurse from Ghana, had spinal cord pain for many years. She also had numbness on her right side from head to toe. As a result, she could not lift objects with her right hand. She could not stand for a couple of minutes without suffering excruciating pain. She could not turn to either side or bend to pick anything from below. During the Live Sunday Service at The SCOAN, she was privileged to receive the New Anointing Water that was being distributed free of charge to everybody in the service. As soon as she handled the packet of the New Anointing Water, she felt a cold sensation run through her spine and over her entire body. She started vibrating and eventually fell down. When she rose up, to her surprise, the spinal cord pain had gone. The numbness had also disappeared. She demonstrated how she is able to twist her body in all directions and could even touch her toes.

Mr Chinedu Kingsley Amahuadike – residing in Abuja, Nigeria, had come to The SCOAN with a problem of deafness in his right ear for two years. Mr ChineduHis deafness came about due to overdose of drugs he had taken for treating a malaria attack. He was unable to hear with that right side of his ear. He had to turn the left ear to be able to follow a conversation. After receiving the New Anointing Water during the Live Saturday Service, he ministered it prayerfully to his affected ear. He heard a sound as of a mild explosion and immediately began to hear with the right ear. He thanked God for this wonderful healing as he demonstrated, covering his left ear while answering the interviewer’s questions.


Mrs Esther Ezeanya – Anambra Nigeria, had problem of sleeplessness and depression. She could not plan for the future because a thought always came to her that it was useless since she was in such a hopeless state of health. She had moving objects in her stomach which gave her sleepless nights and serious pain. After receiving the New Anointing Water from The SCOAN, she stopped taking the medication that she had been on for so many years. Before she went to bed, she placed the packet of the New Anointing Water on her stomach and the New Anointing Stickers on her chest and prayed believing that God will make a way for her where there seemed to be no way. That very night, she slept peacefully all through and was even reluctant to wake up in spite of the alarm on her cell phone that went off as she had programmed. When she eventually awoke, she went to the restroom to ease herself and to her surprise, what forcefully came out of her was a very big lump of thick fibroid which had never been diagnosed by the doctors she had visited in the past. Now she feels very light and is free from all the pains.


Mrs Ruth Ubani, a Legal Practitioner had been facing financial crisis for many years which led to her husband who is a Contractor being in multiple debts. Other people were at the same time owing them. They were unable to even afford a good meal during this period. It occurred to her that they should come to The SCOAN for their breakthrough. They were privileged to obtain the Anointing Water and prayed fervently believing that Jesus was their only option between success and failure. After ministering the Anointing Water in the name of Jesus, the next day, they started receiving calls from many people who were owing them huge amounts of money, to come and collect their money. A day following the miracle, they were able to buy a new car and have since built a storey building where they now reside. She glorifies God for the multiple favours and advised all to remain steadfast in following Jesus Christ whatever life brought.


Dr Ravi, an eye surgeon from India and a medical doctor for 24 years, lives and practices in Nigeria. He has a son that was in his final years at Dr RaviCollege in India to whom he sent the New Anointing Water. The boy in far away India used to pray and ministered the Anointing Water to himself while preparing for the final year examinations. The examination result was astonishingly 100% on all the science subjects namely, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Electronic Studies – a feat the teachers are saying nobody in history had scored such outstanding marks in the entire District. They have been asking the boy which books he had studied to come out with such unprecedented results. To God’s power, nothing is impossible.

Mrs Victoria came to the church highly excited with what God Almighty had done for her and her family. She testified that she and her daughter, who accompanied her, had a very good and close relationship. However, suddenly for no reason and without any prior quarrel or trouble, her daughter just left the home and for eight years she was not seen or heard from again. The family was perplexed and began to search for her earnestly but with no result. They visited churches and prayed believing that she would surface, but nothing positive happened. As Mrs Victoria came to the church yesterday, she received the New Anointing Water and ministered it on her daughter’s picture. To her surprise, she received a phone call from her daughter not up to 30 minutes later! To prove it, there was her daughter standing by her side, smiling gracefully at what the power of God had done. According to the girl, she could not tell what came over her as she followed a strange voice and left the house. She had lived in a house within the same town where her mother was living but she was unable to find her way back to her home. After eight years, she could feel some sensation run over her body just as her mother had ministered the New Anointing Water on her photograph and something left her body. It was at that point in time that it occurred to her to search for her mother’s phone number and she called to reunite with her mother. She is very happy to be back home.



Miss Chinenye Ndubueze shared her testimony of miraculous healing from chronic kidney failure through the medium of the New Anointing Water. Her mother opened the testimony by saying that her daughter had been at the point of death. Both her kidneys had failed and the medical professionals had given up on saving her life. She was unable to eat, talk, walk or do anything. It had even reached the point that she was telling her mother, that she had done a good job as a mother and that she would be leaving soon. Chinenye’s aunt visited The SCOAN and was privileged to receive the New Anointing Water. She visited the house where Chinenye was and ministered the New Anointing Water with her mother, praying that God would restore back to life whatever had died in her body. To their surprise, Chinenye immediately got up, walked around and demanded for food! A while later, they went to the hospital for a check-up and it was discovered that her urea levels which were deathly high before had gone down to normal levels. The medical reports of before and after the healing were displayed for all to see. Chinenye gave thanks to God for her miraculous healing and the strength in her body. Her two kidneys which had failed were restored back to normal by the blood of Jesus Christ through the New Anointing Water!

A Pastor who came to visit The SCOAN came forward after receiving an instant miraculous healing after being given the New Anointing Water. He explained that he had suffered with poor vision for the past 26 years. Due to this affliction he was not able to see clearly let alone read, without his glasses. At home he had up to 7 pairs of glasses that he would use. He had even received injections due to the problem but it had persisted. When he was given the New Anointing Water, he placed it on his heart and prayed. He felt a sensation flow through him, then a watery mucous came out of his eyes. After this he noticed that he could see clearly without his glasses. He could read text messages, see people clearly and read without the use of his glasses – all glory be to God! There are not natural words to describe the mighty power of God that can use any means to locate His people except to say, “Thank You, Jesus Christ.”

Mr Iboyi and passengers boarded a mini-bus from Bayelsa travelling to Lagos. On getting to Benin bypass they ran into two armed robbers who had blocked the highway at a spot where their accomplices had been waiting in ambush. The driver tried to out manoeuvre the robbers, but received gunshot wounds in the process. One of the passengers in the bus brought the new Anointing Water he had previously obtained from The SCOAN and ministered it in the bus. The other robbers numbering more than 20 that had been hiding in the bush started firing at the bus, but surprisingly none of their bullets penetrated the bus or injured any of the passengers in the bus. At a point, the driver who had succeeded in driving away from the robbers, said he was tired but the same passenger ministered the Anointing Water to the driver and he regained the strength to drive on. To God be the glory, in Jesus’ name, none of the passengers were harmed in the incident and God Almighty proved that His arms are not too short to save and deliver.

OP Gyama Gyawiya is the head of security operations in the troubled area of northern Nigeria. He said that due to the nature of his job which was life threatening, he would make sure that every morning he prayed with the Anointing Water for protection. He was privileged to receive the New Anointing Water and he continued to pray with it and minister it on himself every day. One night, he was resting in his office while his orderly was also there on guard in the main office but was sleeping with his rifle under his pillow. Four armed men came to the premises and captured the OP Gyamasecurity personnel at the gate; they arrived at his office and also captured his orderly and demanded for his rifle. They, however did not find where he was sleeping. They took all the captives into a cell, locked them up and left the premises. The next morning, other workers came to work and heard their colleagues shouting and crying for help in the cell. They had to call a welder to break the padlock and set them free. When they were released, they went to the office and to their utmost surprise, found the rifle exactly where it was left. OP Gyama Gyawiya explained that it was the grace of God that worked through the New Anointing Water that preserved them that night. If the armed robbers had taken the rifle, then he would have been dismissed and his career would have been in jeopardy.
His advice to his colleagues was to let the Anointing Water be their companion because their safety is in the Lord and their Refuge is in Him.

Mr Anozie Kingsley was experiencing setback in terms of getting a visa to travel out of the country to advance his business outside of Nigeria. He had been making applications for ten years without result. After he received the New Anointing Water, the next day, he received a call that a multiple visa to Canada had been issued to him. As if that was not mighty enough, a visa to India was also issued to him on the same day! After years of stagnation, God made a way within hours of ministering the New Anointing Water.

Mr Christian Nwachukwu Jackson from Ebonyi, Nigeria, came to The SCOAN with thousands of problems but believed God to meet him as He wills. He had been submitting proposals for contracts without results. This had kept him in a state of stagnation for a long time and he was unable to solve many personal and family issues. After receiving the New Anointing Water just yesterday, he prayed and ministered it over one of the proposals he had earlier submitted, fervently praying that God should grant him at least one outstanding proof of His mightiness. At exactly 12 midnight, he received a phone call from the Governor of the State asking his whereabouts. The State Governor asked him to come over on Tuesday morning to collect his approved proposal worth millions of Naira and that the issue which had been giving him sleepless nights now gave him boundless joy!

Mr Vincent Fiamawle from Ghana was having a problem of movement of a strange object like a scorpion in his body which caused him severe pain. This affected him to the extent that he could not attend to his duties at work. He often referred to his afflictions as the presence of a scorpion but he could not be sure of that because he did not believe that a scorpion could live inside a person’s body. A friend of his had obtained the New Anointing Water from The SCOAN and had given him a few drops. In the night, he started feeling the movement of the scorpion in his body. This time, his faith was provoked and forced him to act. He knelt and prayed aggressively commanding the force of this strange object out of his body as he ministered the New Anointing Water to himself. Immediately after, to his amazement, a live scorpion fell from his body. He called one of his sisters to witness the object and he took a photograph of the scorpion. Since then, he no longer feels movement of any strange object in his body. He now sleeps soundly and has peace of mind. He advised people that trusting God is the only solution to our problems.


Mrs Chiom
Mrs Chioma from Imo, Nigeria, had watched a testimony of how a woman’s child came back to life after ministering the Anointing Water and this strengthened her faith that she should trust in God. Strangely one day, her child was crying in the afternoon, without any reason. She tried to feed and comfort the baby but nothing could stop her from crying. Later, she thought the child had slept, but upon checking on her, she noticed that she had died and her body was frozen stiff. She tried to unclench the child’s fingers but could not. At that moment, there was a blackout. She asked her husband to put on the generator so that they could tune on to Emmanuel TV. They started praying along with the man of God for their baby to come back to life. At that point in time, the lady recalled that a friend had just returned from The SCOAN and had obtained the New Anointing Water. They called that friend who had received the New Anointing Water to help them. The lady arrived and they ministered the Anointing Water on the baby and placed the New Anointing Sticker on her face. The baby started moving her head and body and subsequently regained life. She advised that we should trust God in all seasons of life.

Mrs Mary JacoMrs Mary Jacob from Kogi, Nigeria, used to see strange men coming to make love to her in her dreams. After every experience, she would have problems with her fiancé. In her dreams, she would see a bird coming to attack her. She sought for solution to this problem from various sources and prayer houses but to no avail. After obtaining the New Anointing Water from The SCOAN, she physically saw the bird coming to attack her and her sister immediately ministered the New Anointing Water which caused the instant death of the bird. She displayed the picture of a dead bird which happens to be the very bird that used to appear to her in her dreams. Since then she has been sleeping peacefully and no longer sees the bird.


As the New Anointing Water was being handed out, the man of God made the announcement that The SCOAN Saturday Live Service would be suspended henceforth and encouraged viewers to watch Emmanuel TV for further details. However, the Thursday Prayer Line and Sunday Live Services would continue as normal.

With all that we have seen and heard over the weekend, what is left to say but to wonder what a God we have to worship, what a Son we have to praise and what a future lies before us who worship God in spirit and in truth? We encourage you to join Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Wise Men to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the four corners of the earth; in whatever way the Lord has blessed you, your gift is what God will use to bless others through you. So, reach out in compassion and generosity and demonstrate your spiritual unity with Christ through giving. As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.

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TB JoshuaThe Live Saturday and Sunday Services started like any other service in the past, but there was a huge package of surprises in the unfolding. True to The SCOAN culture, the service was inundated with interesting testimonies of healings, breakthroughs, mending of relationships and deliverance from demonic attacks. As can be seen from the accounts rendered hereon, the Anointing Water which is one medium God has so endowed the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua with to foster his ministry of healing and deliverance from evil influences has continued to bless people in every area of their needs. Encouraged by the great testimonies resulting from the use of the Anointing Water and the Anointing Stickers, Prophet T.B. Joshua decided to further bless the congregation, indeed the world with yet a new branded Anointing Water and a pair of Anointing Stickers with an improved booklet that explains the nitty-gritty and the origin of these blessed products. After a powerful and inspiring sermon delivered by Wise man Harry on the subject ‘No Neutral Source,’ Prophet T.B. Joshua addressed two major issues dealing with peoples’ misconception of appearances as opposed to true godliness. In summary he said that ‘Faith is of man’s spirit, not of his flesh or body’. Then, came the big surprise: Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke briefly of his upcoming 50th Birthday which falls on June 12. He said that God had inspired him to bless the people in a very special way to mark the occasion and he went ahead to distribute the new branded Anointing Water and a couple of beautiful Anointing Stickers freely to all. God Almighty and the heavenly hosts endorsed the release and confirmed that the prophet’s action was indeed ordered from above. This was evidenced by uncontrollable manifestations of people that came in contact with the Anointing Water and the Anointing Stickers even before ministering them. Indeed, God is still with us.
Sermon By Wise man Harry
Life is a warfare. In a warfare, there are many battles to fight.WISE MAN HARRY When you look at people today, you will see that some are battling with their bills, some with their sickness, while some are fighting to make it in life. It takes the grace of God to realize that the way you fight these battles determines who you are before God. Just as there are two sides to a coin, so also there are two sources in this world: God and satan. Whether you believe it or not, there is no neutral source because there is no neutral kingdom. You can become great in life, in terms of position, money and fame, but the source of your greatness will be either from God or satan. Genesis 14:14-16,21-23. This is all about Father Abraham and his determination to make God Almighty his only source.
To be great born of God is to derive your resources from God, while to be great born of satan is to derive your resources from satan.
When God is the source of your strength, no one can be against you. When God is the source of your strength, you and God are majority. Abram, with the help of God, was able to defeat his enemies and recover all the goods and set the captives free.

One thing we need to remember is that Satan’s greatest interest is to overthrow our relationship to God as a Father. To do that, satan always uses our situation. This is why we should not be misled by our situation. Our situation could be poverty or sickness. Outward affliction and poverty are the great arguments satan uses to disturb the children of God. Therefore, as children of God, it is better to live poorly on the fruits of God’s goodness than to live plentifully upon the products of our own sin. Remember that everything big starts little. If anything big starts big, it calls for concern. Those who fail to take these tiny steps cannot trust God and understand the basic truth about faith.
MR AWALLU GABOH -DELIVERED OF BEDWETTINGMr Awallu Gaboh, a muslim had the problem of bedwetting and frequent urination for twenty years. It all started when a spirit being possessed him, which came and made love to him. The problem had made it impossible for him to get married or visit friends. His relations and friends could not understand why he would not marry. He visited several herbalists in search of solution but to no avail. Then, a friend of his gave him the Anointing Water which he ministered on his male organ and all over his body. When the spiritual wife attempted to force herself on him, he noticed that a very powerful ray of light was covering him and preventing the lady from coming close to him. After many attempts, she gave up and left. Since then, he has been free from the chronic case of bedwetting of over 20 years. Being a muslim, he said it was the first time he had entered a church (The SCOAN) but as he saw the way Prophet T.B. Joshua had treated people from all religions, he felt welcomed. He said that Prophet T.B. Joshua was sent to everyone regardless of their religion. He also changed his mind concerning getting married, stating that it was now possible.
Mr Abu Abdulazeez from Benue State had been childless for many years after marriage. The medical report stated their diagnosis of bacterial infection but his wife often told him that a certain spiritual man used to sleep with her and make love to her in the dream. Mr. Abdulazeez who is a military personnel, had the problem of addiction to alcohol for thirty-one years and could drink more than three cartons of beer in a single day and toMR ABU ABDULAZEEZ & WIFE -BARRENNESS & ALCHOLISM STOPPEDworsen his situation, he always spent time in the company of his colleagues who were also habitual drinkers. After each drinking spree, he would usually lose his cell phone and end up being helped home in a state of stupor. He had attempted to quit the habit on his own but could not. He was always late to work on account of the drunkenness. On one occasion, he sleep-walked into an unfamiliar bush due to the effect of alcohol until he was saved by a man who told him that he had travelled close to Kogi State very far away from Abuja, his planned destination. He was also in the habit of returning home late at nights. He had lost three of his cars due to accidents resulting from drunkenness. One fateful day, he visited a friend and joined them in watching Emmanuel TV. He was astonished to see cases of drunkenness being delivered through the prayer of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. He joined in the prayer by placing his hand on the screen of the television. He invited his wife to place her hand on the television and she did. As soon as she placed her hand, she fell down and started manifesting. Soon after, his wife conceived. For himself, he tried to visit his former beer parlour where he ordered for a bottle of beer but it tasted of bitters and he had to spit it out. Since then, his addiction of 31 years stopped. Today, the wife is pregnant. Mr Abdulazeez does not visit beer parlours anymore and they now enjoy a very peaceful home.
MR INNOCENT OLUCHI OCHIA -DELIVERED FROM SECRET CULTSMr Innocent Oluchi Chidozie Ochia – Imo State, Nigeria was an active member of some number of secret cults for many years. He is a graduate of Federal Polytechnic, Nekede in Imo State. He was an ardent church goer and a choir boy until one of his relations introduced him to various brands of drugs. They were into the music industry and those drugs were supposed to make him feel good and bold while on stage. Ironically, the influence of those drugs erased every passion for the things of God and he developed apathy to Christian music. He could consume large doses of those drugs every day and had to spend much of his pocket money in acquiring them. On one occasion, he had concealed himself behind the counter of a bar, smoking his weed and playing music very loud. Three beings appeared to him right there and one of them said that it could pick up his thoughts. He did not believe the being, and spoke in silence to test him. The beings responded correspondingly to prove that they could actually read his mind. They told him that they could discern that he wanted to be famous and that they could help him get to the top of his career. He asked to be helped. One of the beings stripped off and to his surprise, he saw that it was tattooed from the neck to the groin region. They started an initiation process and were making noises as if in a sex orgy. He could not stand the sight any longer and decided to walk away. He was threatened with premature death in four days if he walked out on them. He, however, tried to submit to the initiation. Back at the Polytechnic, his life took a different form. He could hear voices and interpret lyrics that he never was part of their making. He became fearless. He had no money but could get just whatever he wanted so long as he was dressed in a peculiar spiritual fashion that those beings had recommended. When he sang on stage and off-stage, he could hold people in trance and those who were unable to stand the situation had to run away. The drug addiction got so bad that he had to be sent to rehab. His academic career started diminishing. He never prayed and refused to pay his tithes any longer. He preferred to do his chores on the Sabbath day instead. He hated the things of God. Incidentally, he was invited to The SCOAN to witness the testimony of one of his aunts who had been delivered from demonic influence. He felt very uncomfortable in the church and would rather have some cigarettes and alcohol. During prayer by Wise man Daniel, he was arrested and felt the separation from the spiritual beings that had tormented him. The pain he felt on his leg also disappeared after he was touched and prayed for by the wise man. He advises the youths in particular that if they would make Heaven, they should avoid worldly affections such as smoking, doing drugs, drinking and lustfulness – telling them that Jesus Christ was not a womanizer or a drug addict.
He now enjoys reading the Bible and is eager to receive the Word of God that will inspire him.

Mr Samuel Freedom is the son of Camilla, a renowned Nollywood actress. He said he came to The SCOAN after his mother had been delivered of evil attacks and connection to the marine kingdom. He says that in a prophecy given to her by Prophet T.B. Joshua, his mother was asked where her son was. She responded that he was in Enugu and the man of God said he should be brought to The SCOAN. Previously, he had been practicing house to houseMR SAMUEL FREEDOM -SON OF NOLLYWOOD ACTRESS evangelism and praying for the sick with signs following, though he had never been delivered himself. He confessed that during that period, he had an affair with a lady from the same church where he worshipped. Thereafter, his spiritual life took a downward turn. He experienced some career failure and stagnation. Nothing was working for him; he became depressed and often heard a voice telling him to commit suicide. He began looking for alternatives; he started listening to worldly music and doing street dance. He formed a dance group and they wanted to create new moves. They researched online and found different demonic signs which they formulated into dance moves. He would have dreams where demons would teach him dance steps. He would then in turn teach others how to dance in that way. He wanted to get money; so, he searched on the internet and found the Illuminati website; he read everything on the website and saw the face of the master of the Illuminati. His first experience was an encounter with the master in a dream. The master appeared in the form of a serpent and then later transformed into a human being, giving him instructions. Thereafter, he started using some of those signs that represented Illuminati in dance steps on stage, but participants never got to know that those dance steps were glorifying demons and initiating them into the kingdom of darkness. The more the people adopted the dance steps, the more they were tormented by demons. He had a shirt with the Illuminati insignia, which he usually wore especially on stage. He had a computer game known as Prince of Persia which he always played during the day. At night, he would see himself as the character from the video game, the Prince of Persia, flying, fighting and doing everything the character in the game was doing. He was in the habit of masturbating even though he detested the act and would regret it later.
He eventually came to The SCOAN and was delivered after prayer from Wise Man Christopher. He no longer has the urge to masturbate, smoke or drink. He advised parents to keep objects of bad moral influence away from their children. He advised youth not to download worldly music on their phones. His advice to pastors was to run to God for mercy for He is a merciful God.
PASTOR PHILIP ONYEKACHUKWU- BROTHER TO CAMILLAPastor Philip Onyekachukwu of Prince of Peace Ministries International and brother of Ms Camilla, the popular Nollywood actress, said he had received a call of God and then when his finances were down, he backslid to become a nightclub Deejay. He said he was not properly taught how to maintain his walk with the Lord. He could not pay his school fees and had to abandon the ministry. He had a dream where two women put their hands inside his chest after
which he became sick. He went from one place to another in search of a solution to his sickness which doctors were unable to diagnose. Later, he returned to being a pastor, though he acknowledged that he did so without being delivered. Consequently, he experienced setback in his ministry. He said that the church would grow and then later scatter. He would also hear voices rebuking him, telling him he was never going to make it and that the church was going down. He came to The SCOAN where he was prayed for by one of the wise men and received his deliverance. He said after his deliverance, he no longer heard negative voices and also the pain he had in his body was gone.
Mrs Camilla, a Senior Nollywood Actress for 29 years said she didn’t have a hand in how, where and when she was born. She decided who she wanted to be when she came to The SCOAN. Many of her colleagues had discouraged her from coming to The SCOAN. She said, “Many of them are scared of coming to be screened by the Holy Ghost”. According to the actress, she was delivered at The SCOAN and also received a prophecy concerning her son. She brought him to The SCOAN together with her brother (Pastor Philip Onyekachukwu) for deliverance. She said she came for God to change her spiritual occasion from sin to holiness and she got it. She encouraged all to seek the face of God.
JOHN BOSCO TATTOO MANJohn Bosco from Cameroon gave a testimony of how he had a tooth problem and a woman had advised him to apply snuff tobacco as a solution to the problem. The effect of the tobacco made him feel high in spirit. He became addicted to it and eventually became very sick and lost a lot of weight. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis and gastric ulcer and reached rock bottom in life. One night, he had a dream whereby he saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua in his dream who prayed for him. Soon after the dream, he had a full recovery from his sicknesses and was restored back to his original self. To add to his blessing, he was also offered a good job from an offshore company with good pay and his life experienced a dramatic turnaround for the better. He was so overjoyed at the healing and blessing he received that he asked himself what he could do to

say, “Thank you”. He then called a tattoo artist and asked him to design a tattoo for him written, “Jesus Is Lord, T.B. Joshua My Prophet”. He had the tattoo inscribed across his shoulder. As he developed interest in studying the Scriptures, he came to a portion in the Book of Leviticus 19:28, which spoke against the act of putting marks of any sort on the body and immediately regretted doing the tattoo. He was so disturbed in his mind that he sent an email to the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua asking what he could do. The prophet then invited him to The SCOAN.
After sharing his experience, the man of God addressed the issue. “Just see it as one of those things on your body, not for God. If you see it like that, press forwards to serve God in Spirit and in truth. Don’t see it as a way of pleasing God. Don’t let it disturb you anymore. Put it behind you. Since you can’t remove it, leave it and continue to serve God.”
Prophet T.B. Joshua further said, “Faith is of man’s spirit, not of his flesh or body”. He advised the man that he should see the tattoo as something for his body and not for God. He said now that he had realized it was wrong, he should put it behind him and seek God. He said the tattoo had no meaning to God and is not to please God. He also advised Christians who already had tattoos and wanted to remove them, not to have them surgically removed as this was a trap of satan, which could lead to other skin complications. He concluded by saying that when we worship God in Spirit and truth, whatever we have put on our body is nullified.
DEACON DANIIEL EMOGHAWEI & WIFEDeacon Daniel Emoghawei came to The SCOAN and received a prophecy. Prophet T.B. Joshua asked him about his wife and had spoken concerning the conflict at home and the spirit of anger. Today, Deacon Daniel Emoghawei came back together with his wife to confirm the prophecy. He explained that the cause of most conflicts in the house was regarding his wife’s clothing and makeup. As a deacon, he didn’t like to see his wife with revealing clothes and heavy makeup. He further told the prophet that even on their wedding day, they had fought concerning the same matter. Apart from that, according to the husband, the wife had the spirit of anger that caused her to argue and get angry unnecessarily. His wife also spoke, complaining that they would always quarrel and never agree on anything in the house. She further said that her husband would beat her and this had heightened the tension in the marriage.
Listening to their story, Prophet T.B. Joshua expressed his belief from God’s point of view that God is Spirit and that those who want to worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth. Therefore, for God to hear, help or answer us, we must talk to Him in Spirit but the problem people have is that many have not been dealing with God in Spirit but in the natural.
Prophet T.B. Joshua explained that there was nothing wrong in putting on makeup but that our ideology and culture must be modified to suit Christ’s ideology. He added that if someone has the spirit of lust, whether he or she applies makeup or not does not make any difference because it is a spiritual matter and can only be resolved through being delivered.
He asked them what their position was concerning the marriage. They both said that they still loved each other as husband and wife but just wanted the conflict in their marriage to stop. Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged the couple that there could be no understanding without misunderstanding. He said that if you ask any successful couple today about their experiences, they would tell you that they passed through the shadow of death before they arrived at a successful marriage. T.B. Joshua concluded by advising, “There is a time to fight and there is a time to embrace each other. No matter what happens, God has something to say, even in a broken situation. Therefore, we should always ask for God’s opinion concerning all things”.
The new brand of Anointing Water was officially launched. People were falling under the anointing of God upon receiving the new Anointing Water and Stickers. Inspired by the Spirit of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave out The New Anointing Water and Stickers for free to the congregation both inside and outside the auditorium as his 50th Birthday gift and in dedication to the blessed memory of his mother on the occasion of this year’s Mothers Day celebration.
The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave the grace for the congregation to receive the rebranded Anointing Water and Stickers for the first time after their official launch today. Excitement and shouts of joy rented the atmosphere as the long-awaited release was announced by the prophet. As soon as the Anointing Water and Stickers were given out freely to the congregation, people began to shake, roll on the floor and vomit out dangerous substances that had been lodged in their system, under the power of God. They hadn’t even opened the packaging before Jesus Christ began to work in their situation. Mrs Towoju from Kwara State, Nigeria was among many who after merely receiving the New Anointing Water and Sticker received a miracle. She came out to testify that God healed her of a stroke after merely collecting a bottle of the Anointing Water along with the Anointing Sticker. Glory be to God!
Ifeoma had suffered serious headaches but immediately the Anointing Water and Sticker were given to her, just by merely touching the packaging, caused her to fall under the anointing of God and receive her healing. Upon getting up from the floor, she realized that God had performed the miracle. No more headaches!

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Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

The Saturday and Sunday services of the 4th and 5th of May, 2013 have come and gone but the memories of the happenings would continue to linger in the minds of millions all over the world. We saw countless proofs that Jesus Christ lives; He never said goodbye. During the service, many people came forward to testify of what God had done in their lives, reassuring that it is His will for us to prosper in every department of our lives.

Wise Man John Chi

Wise Man John Chi

Wise Man John Chi gave a moving message saying that our situation is for a greater purpose than what we can see. He encouraged us that if we accept adversity, enduring every pain, we would learn what we should know and our grief would turn to gain and that in the face of unfavourable circumstances, we should stand our ground fearlessly, without wavering. In the message, we were also made to understand that when God is executing His plans in our lives, He designs and arranges events that would continue to unfold until His purpose in our lives is revealed.

Aside from these words of wisdom and comfort, we heard numerous testimonies. Amongst the testimonies given were those wrought through the medium of the Anointing Water, which we can read below:


Mrs Agatha Wirehere from Ghana was facing stagnation and was struggling financially. She was the owner of a school in Ghana which they ran from their home with only 20 pupils. Encouraged by many testimonies she had listened to on Emmanuel TV she decided to come to The SCOAN for her own breakthrough. She came and received the Anointing Water believing that God can use any medium to turn one’s situation around. She took the Anointing Water back to Ghana and began to minister it all around their compound.

Mrs Agatha

Mrs Agatha


Soon after this, everything began to change for the better. The school became popular and many new pupils were enrolled, which enabled her to build two brand new school buildings with a computer laboratory, science laboratory and art studio. The students amazingly went from 20 to 600 in number.

By reason of the miracle of the Anointing Water, they bought four buses and four other cars to transport the students and teachers to and from school and on various educational excursions. They also acquired 20 acres of extra land for sporting and other activities.

Following all this, the educational authorities came round to inspect the school and after inspection, they were highly satisfied with the standard and graded the school as a Class-A school – God is able to do more than we can ever dream – thank You, Jesus!


Mr & Mrs Okeke came to the SCOAN due to the problem of extreme poverty. They found it difficult to eat. Her husband drove an ‘okada’ (a motorbike taxi). She was a seamstress by profession but had no customers. They got the Anointing Water and ministered it. Soon after, Mr Okeke was able to buy his own motorbike (rather than renting from others), to transport people around. Business was going so well that they bought a plot of land.

Mr & Mrs Okeke

Mr & Mrs Okeke

They began to build a three bedroom bungalow on the land and today they are landlords. They now have two personal cars and three shops. They also have another house in their home town. The glory of God is so much no one can deny what God has done in their lives – hallelujah!



Mr Friday was young and seeking for power and out of desperation, he received an occultic book from his friend. The book gave step by step instructions on soul-travelling experience. After reading the book, in his dream he was given an address and a phone number. When he woke up, he physically saw a sign post on which was written the very number given to him in the dream. He called the number and was directed on how to locate an occultic temple which he decided to visit. Upon getting there, he was further initiated into the occultic world and given a secret name and another occultic book. The very moment he practiced the experiment contained in the occultic book, he found himself on the roof of his house which marked his first experience in soul travelling.

Mr Friday

Mr Friday

The next day, he ordered for the next occultic book to take him deeper into the occultic world. After reading it, he had another dream in which he found himself on the sea seated on top of five dead men – a further initiation into occultism. Mr Friday explained that the occultic powers he acquired was used to command wealth, attack people and cause road accidents.


At a point in time, a man owed Mr Friday some money and he decided to take action against the man using his occultic powers. Meanwhile, a friend had deposited a fridge in his custody and stuck on the fridge was an Anointing Sticker from The SCOAN. As he attempted to travel astrally to avenge his debtor, he discovered to his greatest surprise that he could not. All this while, he had believed that there was no other power above his occultic power. He began to search the source of the power that had hindered his evil plan. That was when he noticed the Anointing Sticker on the fridge. Spiritually, he saw the hand of Prophet TB Joshua in that Anointing Sticker pointing to a Man nailed to a Cross with blood dripping from his body. That was when he admitted that there was a superior power and needed to find out where the power came from.

He came all the way from his base to The SCOAN. While in front of the church, he tried to initiate the pictures adorning the front of the church. According to him, if he succeeded, anyone who passed by the pictures would think negatively about The SCOAN. In the long run, he could not achieve his evil mission but instead found himself inside The SCOAN church where the Wise Men were laying hands on the members of the congregation. Laughing to himself, he thought ‘What are they trying to do?’ The next minute, one of the Wise Men was walking towards him. He felt a hot sensation in his body and that was all he could remember until he was brought forward for deliverance. During the process of his deliverance, his evil mission was exposed and he displayed all the occultic books with which he had been operating. Finally, he was delivered from the kingdom of darkness. Since then, he has acknowledged Jesus as Lord above all. He no longer travels astrally or sees the occultic masters as he has been totally disconnected from them. To God be the glory!


Mrs Lucy Nwachukwu has been masturbating for five years. She had engaged in the act at the rate of five times every day. She would not have any affection towards men as a result. She would always find fault with any man that approached her and chased them away.

Mrs Lucy

Mrs Lucy


After seeing testimonies of people delivered of the same problem she was going through, she made a trip to The SCOAN and was privileged to receive The Anointing Water. After ministering it on herself, the urge to masturbate ceased automatically. She has received several breakthroughs since ministering the Anointing Water.


Mr Arisou Enebikedou complained of a stomach ache. Upon going to the doctor, he was diagnosed with appendicitis. He was rushed to the hospital with a case of a ruptured appendix and was booked for an operation. When his brother heard the news, he rushed to the hospital and saw Mr Arisou lying limp as, to his dismay, he had died! As the doctors and nurses were lamenting the death of his brother, he asked to be allowed to see him once more. Upon entering the room, he began to minister the Anointing Water on the lifeless body. Immediately, the brother’s body started jerking and after some time came back to life!

Mr Arisou and brother

Mr Arisou and brother


As he testified at The SCOAN, he displayed two medical reports – one showing the ruptured appendix and the other confirming that he is now healed of the appendicitis after ministering the Anointing Water.


Mr & Mrs Charles, both pastors, received a prophecy during the Sunday service. Prophet T.B. Joshua walked to Mrs Charles and prophesied to her saying that she had a spiritual husband, a giant man. Pastor Charles let himself be known and T.B. Joshua was further prophesied to, that the spiritual husband had given him low sperm count which he immediately confirmed. The prophecy was followed by instant deliverance.

Mr & Mrs Charles

Mr & Mrs Charles

The following Sunday, in further confirmation of the words of prophecy, Pastor Charles explained how the spiritual husband had caused a lot of trouble in the home. There was no affection between the couple and at times, he would end up doing the house chores. In addition to all this, they were barren for eight years. He then went on to testify of the great change that had taken place in their marriage after the prophetic message. According to him, they now relate well and the affection has returned. Prophet T.B. Joshua further prophesied that he is seeing a baby girl.



Whilst moving in the midst of the congregation and giving words of prophecy to the people, Prophet T.B. Joshua got to where Mrs Franca Oke was seated and instead of prophesying to her, he simply asked her to wait. He then went further to prophesy to a man telling him that he sees a court case. As he was attending to this man, Mrs Franca Oke whom he had earlier asked to wait rushed forward declaring that the man Prophet TB Joshua was speaking to is her husband. The man of God then explained to the congregation that the directive he got from the Holy Spirit to ask Mrs Franca Oke to wait was because God wanted to settle their case.

Mr & Mrs Godwin Oke

Mr & Mrs Godwin Oke

Confirming the words of prophecy, Mr Godwin Oke, who is a deacon in his church said he and his wife had been married for seventeen years but had never known peace in the marriage. As a result, he filed for a divorce. Giving her own side of the story, Mrs Franca Oke said that her husband had been exhibiting some characters which she disliked. Having heard from both sides, Prophet TB Joshua examined the issue in the light of God’s Word and pronounced that the marriage is from God and that satan is a liar.



The Five Wise Men prayed for everyone inside and outside of the auditorium. During the time of prayer and deliverance, a lady received instant healing. She came with the problem of fibroid and immediately after receiving prayer she felt movement in her womb like a woman in labour. She ran to the restroom and to her greatest surprise the fibroid had been loosed from her womb and had dropped and fallen out of her body. God is the miracle worker and He remains the same – to God’s power nothing is impossible. We serve a mighty God.

Let us know your testimony as well, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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T.B. JOSHUAThe SCOAN Sunday Prayer Line of the last week of April kicked off with the prayer line where international visitors to The SCOAN were prayed for in the name of Jesus Christ by the wise men. The name of Jesus Christ has power indeed and all who witnessed the prayer line saw the proof that Jesus’ power has not stopped just because He is not visible. In fact, it is even greater because He can be present in all places at all times by His Spirit.


Here are a few highlights selected from among the many testimonies given for the glory of God that service.



Ms Tola Simeon, gave a powerful testimony of healing, saying that she was diagnosed with sleep apnea more than 20 years ago. She described her life as hell because during her sleep,MS TOLA SIMEONher tongue would block her breathing. She lived in the constant paranoia that every night that she might not wake up the next morning. Because of this problem, she would sleep while she was at work as she always kept herself awake during the night. She recounted how once, at a conference at work, she fell asleep unknowingly, causing great embarrassment. She was dependent on a machine to breathe at night.

Desperate for a solution, she discovered Emmanuel TV and determined to make her way to The SCOAN. She was placed on the prayer line and Wise Man Racine prayed for her and she received her healing. After the prayer, she had a dream where someone placed a machine on her nose and she was able to breathe freely. She can now breathe freely without any stress and sleeps peacefully, no longer needing a machine.

She further testified how she had been delivered from a spiritual husband. She said right from when she was a teenager, she would experience someone coming and sleeping with her in her dreams. As a result, she experienced bitter disappointments in relationships. She also had limitations in her career; any time she got a job, she would lose it within three months. She said the spiritual husband would appear to her, dressed in black with charms everywhere and would warn her not to get married. When she did get married, the men sleeping with her increased, to the extent that when she was pregnant, up to 10 men would be under her, on top of her and around her in her dreams. The spiritual husband made her husband leave her when the baby was two months old. When she came to The SCOAN, she received deliverance from the wicked spiritual husband when Wise Man John Chi prayed for her, in Jesus’ name. After the deliverance, she no longer sees the spiritual husband and has restored peace of mind. The advice she gave was simple: “Prophet T.B. Joshua is a man of God; there is power in this place. Come and receive your own deliverance, in Jesus’ name”.

Mr and Mrs Ernest Eze testified to healing of barrenness for 11 years after ministering the Anointing Water. A generational curse of barrenness hadMR & MRS ERNEST EZEstricken her family for years. They had visited many spiritualists in search for a solution to the predicament. Mrs Eze said that she would cry in pain any time she had seen couples celebrating their new baby whereas, she had no such story to tell. Mr Eze said that God had turned their tears to joy. He was lost for words as he was not able to express the happiness they had found. After they had administered the Anointing Water, within a few months, Mrs Eze became pregnant and she safely gave birth to a baby boy, who they named, ‘Laughter’. They promised to train Laughter in the way of the Lord so that when he grows up, he will not depart from it.

Mrs Onwumechure Nkechinuere testified that she had a terrible dream that someone wanted to kill her but the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared and rescued her. When she woke up, two separate people called her that they had dreamt that her son died. She also complained of a generational curse of premature death in the family. When she heard, she rebuked it, in Jesus’ name and said it would not happen. After a while, she heard her two sons arguing about a pen, so she called them out and gave them money to get another pen to settle the matter. She did not know that immediately, her son ran out in the middle of the road and was hit by two cars consecutively and had died instantly. She only heard the sounds of “He’s dead!” from the street. She ran immediately into the house and collected the Anointing Water she had received from The SCOAN and proceeded to sprint to the hospital where her son had been carried. When she reached him, she saw that he was cold and stiff. She prayed in faith, “Let there be light, in the name of Jesus! Listen to my voice and the voice of T.B. Joshua, you must rise up!” She called his name and then sprayed Anointing Water on his legs. As soon as she ministered the Anointing Water, the boy screamed and opened his eyes. The nurses were incredibly shocked as he had been declared clinically dead. Her son jumped up and said, “Mummy, where is the money you gave me to buy a pen?” Her neighbour also testified that he was a witness of the remarkable events that happened on that day and the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, through the Anointing Water.


Mrs Chinyere Okpa testified to the protection power of God demonstrated through the Anointing Sticker and Anointing Water. A severe blaze was engulfing the whole street where her shop was located and when she heard the terrifying news, she prayed, in the name of Jesus and ran to her shop. To the amazement of everybody there, the fire stopped just before it had reached her shop. Everything was intact and nothing was scathed. The Anointing Sticker had been placed above the door of the shop. Glory be to God!


Miss Chinasa Victoria Okorie testified to being delivered from an evil spirit, a queen mother of the marine kingdom, after the prayer of Wise Man Daniel. She recounted in detail her experiences in life and her activities within the marine kingdom. Here is a brief summary of what she said. For the full account, please watch the Rebroadcast of the service on Emmanuel TV.

Miss Chinasa Victoria OkorieShe started by saying that, as a child, she did not eat, was not happy and always cried. She would rather sleep and play with strange people in her dreams than be awake. Her father was a reverend and took her to many places for deliverance but all to no avail. She explained that, when she entered secondary school, she was crowed as queen of the ocean in the marine kingdom. To her, the spiritual world was just as real, if not more real than the physical. She would talk to the people from her kingdom and see them physically. People would see her talking and yet they did not see who she was talking to.

In the kingdom of darkness, Victoria said that she commanded queens and princesses under her and they would go and do her biddings of destruction. They had power to give wealth – but there were conditions and regulations attached. They should not give their money to charity, to pay tithes and if a family served God, not give them any of the money even if they were suffering. You can drink, smoke, party with the ocean’s money but you cannot use the money to do good things.

She said she could identify the children of God, born again Christians, the lukewarm, the church bench warmers, and those in the marine kingdom. For those truly born again, a bright light would be in them and this would make it impossible for them to be attacked. For lukewarm Christians, the light of God would be there but very dim and could be easily quenched. For the bench warmers, conventional church goers, nothing was there. The bench warmers and lukewarm Christians, lie open to attack.

She explained that many are possessed but do not know it. The marine world is fashionable, beautiful, flashy and propagates such things which easily entice. Some earrings, clothes, makeup, weaveons are  manufactured in the marine kingdom and brought to the world through their agents on earth. Such an item, if bought and not covered with the blood of Jesus Christ by a true Christian, would be a tool for immediate initiation of the user or wearer.

Since her deliverance, she described that she no longer ate, swam or saw that kingdom in her dreams. She advised that we should be content with what we have and not desperate for worldly or flashy things. She stressed the importance of looking to God and not seeking alternatives, stating that anything the devil gives is fake. Only God Almighty can give original blessing, grace and life.


Mr & Mrs Anthony Ogboh received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua that his wife, Cynthia had left his house two major times in the past. He complained that since the inception of his marriage, he had had no peace. His contention was that his wife nagged; she was stubborn, stole money and was so aggressive. She left the house since 16th December 2012. He said he had opened up to 7 shops for her but nothing had come out of it. He had checked her Facebook page and found many pictures of artists, musicians and famous people taking pictures with her. A painful fact emerged when the congregation heard that she was a mother of four children for her husband but had left them for her husband to take care of in all areas for the past 5 months without assisting her husband at all to take care of her children.

Mrs Cynthia presented her own experience citing that her leaving the house was as a result of her husband’s constant beating of her and how nothing she ever did pleased him despite the fact that she loved him so much, according to her.

Prophet T.B. Joshua intervened to say that the greatest help either individual could give each other was deliverance. He said, “Without deliverance, all you do for your partner, you are doing it for another person, not your spouse”. He concluded that the couple were simply in need of deliverance. After deliverance, they could come together with the man of God to ask God’s opinion of the marriage.

Honourable Benjamin Ubitogwale came with his wife to testify to the dramatic change in his life since he received a prophecy last week from Prophet T.B. Joshua. The prophet had told him that his home was not settled and then ministered deliverance for him, in Jesus’ name. He explained that he had been an alcoholic for 34 years and this had caused crisis in his home and career. The drunkenness had caused him to beat his wife and children and his wife became frustrated and threatened to divorce him. He was a politician but any time, he was due to be elected to a position, it would not happen because the officials heard he was a drunkard.Honourable Benjamin Ubitogwale & Wife

Mrs Mary Magdalene Ubitogwale shared her own account of her experiences in the marriage. She said, when he got drunk, he came back very late. He played music so loud and refused to listen when she asked him to turn it down. He would wake the children up and start to talk nonsense. She said she had made up her mind not to continue with the marriage. She explained that his friends would carry him home at times and begin to vomit, urinate and say a lot of rubbish. Due to the alcohol, he had a serious accident after drink-driving; he hit a tree and now has a big scar on his head. He always quarrelled at home and beat her and her children; there was no peace.

He testified that before, he would only stay in a church for a minute before going out to look for a drink. Now, he has not tasted alcohol since the prophecy and deliverance. His wife laughed as she stated, “He is a changed man now. Everything about him is different. He is very calm and peaceful”. Honourable Benjamin Ubitogwale thanked the man of God for the deliverance from the spirit of drunkenness for 34 years. His advice to the whole world was that we should come to God, forsake earthly things and stay focused.


Mrs Regina, a police officer came with her husband to testify of the change Christ’s delivering influence had brought to their family after she was disconnected from the spirit of Lucifer that had tormented her life from a young age. She explained that she came out of the womb with the umbilical cord around her neck when she was given birth to. The nurse who delivered her, told her mother that in their region, it meant she was to be taken to a shrine and the gods were to be appeased for allowing her to be born. Her mother did take her to a shrine for the sacrifices to be made but her mother did not faithfully continue the practise. The result was that the demonic entity already in her life began to manifest. She said that right from her school years, she would see visions and dreams of vast armies, and see herself genderless as their commander. This commanding character emanated to all areas of her life, especially her career where she was arrogant and her marriage where she was feared for her forceful and dominating behaviour.

Mrs ReginaShe described one of her childhood memories of the day she knew that the evil power in her life had started manifesting in making whatever evil she said come to pass. On her way to their family farm with her sisters and cousins, when her sister refused to give her some of her own food, she said that a scorpion would attack her. Her elder cousin beat her for saying such a stupid thing and she retorted with the same pronouncement. As they got to the farm, it did not take five minutes as they started working before both the cousin and sister of Regina cried out that they had been stung by a scorpion.

Anytime she made a command or cursed someone in a moment of anger that thing would happen to the person in a very short amount of time or even instantly.

Regina testified that after her deliverance in The SCOAN through Wise Man John Chi, although she was not conscious of what she was doing, her mother had called her saying that as she was being delivered, that same scorpion she used to summon appeared in her mother’s house and was killed at the same time that she was delivered. Since then, her mind, conduct and attitude has been completely new. Her husband, a soldier, was on hand to testify to the transformation he had seen in his wife since her deliverance and the couple glorified God for His overcoming victory in their lives.

Concluding the time of testimonies, the man of God prophesied to the people, exposing the plans, hidden agendas and tactics of satan in the lives of the congregants. After which, the Wise Men moved through the entire church premises to personally touch and pray for each soul present. The service ended with a powerful time of mass prayer, led by the wise men, as every stubborn unclean spirit still lurking within the congregants was rebuked and commanded out, in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.

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Every week at The SCOAN provides another opportunity to thank God for His enduring mercy in the lives of His people. The Saturday and Sunday Services at The SCOAN on 20th and 21st of April were no exception. Filled with life-changing testimonies, powerful deliverance sessions, miraculous healing, pinpoint prophecies and inspiring messages, there are no natural words to describe it except to say, “Thank You, Jesus!”


In his message on Sunday titled, ‘God’s Spirit’, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “The challenges before us cannot be withstood without God’s Spirit. If you are truly born again with power, it was the Holy Spirit that convicted you of sin and drew you into a relationship with Jesus.”





After directing the congregation to the Book of Luke 24:49, he explained,“Jesus knew His followers could not fulfill the commission He had given them to take the Gospel to all nations until they were immersed, clothed with power that the Holy Spirit would bring.” He then added, “God’s purpose of sending the Holy Spirit was to empower Jesus’ followers. If you are not tarrying until the Holy Spirit comes and fills you with power, you are carrying out a dangerous mission.”


He concluded by saying, “When you act on the Word of God, you are acting in unison with God.  You and God are lifting the load together, walking together, facing persecution and trials together. His strength and ability becomes yours.”



On Sunday, Wise Man Racine preached an enlightening message about the need to run a straight race in life through God’s good grace. He explained, “The roadmap to your future success is not a bed of roses. Trouble and pain can stop the man without faith. But for a man of faith, the more sensibly he feels the pain, the better improved he becomes in his relationship with God.”





Talking about the temptations that can distract one from running the straight trace, he said, “Fleshly desires and spiritual desires are two different opposing masters. A focus on materialism can divert our devotion from God Almighty to the god of wealth.” He reminded the congregation on the importance of staying determined in life, irrespective of the situation they may be facing. “If God gives you a vision and it is challenged by men, do not reduce your vision, stay in the will of God. Every day you must stay true to your purpose in life despite snow and rain.”Wise Man Racine concluded his message by saying, “A resolve to do whatever proper thing it takes separates the weak from the strong… Nothing can keep you on the course like a deep love for Christ.”


By God’s grace, both the Saturday and Sunday services were filled with powerful testimonies from people who had received a life-changing touch from Jesus Christ. Here are just some of the testimonies:



Miss Delphine Ubanako had an addiction she couldn’t control. The Cameroonian was addicted to consuming alcohol at an alarming rate. What started as a casual glass of wine after meals soon graduated to drinking hard liquors to the point of ending in a stupor. Miss Ubanako would easily consume several bottles of alcohol on a daily basis including whiskey, wine and other spirits. The lust for liquor resulted in tragic scenarios unfolding in her health, career and marital life. Delphine’s fiancé unceremoniously dumped her when she ended up urinating on the bed with him after drifting to sleep in a drunken state. She would usually arrive at work drunk and thus unable to discharge her duties, leading to her retrenchment on several occasions.


Miss Ubanako, who resides in Equatorial Guinea, had tried to stop on several occasions. She would often make up her mind to fast, praying that the spirit of alcoholism would be broken in her life. However, when the time to break her fast came, she would end up doing so with a bottle of whiskey, a force beyond her will pushing her to do so. Delphine explained that her problem originally began when her late father, who was also a notorious drunkard, fed her with alcohol from the age of nine and watched as she clumsily danced under its intoxicating influence. Realizing that stopping the debilitating addiction was beyond her power, she resolved to secretly come to The SCOAN without informing any of her family members of her plan lest they discourage her. Upon arriving, she was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. A single spray of the Anointing Water signaled the last alcoholic beverage she ever took! According to Delphine, she said that from that day forward, she became alcohol’s greatest enemy, the very sight and smell of it irritating her to the core. She has been free from taking alcohol for over two years now. Glory be to God!



When Mrs Kate Uzor got up to go to work, little did she know that a cunning plan was being hatched to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. The hostage taking was swiftly done. Before she knew it, armed men had surrounded her car, forced her out from the wheels and bundled her into the boot. As the car raced away, she realized her phone was still with her and immediately called her brother, telling him what had happened. Narrating her story, Mrs Uzor explained that after almost suffocating in the car boot for several hours, she was brought out and told a ransom of N20m was being demanded to secure her release. Bound hand and foot and masked, she said she was stowed away in a small room in the middle of a forest area, her captors checking on her every 10 minutes. She was warned that any untoward behaviour would result in a gunshot to the head. Without food and water and forced to urinate on her clothes, Mrs Uzor was in a dire condition.


That night, unbeknown to her, her brother had taken the Anointing Water he received at The SCOAN and ministered it on the picture of his sister on his iPad. It was at that point that the miracle unfolded! Mrs Uzor said she felt a strange sensation throughout her body and a still, soft voice telling her to look at the door of her ‘prison’. At that moment, the door, which she had seen heavily locked, opened by itself! As she looked at her escape route, the voice came again, urging her to run! Rushing out, she began sprinting down the forest track until she eventually found a small church where she was assisted. As her brother ministered the Anointing Water hundreds of miles away, God opened her prison doors and blinded the eyes of her captors to her miraculous escape!  Having never visited The SCOAN, she accompanied her brother to The SCOAN to give this powerful testimony.



Mr Pitang Manukibe was born with a terrible stigma. 43 years of his life had been plagued by a shameful affliction that tormented him on a nightly basis. Mr Manukibe was a bedwetter. Describing the severity of the situation, he said he would wake up ‘in a river’ of his own urine. His parents had sought treatment from several medical institutions and witchdoctors but the problem only got worse. The scourge affected him emotionally, shyness and shame overshadowing his resolve to make new relationships. The Togolese man, who is a resident of the USA, explained that even after getting married, the problem persisted. However, his wife encouraged him to believe that the problem had spiritual roots and would one day be over.


Mr Manukibe’s miracle came after a friend introduced him to Emmanuel TV. Whilst watching, he decided to join Prophet T.B. Joshua in prayer as the prayer for viewers was being ministered. That night, a Divine encounter unfolded. Mr Manukibe explained that he saw himself in The SCOAN arena in his dream with Prophet T.B. Joshua and the wise men. There, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked whether the wise men had prayed for him, to which they replied in the affirmative. That morning, he woke up to behold a wondrous sight. His bed was dry! Since 2010, Pitang has enjoyed a life free from bedwetting! In addition, after receiving the Anointing Water, he received a powerful breakthrough in his career, including getting his permanent residence approval that had been denied a number of times hitherto.



Marijuana and cigarettes were part of the fabric of Mrs Mercy Osazuwa’s life. She had been a chain smoker for close to 20 years, usually taking over a packet of cigarettes a day and more when stressed. The Nigerian who is a resident in Italy had been warned severally to stop the habit but the urge to continue overwhelmed any of the negative side effects and pleas from concerned friends and family. Aside from smoking, Mrs Osazuwa was also a regular visitor at Italian night clubs and parties, enjoying the wild and carefree lifestyle induced by the substances she was smoking. In an attempt to camouflage the habit, she would try to erase the smell of cigarettes in her house by spraying expensive perfume. However, it never crossed her mind that she would one day quit smoking, believing that she would smoke until the day of her death.


It was one day when Emmanuel TV was on in her house that a mighty miracle occurred for Mrs Osazuwa. Staying in the kitchen while Emmanuel TV was playing in her sitting room, she got out a cigarette, lit it and began smoking as usual. Suddenly, she heard Prophet T.B. Joshua praying, admonishing viewers that God would touch them anywhere they were, even in the kitchen! Shocked, she dropped the cigarette and went into the room where Emmanuel TV was playing. Deciding to join the prayer, she placed her hands on the screen of Emmanuel TV. Her hand began to tremble! Suddenly, she felt something leave her body. To her surprise, every desire for smoking disappeared from that point forward. Looking at the packet of cigarettes she had just smoked from, she felt disgusted and immediately throw them away. That was how Mrs Osazuwa miraculously stopped smoking! She advised all smokers to realize that quitting is not a matter of willpower but required God’s intervention. She further encouraged viewers of Emmanuel TV that God could touch them anywhere they were all over the world through the prayers of Prophet T.B. Joshua, as long as they joined him in faith!



Mrs Peace Madojiemu came to The SCOAN with the problem of an overdue pregnancy, the medical doctors stating that an operation was necessary for her to be able to deliver her baby. Being a secret viewer of Emmanuel TV, despite the skepticism of the church she worshipped at towards The SCOAN, she decided to come to The SCOAN upon receiving the doctor’s report. A dream she had the previous Thursday further strengthened her resolve as she heard a voice telling her to come to The SCOAN.

Image ImageImage

Arriving this morning, the moment she entered the environment at the arena of liberty, she felt movement in her body and knew that a Divine operation was already unfolding. As Wise Man Christopher came to pray for her, he first gave the prophetic message he had received from Prophet T.B. Joshua that she would deliver a baby girl whose name should be Esther. Moments after Wise Man Christopher stretched forth his hands in prayer, she safely delivered her baby girl without any complication! We thank Jesus Christ for baby Esther’s miraculous entrance to the world!



Mrs Felicity Augustine came all the way from Taraba, Nigeria to The SCOAN after 14 long years of barrenness. Aside from this, Felicity was also heavily bleeding. Doctors confirmed that medically speaking, ovarian cysts and fibroids were behind her fruitlessness.



However, when coming to The SCOAN, she was privileged to receive the Anointing Water, which she ministered immediately while in the church. At that very moment, her bleeding of many months miraculously stopped! Several months later, Mrs Augustine was confirmed to be pregnant. Her tears of barrenness had been wiped away by the precious blood of Jesus Christ! Standing in The SCOAN, heavily pregnant, Felicity advised the congregation to have faith in God, stressing that nothing is impossible to His power.



Mr Emmanuel Ojukwu made it a duty to always minister the Anointing Water to himself every morning before embarking on any journey. However, it was only when he encountred a group of armed robbers that he realized the value of the Anointing Water he had been daily ministering. The bandits commanded him to get out of his car and submit all of his possessions. He complied without question as they held him at gunpoint. When one of the robbers reached to collect money stuffed into his shirt pocket, he recoiled suddenly as if shocked by an electric wire. It was then Mr Ojukwu remembered that the Anointing Water was in that very pocket!


Seeing the reaction of the armed robber, he quickly brought out the Anointing Water and sprayed it in the air.  As commotion reigned within the criminals, Mr Ojukwu turned to run away from the scene. Suddenly, he heard a gunshot and an immediate sensation on his back. The gunmen had shot him from close range, directly into his lower back. However, to the glory of God and the shock of his assailants, the bullet didn’t penetrate into his flesh! Immediately, the armed robbers ran away! Truly, when God is with you, no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper! Several hours later, police called Mr Ojukwu that all his stolen items had been returned and were available for him to pick up from the station. Glory be to God!



Mrs Victoria came to The SCOAN with a spirit of drunkenness and smoking as well as a spiritual husband that pushed her to disappoint men. From a young age, the Motswana lady began clubbing and enjoyed flirting with men, especially those who were married. After getting entangled with married men and enjoying the financial benefits, the man in question would start quarreling with his wife, sometimes leading to a point of separation. She described herself as a ‘heart-breaker’ who would leave any man once he had fallen in love with her. The men would be sad and disappointed and she would be happy seeing them in such condition due to the spiritual husband that visited her nightly to sleep with her in her dreams.


Victoria also drank alcohol excessively, sometimes over 20 bottles of hard liquor in a single day. She would come home from night clubs bruised and drunk, not knowing what happened to her or how she made it home as she was too intoxicated by the alcohol. Victoria further explained how she used to drown her sorrows through watching television and films, explaining that the spiritual husband would appear in the form of her favourite actor or celebrity to sleep with her in the dream.


After one night of heavy drinking she was flicking through channels on TV and stumbled on to Emmanuel TV. She began watching other people’s deliverances and knew that she needed to come for her own deliverance as her problem had spiraled out of control. Upon coming to the church she encountered Wise Man Christopher. The spiritual husband manifested in her and confessed to being the cause of all her woes. She was delivered and the desire to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and look for men has completely disappeared – all glory be to God!



The experience of Miss Sibongile, a 15 year old from South Africa, is shocking to say the least. It reminds us of the reality of the spiritual world and how serious we need to remain in our relationship with God. An innocent child, Sibongile was deprived of motherly love and care after her mother died in her tender years, leading to a life of isolation, loneliness and depression. These were the platforms satan utilized as an avenue to enter her life. Aged 12, Sibongile had a dream of a lady who claimed to be her spiritual mother, instructing her to follow.


She was led into a world underneath the water, a world bent on the destruction of human beings – the marine world. There, she was initiated, crowned a princess and endued with powers to enable her to seduce men and bring their sperm to the marine kingdom – the assignment she was sent to accomplish. From that day forward, Sibongile’s life dramatically changed. The powers in her eyes, breasts and legs enabled her to seduce any man she desired, irrespective of their age or status in society. After sleeping with them, she would physically collect their sperm and thereafter take it to the marine kingdom in her dreams and submit it to her ‘spiritual mother’. Such men’s lives would take a steady downward spiral – their marriages would crumble, finances dwindle and careers meet stagnation. 


Sibongile explained that night clubs and parties were the easiest way of meeting and seducing such men, adding that she would take excessive alcohol, sometimes almost 50 bottles of alcohol in a single outing! She also smoked cigarettes and hard drugs such as cocaine and marijuana, all of which fuelled her wild and reckless lifestyle. She would usually sleep with up to four men in a day, lying to them that she was 25 years old just to deceive them into bed with her. Sibongile also was used to initiate many of her age-mates who envied her wild lifestyle. After introducing them to alcohol, she would report to her ‘spiritual mother’ that they were candidates for initiation. The next day, she would see her friends in the same marine kingdom, being given similar assignments of destruction. During this period, Sibongile was suspended from school three times as she would usually run away from both her school and house, sometimes for up to two weeks, staying in various men’s houses.


Her coming to The SCOAN was truly a Divine arrangement. Sibongile explained that she was told she would be flying to Nigeria for a visit to her aunt but no mention of The SCOAN was made to her. Once she arrived in Nigeria, her aunt met her at the airport and took her straight to The SCOAN, knowing that her case was beyond human control and required spiritual intervention. At The SCOAN, Sibongile received a mighty deliverance from Wise Man Christopher, the demons exposed and expelled in her life by the superior power of Jesus Christ. After her deliverance, she testified that all connections to the marine kingdom in her dreams have been severed and peace is now reigning in her heart. She further explained that all desire for alcohol, drugs and men have left her! Sibongile advised young people like herself to be serious with God as she said the youth were satan’s main targets. She further admonished men to stay true to their wives and not chase after other women as that would simply serve as a catalyst for their destruction. 



Mr Mike Horsfall and sister came to The SCOAN for the first time on March 16th2013. Facing numerous health challenges and an unfruitful search for breakthrough after 20 years of work in his company, he was shocked when Prophet T.B. Joshua walked up to him and prophesied that a document was on his table and he would return the following month on April 21st 2013 for a testimony. At that time, there was no document on his table he was aware of and there was no expectation that one would come.


Upon returning to his home a couple of weeks later, Mr Horsfall was shocked to see a letter on his table from his workplace, nominating him for an overseas course in United Kingdom with all expenses paid. He had no premonition whatsoever that such a letter would come and was shocked as it was a type of breakthrough he had been pursuing for over two decades without success. He decided to return to The SCOAN for testimony, realizing that the date of the testimony coincided exactly with the date Prophet T.B. Joshua had publicly and specifically prophesied last month – Sunday 21st April 2013! Indeed, no Word from God is void of fulfillment for God backs up each Word to perform it. 



The video clip of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophecy concerning the nation of America and the tragic event that occurred last week during the Boston marathon was replayed to the congregation. Prophet T.B. Joshua specifically instructed people to pray on Monday for USA, stating that he saw flames and something evil roaming about in the city and stressing that the issue of homeland security should be looked into. He further said that large gatherings should be avoided or well-secured. The prophecy was tragically confirmed when two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston marathon, killing three and injuring hundreds more in a shocking terrorist attack.


After playing the clip, Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded the congregation that we are living in perilous times. He explained that the more leaders opened their hearts to the Word of God, the clearer his prophetic messages would be.

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Prophet T.B.JoshuaJesus Christ gave newcomers, including viewers worldwide, plenty of evidence to believe in Him by His demonstration of love and power operating through the Prophet and the wise men during the Saturday and Sunday lives services at The SCOAN. The atmosphere was filled with faith and hope as people watched God’s power at The SCOAN prayer line, after which they listened to divinely inspired messages from Prophet T.B. Joshua and the wise men. This was followed by awesome testimonies of healing, deliverances and breakthrough before Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered prophetically to individual members of the congregation.

In his message titled, “Love Is The Greatest”, the prophet referred to Matthew 5:44 as his proof text. “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.” He said that the challenges we are having can be likened to love and hatred and that he had never seen where hatred overcomes love. When you love, you overcome. Love is the most powerful weapon. Love does not allow us to kill our brothers, neighbours or even our enemies. Love becomes our protection against the hatred of the adversary. Hatred is powerless in the face of love’s power and armour. Love is the greatest. Let us act love; let us do love. We are sons and daughters of love; we are love’s products. Love brought us into being.

He stated that if you want to be a Christian, be a Christian. The challenges before us however is that no one can overcome without the Spirit of God. Who is a Christian? A Christian is someone who is lifting the load with God, walking with the Lord, facing persecution and trials with the Lord, in unison with God. If you want to be a Christian, be a Christian and stop deceiving yourself because the challenges before you will consume you. If God is joining you to carry something, is lifting the load, when you are facing persecution, God is facing it with you. The prophet’s reference to 1 Corinthians 12:3 seemed to sum up the key to overcome: No one can be a Christian without the Spirit of God. “Therefore I make known to you that no one speaking by the Spirit of God calls Jesus accursed, and no one can say that Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit” (1 Corinthians 12:3).

WISEMAN CHRISTOPHERWise Man Christopher similarly encouraged people on the comfort they would find in God in his message titled, ‘We Have A Defender’. He said “We, people of God – men and women of faith, do not need to defend ourselves because we have a Defender. Every man or woman of faith is led by an indwelling spirit of grace, which is greater than he who dwells in the world. The God who created us now dwells within us in the living Word. Ask Prophet Elisha in 2 Kings 6:15-17 and he would tell you that our Defender is with us in the living Word. Whenever we are going through ordinary circumstances in life as Christians, we should always remember that we have no other refuge than this command of Jesus: ‘Only believe’. Whenever we truly believe, our hearts will be at rest; we will be connected to the Defender. We need no more than to open the eyes of our faith. The opening of our eyes of faith is the silencing of our fears.
Many who had experienced God’s grace and favour in their lives came forward to share their testimonies which left an indelible picture in the minds of many who were looking forward to receive their own miracle from the Great Provider, Jesus Christ.


DELIVERED FROM SPIRIT OF CATPastor John Joseph Ekoja’s forefathers served different types of gods, the effects of which rippled into his own life with a very strange demonic encounter. Every night, a cat would appear to him in his dreams to fight and chase him. His brother who experienced the same nightmares had died suddenly and the whole family found themselves under a curse of limitation nobody seemed able to rise above. While working in the ministry, he had a severe accident and fractured his tibia and fibula. After undergoing an operation to insert metal within his leg, Pastor Ekoja’s problems only seemed to persist as anyone who promised to assist him ended up withdrawing at the last moment. His mother advised him to visit The SCOAN for prayer but he was discouraged by people around him who told him the work of God at The SCOAN was not genuine.

A friend in Cotonou, Benin Republic testified to him that after coming to The SCOAN, he experienced a mighty business breakthrough. Finally convinced, he followed his friend to The SCOAN and was among those who received the new Anointing Sticker given out during the New Years Eve service. He put the Anointing Sticker under his pillow and miraculously stopped seeing the cat in his dreams! Confident in God’s power, he then put the Anointing Sticker on the door of his house. Sometime later, the demonic cat reappeared in his dream to attack him but Pastor Ejoka saw light emanate from the Anointing Sticker on his door and paralyse the cat. This physically manifested the following week when Pastor Ekoja awoke to discover the very same cat that had tormented his dreams for over 30 years lying alive but paralyzed below the Anointing Sticker on his door. He immediately decided to rush down to The SCOAN with the cat to give his testimony. Prophet T.B. Joshua said that his entire family had been set free through the deliverance and counselled him that the cat needed to undergo deliverance, stressing that it was the spirit within the cat that was operating, not the cat itself. After the deliverance, Prophet T.B. Joshua said the cat would live normally as a pet.

Pastor Gladwin Solomon from South Africa came to The SCOAN with his wife. He had suffered from the spirits of lust and smoking from a young age and watched pornography through the internet and masturbated in secret. He said he made the decision to serve the Lord at the age of 18 but faced a lot of challenges, rendering him unable to do so. After getting married, the same problems of lust and pornography continued. He went to Bible College, believing that his spiritual life would grow but after spending four years there, the desire to watch pornography became even stronger. He said that the college had a lot of internet access points where they would watch pornography and he met other students there who were addicted to the same vice. It became severe to the point that it affected his affection with his wife. After leaving Bible College, he spent a lot more time masturbating, even at his office. One day his wife found out and he was very ashamed. She was not comfortable seeing him around the internet. He went on social networks, chatting with women to ease his urge. After starting his own ministry, he looked for a potential mentor but was too ashamed to tell them the problem and even when he did, they could not help him. His spiritual life deteriorated, including his prayer life. Reading the Word of God was overtaken by the spirit of lust. He said it was the most difficult thing to stand in front of people and preach. He would prepare a good message that people would think, “Wow what a good preacher” but behind it was a pain in his heart because of the deception. That thing was always at the back of his mind.

As the wise man was praying for him during his deliverance at The SCOAN, he felt something leave him and then immediately felt light. The urge to watch pornography, masturbate and lust after other women is gone! The urge to smoke has also gone. He advised, “Pastors wherever you are, come out. We know our problem but we are not coming out. The lesser is blessed by the greater. There are things we are not able to do that greater men of God can help us to do. Many times, men of God come looking for impartation. How can we have impartation when we are bound in sin? There is hope for you at The SCOAN”. He added that there needs to be an openness and willingness. His wife, who was also initiated into the same vice of pornography through the internet, received her deliverance and advised, “Deliverance is a willing thing. It is high time we are willing. Be willing to change and stop pretending. If you say you are a Christian, be a Christian and stand for what you believe”.

Speaking of pornographic sites, Pastor Solomon said, “It’s not innocent; the more you get into it, the more the picture grows inside of you. Avoid pornographic sites”.

Eseigbe Ejemen, a 16 year old girl, recounted her terrible ordeal as a ‘bedwetter’. As she put it candidly, “I would bedwet everywhere”.  As a teenager, she suffered the shame and disgrace of this ‘little talked about’ problem which is more common among teenagers and adults than one would think. Eseigbe went to a boarding school where she found it impossible to hide the humiliating problem. As she would sleep on the top bunk of the bed at the quarters, the person on the lower bunk would become wet with urine after her consistent episodes of bedwetting. She was nicknamed ‘Bedwetter’ and was sent out of the school as the condition refused to halt. The humiliation she received from classmates led to her lie  about her age, stating that she was only 13, presuming that she could win the sympathy of others if they believed she was a young girl. Her mum who had become burdened with her daughter’s problem made her way down to The SCOAN and received The Anointing Water and the Anointing Sticker. She would give her daughter the Anointing Sticker to place in her pants and also ministered the Anointing Water on her. Incredibly, after three days, the problem of bedwetting came to an end! It was more than she could dream of. The garment of shame had been lifted! After ministering the Anointing Water, she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua in her dreams with two bed covers, one wet, the other dry. He removed the wet bed cover and replaced it with the dry one – a confirmation that she had been delivered completely and effectually from bedwetting!


Mrs Queen suffered from the problem of barrenness for 12 years. After watching Emmanuel TV and being encouraged by the testimonies she saw, she came to The SCOAN and received a bottle of the Anointing Water. She went back home and ministered it in faith. She met with her husband and soon after, conceived. During her pregnancy, a scan revealed that the baby was in a breech position and doctors booked her for an operation. She rejected the idea of an operation and instead, came to The SCOAN for God’s intervention. In the course of the service at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua came to her and gave her a prophetic message that she should not worry, that she would deliver her baby safely without an operation. If that was not enough to console her, he also specified the days she would deliver her baby, stating that she would deliver it on a Thursday/ Friday. She returned home with peace in her heart and to her amazement, she delivered her baby without an operation. The labour pain started on Thursday and she delivered on Friday, as prophesied by the man of God. The icing on the cake was that she delivered a double blessing of twins!


One distressing day, school authorities called Mrs Meg Abagu to come and take her son, Daniel out of school, stating that he could not see. For seven days, the young man remained blind and specialists determined that the cause was cataracts which had covered his eyes. An operation was recommended. While he was in his school hostel, his mum Mrs Meg Abagu who was far away, asked him to pray along with her through Emmanuel TV. She placed her fingers on her eyes as a point of contact and asked him to do the same where he was. As Prophet TB Joshua prayed on Emmanuel TV, she prayed along with him and asked her son, Daniel on the phone to say, ‘Amen’. She said that after the prayer, that same day, her son told her that he started to see stars and shortly afterwards, fully regained his sight! The pain he was experiencing in his eyes also disappeared after praying along with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. He was able to return to school and later sat for his exams, earning a spectacular result!

As Mrs Abagu said, “I went to get the report of God through Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and the report of God opened the eyes of my son”.


DELIVERED FROM ANCIENT BEASTA clip was replayed in the service of an astonishing deliverance that had occurred the previous week. An evil spirit claiming to be a high ranking demon and ancient beast who had existed even before the creation of the world was exposed during an electrifying encounter with Wise Man Daniel. The demon touted itself as being seated at the left hand of satan, stating that it had last entered the earth over two millennia ago when it was defeated by Jesus Christ. It had destroyed the bright destiny of the young man it had possessed since birth and its intention was to warn Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Wise Men, whose activities were disturbing the kingdom of darkness. The demon exposed diverse satanic strategies and tactics through which it had ensnared so many people into a hellish existence and eternity before the final encounter ensued with the Wise Man. Shouting in a strange language, the demon grabbed onto Wise Man Daniel’s arm, screaming for his master in hell to send more power as the Wise Man commanded the demon to leave in the name and blood of Jesus Christ. At long last, the demon was defeated and the young man declared free!

Coming forward, Mr Alem Njoku accompanied by his parents, a sibling and close friend, shared a traumatizing experience that can only be described as hellish. The young Cameroonian explained that he hailed from a royal background, his father being the chief of a community that traditionally worshipped the skulls of their ancestors. It was this ancestral worship that provided the platform for the ancient demon to enter the young man’s life.

With a childhood plagued by strange demonic dreams, unusual bouts of sickness leading to an operation to remove his spleen, an uncontrollable urge for masturbation, a lonely existence of isolation and scholastic setback despite academic brilliance, Alem knew that something was wrong somewhere. However, it was only four months prior, in December 2012 that the demon behind Alem’s troubles revealed itself in the most alarming form. Lying on his bed, he physically saw a giant beast appear from his wall, trumpeting that it was sent from hell to destroy his life, stating that it was the ‘god’ he must serve and worship.

From that day forward, the 23 year olds life became enslaved completely to this ancient demon that would appear physically to him over 20 times every single day. Whenever Alem slept or just closed his eyes, he would find his spirit in the fiery depths of hell, seeing its horrors and the unimaginable torment being meted out to those condemned to live there. He also saw himself as a commander of an immeasurable amount of demonic soldiers, leading them in the battle against Christians and angelic forces. He said the demon invested powers within his hands and legs and forced him to crawl on his knees for several hours whenever he dared disobey any of his instructions. Whilst in hell, he saw his name being cancelled on a sheet of paper, signifying his spiritual death and the beginning of the satanic assignment they planned for him. As the spiritual attacks intensified, so did Alem’s desire to visit The SCOAN for deliverance, explaining that he saw the disastrous effect the prophet’s prayers had on satan’s kingdom as it erupted like lightning bolts within hell.

At this point, the demon who said it was ‘Dakunba’, declared that it would accompany him to The SCOAN as it had ‘a warning’ to give to Prophet T.B. Joshua. The day before the Saturday service where Alem received his deliverance, he explained that hundreds of other demons entered his body to reinforce him with powers for the ‘battle’ ahead. As Wise Man Daniel prayed for him, Alem described how he remarkably witnessed the encounter from the confines of hell where his spirit was chained. He said the ancient language spoken by the demon was a battle cry to draw all other demons in the area to come and fight. At a point where the demon grew weak, he said he saw satan stand up from his throne to send part of himself to The SCOAN where his shadow enveloped the street opposite The SCOAN, sending more powers to his agent in an attempt to defeat Wise Man Daniel. However, the demon was finally conquered by the superior power of Jesus Christ, and as the demon roared in anger, Alem saw his spirit suddenly lifted from the pits of hell and reenter his body on the floor of The SCOAN. He had been rescued by the power of the Holy Spirit!

After his deliverance, the young man said he had slept peacefully for the first time in his life and had no more encounters with the demonic beings that had possessed him since birth. Embittered, he even disclosed that the spirit had pushed him to sleep with hens, as well as causing him to be a bedwetter. Prophet T.B. Joshua told him to call the name of Jesus Christ which he said would be his refuge from this day forward. As Alem did so, his body began shaking and he fell to the ground under the power in Christ’s name. What a remarkable transformation! We thank Jesus Christ for this powerful deliverance which serves as an eye-opener to the reality of the spiritual world and the seriousness with which we must view our spiritual walk and warfare.


As we reflect on all that Jesus Christ wrought this weekend, we recall the words of Wise Man Daniel earlier on as he  hit home the point that, “IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS”.  In his message, he referred us toJohn 16:33, which says that though there are reasons to be troubled, there is a greater reason not to be. This statement is meant for peculiar people who find and attend to God’s Word, for God’s Word is Spirit and life. He said that God’s Word is life to those who find them and health to all flesh – that is, the flesh of those who find and attend to God’s Word in simple faith.

We leave you here in God’s Word and pray to meet you here in God’s Word, in Jesus’ name.

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The Saturday and Sunday services were characterised by a practical demonstration of the name, Jesus Christ working in the Spirit when the wise men prayed for pilgrims who had come from various countries in search of solution to their problems.T B JOSHUAProphet T.B. Joshua brought Jesus Christ on the scene with powerful prophecies penetrating into the deepest corners of people’s souls revealing their best concealed secrets.

WM DWise Man Daniel brought a message on Sunday morning with the title, Faith makes things happen. With Acts 3:1-8 as proof text, he said that Apostle Peter acted faith and consequently satan’s mandate was destroyed in the life of the crippled man.  Active faith makes those things that are against us to be for us. Therefore, active faith is not a product of the reasoning faculties but of the recreated spirit. It is the doer of the word that receives things from God.

The congregation was further richly blessed by Prophet T.B. Joshua’s message titled, Prayer Fruits. Using John 15:7 as proof text, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that Christ and the Word are one; it is the Word dwelling in you which is equivalent to Christ personally being in you. The Word here is dwelling in us, producing prayer fruit. The Word becomes a living thing in the lips of believers. We are made spiritual by living in the Word and the Word living in us.

Testimonies of the goodness of God in people’s lives were shared with the congregation and the church was filled with an atmosphere loaded with expectation that miracles would be wrought, in the name of Jesus Christ. Here are some of the faith-building testimonies that were listened to:


Mr Meschach Mpofu from Zimbabwe became very sick and could not breathe. He was rushed to hospital and placed on a breathalyzer. The next day, he was about to die. His wife was afraid when she saw her husband’s condition.  MESCHACH MPOFU FROM ZIMBABWEShe brought out the Anointing Water in her bag and poured the whole bottle in his mouth. Immediately, a heavy load was lifted from Mr Mpofu, he was able to breathe and the breathalyzer was removed. Four days later, he was out of the hospital. The doctors were dumbfounded at the wonderful miracle.


For many years, Miss Esther Mba had been looking for a job. Her family was looking at her for help since she finished school. ESTHER NNEKAShe had the Anointing Water and regularly ministered it on herself. When she visited The SCOAN, she received a phone call in the service to come for an interview; she told the caller that she was in church.  Later, she went for the interview.  To her greatest surprise, she was offered a job as a Managing Director immediately. She came back to The SCOAN with her appointment letter testifying what God has done for her through the Anointing Water.


Mr Eric Moseja and his wife from Botswana were heavy drinkers. Mr Moseja could drink 24 cans of beer at a time. He would miss his work and fight with his wife. His wife was also addicted to alcohol. They went to bars together to drink and would leave their child at home or in the car, sleeping because children were not allowed in the bar. One day, their son discovered Emmanuel TV. ERIC MOSEJA & WIFEThey saw people being delivered from the problem of alcohol addiction. While watching Emmanuel TV, Mrs Moseja started vomiting and received her deliverance instantly.  For more than a year, they have not been drinking alcohol.

Mr Eric Moseja also had difficulties in his career for a long time.  Although he had a Master’s Degree in International Relations, he could not get a suitable job. After ministering the Anointing Water, he went to the UN office to apply for a job. The receptionist at the UN office told him that usually people are not allowed to meet with the director without an appointment but she would see what she could do. God gave Mr Eric favour at the UN and he was ushered inside the building to see the director. When he told the director that he holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations, the director exclaimed that they had been looking for people with that qualification. Mr Eric Moseja was surprised because he had been applying for a job at the UN for a long time. Now, Mr Eric Moseja is the Principal Educational Officer at the UN.


ASS. PROF. NKECHIAssociate Professor Nkechi had ceased menstruation for three years. Her mother brought the Anointing Water for her and she prayed and ministered it, in Jesus’ name. Within two days, her menstruation started flowing. She also had a toothache affecting her speech for seven years. She ministered the Anointing Water, in Jesus’ name and her toothache disappeared.


Mr Robert Tommy’s little daughter swallowed a needle one evening and was rushed to hospital. The doctors could not get the needle out of her throat. She was injected and started vomiting but the needle did not come out. NEEDLEAn x-ray showed that she had a needle lodged in her throat. She was referred to another hospital for an operation but that was not an option. By that time, the little girl could not swallow saliva or eat food. She was very weak, could not walk and was on a drip. They came to The SCOAN and collected the Anointing Water. After praying and ministering the Anointing Water, the little girl vomited the needle instantly!  needle 2The doctor was surprised that there was no scratch or knife cut on the little girl and took another x-ray to confirm that the needle was no longer in the little girl’s throat. The little girl testified that she did not have pain anymore and that she could eat and swallow freely. They advise the world to trust in the Lord with all their heart and lean not on their own understanding.


Mrs Gospel Akulue was supposed to travel with a particular bus but was told that her ticket was sold to someone else. She was given a seat on another bus. As she sat in the bus, she prayed and ministered the Anointing Water and also prayed with a recorded prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua on her phone. GOSPEL AKULUEShe became very uncomfortable and heard a persistent voice telling her that she should come down from the bus. She came down from the bus and was able to return back to the first bus. Later she learned that the vehicle that she came down from, had an explosion, the vehicle burned out and everyone died. She advised everybody to believe in God and to pray with Prophet T.B. Joshua when he prays for the viewers.


Mrs Ngouabazo Katy from the USA suffered from asthma for seven years and received injections thrice a week and had to use a nebulizer. Many a time, she was rushed to hospital. She could not perform her duties as a customer service officer because she could not talk for long hours. Her working hours were reduced. She was unable to do any domestic work and could not meet her husband as husband and wife.KATY NGOUABAZO

When she came to The SCOAN, Wise Man Daniel prayed for her and she was healed instantly. Since then, she has not experienced asthma. Upon her return to the USA, chemicals were sprayed around her to provoke an allergic reaction but to her doctor’s surprise, her body did not react negatively to any chemical. At her working place, she has even been transferred to the call centre and she is able to talk for eight hours straight without feeling tired.


Reverend Eze Okoroafor, a minister of God came to The SCOAN for deliverance because his ministry was going down. A family in the town where he established his ministry 24 years ago, called him to destroy their shrine which was killing the children in the family. After destroying the shrine, Rev Eze had a dream where masquerades warned him. REV. EZE OKOROAFORPhysically, he saw knives entering him and he fell sick. His ministry began to experience setback and he started to struggle with anger. He wanted to leave the ministry but saw other ministers delivered on Emmanuel TV and was encouraged to come for his own deliverance. At The SCOAN, Wise Man Daniel prayed for him and he was delivered. During his deliverance he saw a human being coming out of him.

After his deliverance, he received the Anointing Water from Prophet T.B. Joshua. That night, in a dream, he saw eight men and women rushing to him to tell him that they would deal with him. In the dream, he remembered that he had the Anointing Water and sprayed it and those people ran away. After the deliverance, he feels like a new born baby. He advised pastors to first come for deliverance before they establish a ministry.


Moudy Nyambukamba, a Zimbabwean lady residing in South Africa gave her testimony of a gruesome past turned around by the mercy and power of God Almighty. She bears the same name as her late aunt who had murdered her husband and thrown his body out on the mountains instead of granting a befitting burial. The enraged spirit of her uncle returned to torment the family, eventually demanding that a new wife be donated to him. This was Moudy. Since the evil spirit took up residence in her, she felt she had great strength in her shoulders and hands to fight people with knives, bottles or just her bare hands. MOUDY NYAMBUKAMBAEvery day, she would go clubbing and at the age of 18, a friend introduced her into prostitution. She would always attract big ministers, politicians and men who paid her a large amount of money but the spiritual husband would never allow her to be satisfied. In the process of this life of violence and promiscuity, she got sick and underwent three painful operations. The last straw came when she was diagnosed with gall bladder stones which often left her in agony.

She came to The SCOAN and was delivered by Wise Man Christopher. She felt something fall from her stomach and the pain she was always experiencing vanished. Since her deliverance, she no longer had any urge to sleep with men and she feels embarrassed to wear her old revealing clothes. She advised people to come to Jesus and let Him wash all their unworthy past away.


Mr Moses Benson, a professional internet fraudster came to The SCOAN in search of deliverance of his unworthy past. He explained that he is from an idol worshipping family. He was born with the spirit of Idigun, the god of iron and the spirit of olokun, which is a marine spirit. He could not finish school and went to Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire where he was introduced to internet fraud. Before long, he was doing even better in internet fraud than the people who introduced him to it. He was into internet fraud for the past 14 years.

Some of the tactics that he used as an internet fraudster were the following: He would pretend to be a woman saying that he was the daughter of a late minister or president and that he had a huge amount in the bank and that he needed help to transfer the money from that bank account. He would give the name of a bank and a bank manager to the interested men and pretend to be the bank manager, saying that the funds were available and that a reactivation fee between $20,000 and $50,000 had to be paid. He would make a fake document and certificate as if the money had been transferred. He would then create some kind of form, saying that the funds were seized. Some of the people he collected money from, committed suicide when they could not pay the money back to the bank.

He would pretend to be a woman looking for a serious relationship and send a naked picture of a woman to a man.  He would tell the men that he wanted to see them on webcam naked to know how they would perform when they would meet. He would then record these men while they were masturbating. After that, pretending to be a policeman, he would contact these men telling them that they had been caught for doing pornography over the internet and that they had to pay between $10,000 to $15,000 to cancel the case in court.

He also hacked into bank accounts by putting computer software on public computers so that when people were doing their banking online, their personal information would appear on his computer at home. He was especially interested in the money other fraudsters collected because the amounts would be high. He would collect the money before the fraudsters could collect it.

His wife introduced him to Emmanuel TV and he decided to come to The SCOAN. He was delivered by Wise Man Christopher. After his deliverance, Mr Moses is like a new born baby. He thinks differently, talks differently and even walks differently. He is begging everybody for forgiveness for what he has done. He is asking God for forgiveness. He advised people out there who are living the life of a fraudster that they have nothing to gain. They must submit their lives to Jesus.


An assistant pastor in a well-known ministry, Pastor Gabriel Ikpenwa, former president of Joint Campus Fellowship, former president of Nigerian Corpers Christian Fellowship (NCCF) and former guest speaker in Scripture Union, began to discover unusual calamities in his life. He said that these strange experiences resulted after taking it upon himself as a leader of the youth to spread negative stories about Prophet T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN.  Little did he know at that point in time that the place he warned people not to go to would be the same place he would receive his deliverance.

The first bizarre incident he had was when snakes entered his room, ready to attack him. He killed the snakes with a stick and burned them with kerosene.  That was not the end of the strange occurrences. One night, he was alone in his room when a tall, unknown man appeared in the room.  Startled to see a stranger in his house, he asked the uninvited guest how he had entered the room. The angry-looking man asked him why he wanted to marry ‘this girl,’ who was Pastor Ikpenwa’s then wife-to-be.  Stubbornly, he replied to the man that he would marry ‘the girl’ and attempted to give the tall man a heavy blow. To his dismay, he discovered that his hand went straight through the man and he was boxing the air. In front of Pastor Ikpenwa’s very eyes, the man mysteriously disappeared into thin air. That was when it dawned on him that he was fighting a demonic being.

That was the beginning of a long battle. When Pastor Gabriel wanted to take his wife-to-be to his village to introduce her to his family, they got lost on the same road that he had travelled many times without any incident. After roaming about looking for the way to his village, they eventually discovered the correct road and continued their journey. That was not the end of their troublesome journey as the vehicle broke down in the middle of the road and could not be repaired. They had to abandon the vehicle and continue the journey with public transport.

After the marriage, the calamities increased. The whole staff at his micro-finance company began to steal his money. He saw himself going down to a zero level. The evil spirit continued to afflict him with misfortune. The engine of his vehicle broke down and he took the vehicle for repairs. To this day, he has not received his vehicle back. Consequently, he purchased another vehicle, which also broke down. He acquired up to six vehicles at different points in time in his life. All six vehicles were grounded.

He was at the end of his rope when he started looking for a man of God to help him. He then remembered that there was a man of God whom God was using to deliver people in a mighty way on Emmanuel TV. This was Prophet T.B. Joshua whom he had preached against.  Because of his deplorable situation, he decided to watch Emmanuel TV secretly. He would lock himself in his room and draw the curtains. Soon, he introduced his wife to watching Emmanuel TV with him and in no time, they were hooked on the channel.PAST. GABRIEL & WIFE

After some weeks, Pastor Gabriel came to The SCOAN. He wore a disguise and sat at the back in the congregation to spy on the happenings in the church. What he saw supported the conviction he had when watching Emmanuel TV, that Prophet T.B. Joshua was a true man of God. He made his third visit to The SCOAN, this time with his wife, so that their problems could be solved.  From an early age, Mrs Ikpenwa said that she often felt as if she was pregnant and at night, she would give birth to children in her dreams, breast feed them and play with them. When she was pregnant in her dreams, her menstruation would stop physically and would only return after she had delivered the baby in her dreams. She also mentioned that since she was born, she had never seen a live snake but in her dreams, she would see snakes all the time. She believed that these were the same snakes that came to attack her husband in his house. Her family members were also not exempted from this curse that was following her as all the young ladies in the family could not get married. Just before her marriage, it baffled her and her fiancé when her blood type which was AA suddenly changed to AS. The change of blood type to AS posed a big obstacle in the marriage since Pastor Ikpenwa was also AS causing them to run the risk of giving birth to a child who may suffer from sickle cell anaemia.  When they finally got married, there was no affection between her and her husband.

Arriving at The SCOAN, Pastor and Mrs Ikpenwa were placed at the prayer line section and the evil spirit inside of Mrs Ikpenwa started manifesting even before the wise men reached her.  During the prayer, the evil spirit that had been tormenting her for so many years, submitted to the authority in the name of Jesus Christ as one of the wise men prayed for her.

The couple came forward during the live Sunday Service, testifying to the peace of God they have received since their deliverance. Both of them were able to sleep very well at night. Pastor Ikpenwa expressed his heartfelt regret for his years of leading people astray regarding the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. He noted that the place that he was preaching against was the same place where he met the delivering power of Jesus Christ.


A clip was showed of the deliverance of Mrs Senanu and the evil spirit was confessing that it destroyed her husband by causing him to fall asleep at any time, at any place. The couple came forward to share their testimony. When Barrister Kwabla Senanu married his wife many years ago, they started to experience strange events. Barrister Kwabla Senanu would wake up in the middle of the night and find himself and his wife very high up in the air as if a hippopotamus was underneath the bed.

He was one of the lawyers in a court case of national importance. He fell asleep and was snoring loudly in court. The national newspapers in Ghana published the story and it caused a lot of embarrassment. He would fall asleep when he was driving his car and he had been in more than 18 car accidents. As a result of the evil attacks, he would lose his voice or his speech would be affected.BARR. KWABLA SENANU & FAMILY

He said when the wise man touched him, a tsunami of glory enveloped him. After their deliverance, he slept like a baby, his voice has come back and his strength has returned. Mrs Senanu said that after her deliverance, she also slept like a baby. She said her husband’s love for her has increased.

Jesus Christ has rewritten their history and He can rewrite yours too. All you need to do is believe. As Christians, we have no other refuge than the command of Jesus – only believe. As long as you believe, you are blessed. Just believe and you will see the proof that distance is not a barrier to the move of God.


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Happy Easter! The Sunday service started with the prayer line section where many people from across the globe came to seek a touch from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Many who came with neck collars, lumbar corsets, walkers and crutches received their miraculous healing through the power of God working in the lives of the wise men. We also saw many dramatic deliverances during the prayer line and laying on of hands sections of the service as the evil spirits in the lives of the people were exposed and expelled by the matchless power of Jesus Christ. Prophet T.B. Joshua also exposed the root cause of the problems in the lives of many as he moved around the auditorium prophesying.


Prophet T.B. Joshua explained the meaning of John 4:24“God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth” by saying that those who worship God without depending on God’s Spirit to worship Him, worship a god they do not know. When you worship a god you do not know, surprises come. He said that God’s power works through both His Word and His Spirit. He added that God’s power cannot work through His Word alone; we need both God’s Word and His Spirit to make it work in our daily lives.

WISE MAN HARRYIn his message titled, ‘The Supreme Sacrifice’, Wise Man Harry reminded us of the meaning of Easter.  He said that Easter is a day set aside by Christians to commemorate the resurrection of the One who paid the supreme sacrifice for our sin (Isaiah 53:3-6). The Easter period offers us the opportunity to once again reassess our lives in order to stay focused on Christ Jesus.


Mr Christopher Mba, a Nigerian residing in Togo, was among the thousands of those who received the Anointing Water upon his visit to The SCOAN. In subsequent journeys, he decided to minister the Anointing Water, praying for God to shelter him under the shadow of His protection. As he prepared to travel on another journey to The SCOAN, he ministered his Anointing Water before embarking on the trip. While on the journey, he and the other travellers with them encountered a group of armed robbers who halted their vehicle and demanded that they produce all of their belongings. The bandits were armed with heavy weaponry. ImmediatMR. CHRISTOPHER MBA {ARMED ROBBER ATTACK}ely, Mr Mba began to pray and announced to the robbers that the vehicle was travelling to The SCOAN. As soon as they heard this, the armed robbers stopped their operation and said everyone should continue their journey. Mr Mba was astounded as he was carrying finances in excess of N1million. He advised everyone travelling to minister the Anointing Water before embarking on any journey and commit their lives into the protecting hands of Heaven.



Mr Sibangani Mabode came to The SCOAN from Zimbabwe with the problem of joblessness, which had stretched for two long years. Despite his impressive professional qualifications, all applications he made were turned down for no clear reason. When he came to The SCOAN, he received the Anointing Water and was also privileged to meet with Prophet T.B. Joshua who told him that he saw him come to work in Nigeria.MR. SIBANGANI MABODE {PROPHETIC WORD -BREAKTHROUGH}Mr Mabode was initially confused because he had no intention to work in Nigeria and had never applied to a Nigerian firm for work. A few months later, a UK-based firm emailed him out of the blue, inviting him to head a project based in Nigeria. Shocked, Mr Mabode immediately remembered the prophetic word he received! Without even undergoing an interview, he was employed by the company and an impressive financial package was agreed on as his monthly salary for the duration of the project. After two years of joblessness and financial challenges, he is now fully employed and will begin work on a huge construction project in Nigeria in just a few days time. Indeed, a prophet of God shall say that which he shall live to see accomplished!



Mr Edema came to The SCOAN with the challenge of stagnancy in his professional career as a customs officer. After many years of faithful work in customs, he had not experienced any form of promotion and seemed to be staying at the same point. Upon going to The SCOAN, he was given the Anointing Water and Prophet T.B. Joshua prophetically told him that he would become a ‘king’ in his field of work.MR. EDEMA {KING IN YOUR CAREER} From that point forward, he continued to minister the Anointing Water and began to experience a huge breakthrough in his career. He led a team of customs officers for over two years and was subsequently given an award as ‘officer of the month’ as well as another award for exceptional bravery and heroism in his work. This year, he was promoted to the Head of Revenue and Customs Services, fulfilling the prophetic word that he would become a ‘king’ in his career. He advised people to always carry the Anointing Water with them in their activities and also encouraged leaders in various fields of life to involve God as they discharge their duties and responsibilities.



Mrs Chinanu Nwali came to The SCOAN a few weeks ago with the problem of a spiritual husband. The spiritual husband used to appear to her physically and in her dreams, instructing her to kill her husband. The spiritual husband also gave her the spirit of anger which caused her to quarrel with her husband all the time and she eventually moved out of the house with her four children.MRS. CHINANU NWALI {A BROKEN MARRIAGE RESTORED} She came to The SCOAN a few weeks ago and received her deliverance through the prayer of one of the wise men. Mrs Nwali said that after her deliverance, she has reconciled with her husband and has moved back to the house. She said that she now has love and respect for her husband and they are happily living together. She said that she no longer sees the spiritual husband in her dreams and there is peace in her marriage. Mr Nwali confirmed what his wife said and added that their marriage is now ‘sweeter’ than before. The Nwalis advised that what man could not do, God had done in their lives. Therefore, don’t give up.



Rev Martins Ugo, a Nigerian residing in Ghana shared his testimony of how God had delivered him from his past that had haunted him. He said that the problem that brought him to The SCOAN was setback and instability in ministry. He explained how his grandfather was one of the greatest witchdoctors of his time before he died, renowned for his extraordinary occultic powers.REV. MARTINS UGO {DELIVERD FROMFROM A PAST OF WITCHCRAFT}When his mother was pregnant with him, a witchdoctor met his mother and explained to her that his late grandfather had met him and instructed him to tell her that the baby in her womb would be his late grandfather coming back and therefore, the child should to be initiated and trained to become a great witchdoctor. As he grew up, he was taught everything about the idols his grandfather worshipped and how to perform the diabolical acts of a witchdoctor such as preparing charms for people. He also joined many secret societies and wanted to become an even greater witchdoctor than his late grandfather. He served under more than seven witchdoctors – each depositing more evil powers in his life.

However, he was in an occult temple one day when he had a vision and saw a Man instructing him to repent and change his life. When he asked the Man who He was, He answered, “I am the Saviour of your soul, the King of kings and the Lord of lords”. After that encounter, his life changed and he eventually stopped practicing as a witchdoctor. He gave his life to Jesus Christ and was given an instruction to fast. He went to Bible school, became a pastor and started establishing church branches. Although he had surrendered his life to Christ and was a pastor, he continued to receive serious evil attacks in his dreams from the evil forces from his past life of being a witchdoctor. He realized that despite the fact that he had accepted Jesus Christ and stopped being a witchdoctor, he needed to be delivered from his past and started to go to different pastors in search of deliverance, without success.

He was introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend and started watching it. He then had another dream and saw Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for him. Later, he had a vision and saw himself digging up all the idols he once worshipped. After digging up the idols, he sprayed Anointing Water on them and as he sprayed the idols with the Anointing Water in his dream, they all caught fire and was consumed. When he came to The SCOAN, one of the wise men prayed for him and he was delivered in Jesus’ name. He said that during his deliverance, he saw an angel pulling off black clothes from him and putting white clothes on him. He advised parents to bring up their children in the way of the Lord and also implored all ministers of God experiencing evil attacks to seek deliverance.


Mr Henry Osigbemue shared his testimony of how he was once a notorious armed robber and used to astral travel to survey the areas he wanted to rob physically. He was initiated into a secret cult when he was at school and soon became a notorious armed robber, stealing cars on the highways, breaking into shops and even robbing five churches. He was the leader of a gang of boys, all involved in armed robbery. In a search for more power to commit crime, he went to the internet and saw a website about astral travelling. On the website was an advertisement to order a package from a woman in France, to teach people to astral travel. He ordered the package and when he received and opened it, he saw a black cloth, mirror and a magnetic picture in it with instructions on how to use the items to astral travel. The woman who had sent the mystical items to him from France physically appeared to him in his room and performed an occult ceremony of initiation on him to enable him to start practicing it.MR. HENRY OSIGBEMUE {ASTRAL TRAVELLING ARMED ROBBER}

He explained that while he was astral travelling, if someone tried to wake him or move his body, his spirit would not be able to enter his body again and if his spirit was not able to enter his body within 21 days, he would die. He used these diabolical powers to steal as he would spiritually survey the areas he wanted to rob before physically going there the following day to do so. One day, he visited a friend and saw the Anointing Water in his friend’s room. He asked his friend what it was and his friend showed him Emmanuel TV and ministered the Anointing Water to him. He slept off and had a dream and saw Prophet T.B. Joshua telling him to repent and then invited him to come to The SCOAN for his deliverance. When he came to The SCOAN, one of the wise men prayed for him and he received his deliverance in Jesus’ name. After his deliverance, he said that he is a completely changed person and no longer experiences evil attacks or has the desire to rob or astral travel.



Mr Oni Sky, a Nigerian living in Libya was brought up in a polygamous house; his father was a powerful witchdoctor who married approximately 30 wives and had over 60 children. As a young child growing up, he worked with his father in the shrine and his father trained him as a witchdoctor. Later in life when he was at school, he was initiated into a secret cult and soon rose up the ranks of the fraternity. He later became the cult leader. He started robbing people with other cult members and had many charms put in his body in order to protect him from different weapons such as guns and knives. As a wanted man in Nigeria, he fled to Libya and started duping people by feigning to invoke money. While in Libya, he introduced the secret cult to literally thousands of people there, many of whom proceeded to travel abroad to Europe and carried the cult with them. He said that millions of people had joined this cult as a result of his influence and the number of people he initiated who proceeded to initiate others wherever they travelled to.MR. ONI SKY {LIBYA CULT MAN}

He had 201 incisions on his head given by his father to diabolically ensure he would not die young, giving him boldness to carry out acts of armed robbery and fraudulent crimes. Prior to watching Emmanuel TV, he never believed anyone could deliver him and felt churches were also involved in duping people and the activities happening there were not real. After watching Emmanuel TV and listening to the messages from Prophet T.B. Joshua, he decided to come to The SCOAN. During his deliverance, he saw fire around the wise man erupting like a volcano and was unable to come close to him. Ever since his deliverance, he testified that he no longer smokes, drinks or takes drugs. He no longer has any urge to kill, steal and destroy people through armed robbery or initiate people into his cult. He said that he has even been calling people in all the countries he operated to come for their deliverance. His advice was that people should turn from worshipping idols and give their lives to God. He advised the youth involved in secret cults to drop their weapons and turn to Jesus.


Miss Florence Peters came to The SCOAN and received a mighty deliverance from an evil spirit that had sent her on an assignment to destroy men. Coming forward to share her confession, she explained that she had been possessed by a marine spirit right from birth. She was given the name, ‘Eze Nwanyi’ meaning ‘Queen of the coast’. When she was young, her mother took her around various spiritualists and churches in search of deliverance who then took her to a river for a ‘spiritual cleansing’. However, since she knew the spirit within her came from the water, the deliverance she went for served only to increase the powers she was given in the marine world. The assignment she was given in the marine kingdom was to seduce and destroy men, most especially those who claimed to be pastors and preached against the kingdom of darkness with pride.MISS FLORENCE PETERS {SPECIALIST IN SEDUCING PASTORS}

In the middle of the church service, she would enter and immediately attract the attention of the pastor by using the power in her eyes and wearing revealing clothing.  After the service, she would request for prayer from the pastor, in order to have a one-on-one encounter with him. When she entered the office of the pastor, she would pretend to request for deliverance and while the pastor was counseling her, she would look directly into his eyes as a form of seduction. Thereafter, instead of delivering her, she would go ahead to sleep with them and thereafter, their ministries would be under the influence and control of the demonic kingdom of darkness. She explained that she specifically was sent to attack pastors because the kingdom of darkness thirsted for souls and bringing down a pastor would bring more souls into that kingdom.

She said after her deliverance, she slept peacefully for the first time in her life, no more tormented by dreams of snakes, fishes and a strange man sleeping with her. She advised parents to be extremely careful about the names they give to their children, stating that the genesis of her problem was the name she was given. She further advised people to abstain completely from visiting witchdoctors and spiritualists as it will only compound their problems. Her advice to pastors was to be watchful of those who come pretending to ask for prayer, saying, ‘All that glitters is not gold.’


Mr Adogah from Ghana received a prophecy a few weeks ago and the man of God prophesied that he saw a lot of birds where he lived and that there was a tree at the entrance of his compound where many people’s destinies were tied. A video was replayed of a how the Emmanuel TV Team travelled to Mr Adogah’s house in Ghana and indeed when the Emmanuel TV Team arrived at his house in Ghana, birds were all over the premises. On the video, Mr Adogah explained and showed the herbs in his garden which he used to make charms and also showed where his temple was. Mr Adogah took the Emmanuel TV Team inside his consultation room and sprayed the Anointing Water all over the room and also on the various books and spiritual items he once used to perform his diabolical acts as a spiritualist and herbalist. Different spiritual paintings covered the walls of the room but the main feature was the table, on which different coloured candles and a large variety of spiritual and magical books were arranged. He also showed the Emmanuel TV team the spiritual clothing he used.2

The Emmanuel TV team also travelled with Mr Adogah to Togo where he showed them the tree that the man of God had prophesied about. A close inspection of the massive tree showed that it was hollow inside containing different items such as hair, bottles, children’s footwear etc. Approaching the tree, Mr Adogah sprayed the Anointing Water on it, in Jesus’ name and proceeded to explain how thousands of destinies had been tied there by witchcraft through the decades of its existence.tree AWMr Adogah brought the items and a pigeon he used as a witchdoctor to The SCOAN and explained the use of each item including the spiritual and magical books he used. He explained that he would use pigeons to carry a wide variety of his charms, medicines and other items to people anywhere in the world after casting a spell on the bird. Mr Adogah thanked God for his deliverance and said that he is completely free from his past life of witchcraft.


Mrs Martha Nzwile from Namibia, accompanied by her husband, Christopher Nwile, her nephew, Morgan and friend came to The SCOAN with a horrific story of fraud. The problem that brought them to The SCOAN was various kinds of sickness. She was involved in a serious accident in her country which resulted in a spinal cord injury. She was forced to use a neck collar and lumbar corset for over four years and lived literally in constant pain and distress. After watching Emmanuel TV, she desperately attempted to contact The SCOAN, but didn’t receive an instant reply. While lying in pain in hospital, she was told of a testimony of someone healed of colon cancer miraculously through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua via Facebook. Although she had never used Facebook before, she decided to log on and search for TB Joshua Ministries on Facebook. However, she naively opened a fraudulent account of someone who claimed be T.B. Joshua. Unknown to her, the person she began talking to was actually a fraudster, deceptively using the name of T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV to defraud people who were desperate to come to The SCOAN.


After establishing contact with the fraudster, she was told that she would be invited to The SCOAN, picked up at the airport and all accommodation would be prearranged. She was told to bring almost $800 as an advance fee. She was initially skeptical and requested to see proof that the person she was corresponding with indeed represented The SCOAN. The fraudster claimed to be the account officer of The SCOAN, terming himself, ‘Joshua Emmanuel’ and going further to provide a phone number with which she could contact him. The fraudster in question sent her a fake invitation letter, using a crafted letterhead with The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV logos. Deceived by the amount of details provided, she actually paid the money into the account provided, totaling over $3,000. Innocently believing that she and her family would be met by The SCOAN at the airport, they went ahead to travel to Lagos. Upon arriving and meeting the official SCOAN protocol, they were shocked to learn that the person they had been dealing with was a fraudster and the letter of invitation completely fake.

Remember, better is not good enough; the best is yet to come.

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March 26, 2013 by thetbjoshuafanclub




Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged viewers worldwide this weekend when he stated that we must be awake to the fact of what Jesus said in Mark 5:36, ‘Do not be afraid; only believe’. If you can believe, the worry and anxiety vanishes. Some human plan or your mind may come between you and God’s Word but rest upon what God says, ‘If you can believe’. The kind of rest I am talking about is real, genuine, natural. It is not a pretentious calm, unnatural self restraint, acting as if nothing has happened. If our hearts are uneasy and restless, if we are afraid of this and that, this shows we have not yet believed. We must believe and rest unconditionally and absolutely upon the Word of God. Take note – faith does not rest in itself; God is the place where faith rests. This is our rest.

Prophet T.B. Joshua continued by stating, “As for me and my house, I have no other refuge than this command of Jesus, ‘Only believe’ ”. With these words ringing in their hearts, the congregation was energised in their faith and listened to testimonies of those who received the end to their worry and anxiety through the medium of the Anointing Water.





 Mary Nanyangwe had been involved in an accident on her way from her home in Zambia to  Botswana and had experienced a terrible spinal cord injury and fracture in her knee. The doctors in Botswana gave her a large waist corset and a walker to protect her spinal cord. She was bedridden and could not turn her back or neck.  The doctors booked her for an operation, telling her that the operation may leave her paralysed for life. If not, she would spend 2 years in the hospital before she would be able to walk. A nurse found her crying one day and connected Emmanuel TV in the hospital room for her to watch. She began watching and saw the Anointing Water. The nurse then brought her the Anointing Water and she ministered it the day before she was to go for the operation. In the morning, the doctor called and told her that the operation had been rescheduled. She rejoiced and continued to minister the Anointing Water. Before the operation, they redid her x-rays. The doctors had wanted to take T11 bone and put in a plate. The result of the x-ray showed that the bone of T11 started coming out all by itself. They were amazed and cancelled the operation!
That night, she dreamt that Prophet T.B. Joshua, standing on the altar, was holding three plates. He showed her the one the doctors wanted to fix and said, “This is what the doctors want to operate on but God said I should do the operation myself”.  When she woke up, she was immediately able to stand up, bend and walk! Not only was her spinal cord healed but her knee was also restored! Everything that had been damaged was restored, in Jesus’ name through the medium of the Anointing Water and a woman, once paralysed on a hospital bed, walked and moved freely in front of the congregation, encouraging all in their faith for a miracle!






 Agyei Boateng, a businessman from Ghana came with the problem of sleep apnea which he had suffered from for 10 years. He used a breathing machine every night and the doctors told him he must use it for the rest of his life. If he did not use it, he would stop breathing in the night. He went to many different hospitals around the world for a solution but the only solution was the breathing machine. His daughter introduced him to Emmanuel TV where they saw the power of God in action. He then accompanied his daughter to The SCOAN where he was arranged in the prayer line. Prophet T.B. Joshua met them in the prayer line and gave his daughter the Anointing Water to spray on her father. The prophet then gave the Anointing Water to him to spray on himself. As he sprayed it, he received his healing. Instantly, he removed the breathing machine and breathed freely. That night, he slept peacefully and deeply for the first time in 10 years without the machine!


Dr Wilson Nyako Tamfuh, for three years had written and published articles nationally and internationally. He fulfilled all requirements to become associate professor.




 He applied but was denied in 2010. In 2011, he applied again but was denied. In 2012, he came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. He immediately sprayed the Anointing Water on his application documents in the name of Jesus Christ. The moment he returned to Cameroon, he received a message that the third promotion was taking place. A panel then interviewed him and told him he was fully qualified and they would appoint him as an associate professor in the College of Law. He was given a large office and a three bedroom house. Showing his appointment letter and ID Card, he appreciated God for His breakthrough power in the Anointing Water.






 Mrs Sibongile Khubisa, a South African married to a professor of education in South Africa, received the Anointing Water from someone who had visited The SCOAN in Nigeria. As she woke up one faithful morning, she was inspired to pray over her husband’s vehicle using the Anointing Water. Later that day, her husband drove the same vehicle to work. Three hours after her husband left home, she received a call that there had been a ghastly motor accident and her husband had been killed. Trusting in the power of God in the Anointing Water which she had sprayed over his vehicle, she confessed God’s protection over her husband’s life. In faith, she called her husband’s phone. After the first ring, the call was answered and to her great relief, she heard her husband’s voice! He told her that there had indeed been a serious accident but by the grace of God, he was perfectly okay and there was no injury sustained from the accident. To God be the glory!


A viewer of Emmanuel TV from Benue, Nigeria was Mr Joshua Kanyitor, a farmer of yams and groundnuts who was suffering from failure in farming for 5 years as his crops constantly perished. He came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water.

Mr Joshua Kanyitor

Mr Joshua Kanyitor

He returned to his farm and washed his seeds in the Anointing Water before planting them. That harvest season, all of the seeds developed into beautiful, large-sized yams and he harvested 1,800 tubers of yam. He reminded all of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s “Prophecies For Individuals For 2013”, in which he prophesied that 2013 would bring a boom for those involved in agricultural and foodstuff businesses. Let us thank God for His Word and His breakthrough in our lives!




Trinidad Robert was working as an English and Spanish translator but had been jobless for 2 years. She was also pregnant during that period and life was very hard for her. Her sister introduced her to Emmanuel TV and invited her to watch with her. When Prophet T.B. Joshua began the viewer’s prayer, she prayed along and touched the screen of the TV. She suddenly felt vibrations all over her body. The following morning, she received a phone call from a subcontractor at the American Embassy that she should come to the embassy for an interview. She was worried about her appearance because she was nine months pregnant and would be interviewing with smart, well-dressed ladies. After the interviews, they were all leaving the embassy together. As she walked out with the smart-looking ladies, she received a phone call that she should quickly come back inside the embassy. As she entered, they congratulated her and told her that she had the job! She started work the next day and after working for only 6 days, the embassy told her they were sending her to Spain to deliver her baby, at their own expense. She spent one month in Madrid, delivered her baby and returned to the job they kept for her while she was gone. After some months of work, she was able to build a five bedroom house for her and her child in Equatorial Guinea. She testified that this was a major miracle in her life as previously, she was living in a one-room stick house. She also began construction on a house in Nigeria and showed photos of her two houses and the car she owns in Nigeria.




A visitor to The SCOAN from Malawi was addicted to drinking alcohol for 10 years. She could drink up to 24 bottles of alcohol a day. She began watching Emmanuel TV and one day, decided to join Prophet T.B. Joshua in prayer through the screen of Emmanuel TV. She placed her hand on the screen during the prayer and suddenly began to vomit. Later that day, she tried to drink a bottle of alcohol. She was no longer able to stand the smell or taste and found herself vomiting again. Since that day, she has not had any drink of alcohol. The prayer she joined with Prophet T.B. Joshua took place four years ago and she has been free for that entire period of time!




A man addicted to eating soap and candles for seven years was also delivered in Jesus’ name by prayer from one of the wise men. According to him, he preferred eating these items to normal food.



As one of the wise men prayed for him, the evil spirit behind the addiction began to manifest and was cast out of his life in that powerful name of Jesus Christ. After the prayer, the wise man asked him to taste the candles and soap, as he did before. Upon tasting the soap, he spat it out and said it was meant for washing clothes, not eating. Upon taking candle in his hands and putting it to his mouth, he explained that he could not eat it as it was meant for bringing light to a dark place, not for consuming. Glory be to God, another captive of satan has been set free!




We witnessed the deliverance of a lady who was addicted to eating moulded cement blocks. This addiction caused her the spirit of anger. Anytime she was angry, the evil spirit would speak to her heart to destroy things. There was even a time the evil spirit drove her to take a knife and attempt to stab her brother. Her mother grabbed the knife from her and her plan was destroyed. Full of anger, she heard the evil spirit again speak to her to eat another portion of the moulded cement block to calm her down. This was how her mother discovered that she was addicted to eating moulded cement blocks.



As one of the wise men prayed for her, the chain that satan had used to connect her to himself was broken, in Jesus’ name. After deliverance, she attempted to eat moulded cement blocks but she immediately spat it out, stating that it was bitter and hurt her teeth. To God be the glory; she is delivered!
Fourteen year old Justin had led the life of a top pupil, always working hard to stay at the top of his class until the age of eleven when he was initiated into a secret cult in his school. He hungered for more evil powers which led him to many witch doctors who made several charms for him.



They also made incisions in his body where some of the diabolic powers were implanted. Justin Pius explained some of the charms inserted into him would allow him to slap a person and the person would not be able to get up, cause people to start eating grass until he used the charm in his foot to release them, allow him to hit someone and cause that area of their body to be torn open and become an open sore like cancer, to make demands for money or any other thing that would be granted and to be protected from bullets and blades. If he wore an occult ring, drew a gun on the floor and hit the drawing, a gun would physically appear and he would use it with his gang. He began robbing fellow students of their phones and valuables and then sold them in order to be able to buy cigarettes and alcohol. He was also fighting with his teachers and had begun to prepare charms for his fellow classmates and was looking forward to becoming a witch doctor.
When he came with his family to The SCOAN, Wise Man Harry was used by God to arrest and deliver the evil spirit out of the young man’s life in the name of Jesus Christ. The evil spirit confessed all its evil deeds and plans in Justin’s life and was then cast out in the name of Jesus Christ. Justin came out to testify with his family that the evil thoughts had left him since the deliverance and his desire now was not for charms or evil power but for a relationship with Jesus and a new pursuit of his educational career. Truly, Jesus Christ receives repentant souls. The worst of sins can be forgiven!




The power of God demonstrated throughout the services this weekend prompted all who witnessed them to lay their souls under God’s influences and operations, taking the best course to secure themselves and, as Wise Man John Chi admonished the congregation in his message on Palm Sunday, to “OBEY HIS INSTRUCTIONS”. In Matthew 21:1-3, Jesus did not send His disciples to look around for a donkey. The Bible says He sent His disciples to a particular one that was tied at a specific place. This was an instruction in righteousness, an instruction in power, an instruction in confidence and the disciples obeyed. Obeying God at first seems hard until we come to see that all He asks is for our good and makes life full and free. The way of obedience is the way of a bright future. Obedience is the only proof of our faith in Him.

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The Saturday and Sunday Live services on Emmanuel TV were as exciting to the viewers worldwide as they were for the congregation thronging the seats of The SCOAN Headquarters. Starting with a dynamic prayer line service, the five Wise Men went forth cloaked in the light of God’s purity and the fire of His Holiness to dispel every shade of darkness in the life of the congregation. Whether the darkness appeared in the form of sickness, disease, demonic oppression, poverty, setback, limitation and failure, when the light of God came on the scene, darkness had no hiding place. Just as it was during the earthly ministry of our Lord, Jesus Christ, everyone who received a touch from the Wise Men received a touch from Heaven with the anointing to break every yoke.


Wise Man Harry preached an encouraging sermon titled: The Road To Your Divine Destiny In which he exhorted the listeners to look unto Jesus Christ in times of testing to see them through their dark moments into the bright futures set before them in Christ Jesus. He said, “The road to your divine destiny is not a bed of roses. There will be trials, temptations and challenges. Joseph believed his dream. To protect our dreams, we must stop the language or the vocabulary of the victim. Before Joseph got to the position of honour, he suffered humiliation, rejection, embarrassment, temptation, false accusation, and so on. For you to be in a position of honour, you must experience the same thing. On the road to your divine destiny, you need a vision to stay on the right track. As a man of vision, no matter what constitutes the obstacles on your way, you can never be stopped.”


Prophet T.B. Joshua enlightened the congregation and viewers on how they could ‘bring Jesus onto the scene’ in his message titled, ‘Faith Comes Through The Word’. Mark 16:17, “In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues.” This Scripture is useless, baseless, until we act on it. Acting on the Word, brings Jesus on the scene. If you do not act on the Word, God is impotent in you. It is acting on the Word that builds faith in the believer. Jesus Christ preached the Word, healed the sick and broke the power of demons over men. Apostles preached the Word, the sick were healed and multitudes were recreated. To preach the Word means to preach Christ because Christ is the Word. John 15:16 “Whatever you ask the father in my name, I will do.” It’s not every time we say, in the name of Jesus we bring Jesus on the scene. Only faith pleases Jesus. Only faith brings Jesus on the scene. On the scene, means here, now. In our gathering here, if Jesus is involved, healing, deliverance takes place. By looking into the Word and acting on it, we bring Jesus on the scene.


Hundreds came forward eager to share the good news of what God Almighty had done in their lives through different mediums of the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, including the Anointing Water, Anointing Sticker, Emmanuel TV and those who had received prayer and prophecy from the man of God and the wise men. Here are some of the highlights:



Mrs Carine Virgine
A Cameroonian Health and Safety Officer in Dubai, Mrs Carine Virgine testified how distance was not a barrier to the real, authentic and forceful power of God. Despite all her qualifications, she was unable to secure employment. There were just four days left for her visa to expire and she would either be imprisoned or be forcefully repatriated to Nigeria according to the law in Dubai. She watched Emmanuel TV on the internet in Dubai and while praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua during the viewer’s prayer, she vomited out thick substances. A friend then came to visit her who had just left The SCOAN and gave her a bottle of the Anointing Water, telling her that if she believed, she would have her testimony within the next four days. She immediately ministered the Anointing Water.MRS. CARINE VIRGINE {CAMEROONIAN HEALTH & SAFETY OFFICER IN DUBAI}
The next day, a call came to her from a man who said her CV was before him and he had no questions for her other than if she was satisfied with the terms of the job she had applied for. He forwarded her CV to the Human Resources Department and she was invited for an interview. She was told to check her email box and discovered that a private jet was waiting to take her to Abu Dhabi, the Administrative Capital of the United Arab Emirates for the interview! She took the flight and committed the interview into the hands of God and the manager of the company even received her at the airport. To her further surprise, there was no interview at the end of the day. The interview was merely to show her round her new accommodation including a swimming pool, gym and restaurant on site! She is now appointed as the Health and Safety Officer of The Anatara Group Hotel Franchise, one of the biggest hotel chains in The Middle East. Her advice simply encouraged us all to truly believe in God and our prayers would be answered.








Mr Ignatius Ochiba

To some, diabetes has become a normal way of life. It is just something they have to put up with. But in the Ochiba family, diabetes was a silent killer. After two of Mr Ignatius Ochiba’s brothers had died of diabetes, his family was shaken at the stunning news that he had himself been diagnosed as a diabetic. Instantly, his health fell into decline, perpetuated by weakness, pain and fatigue in addition to sleeplessness and restlessness caused by the frequent urination accompanying the sickness. On being diagnosed with the same killer disease of diabetes, Mr Ignatius Ochiba decided immediately to come to The SCOAN where he received the Anointing Water. He gathered his family together. They prayed and he ministered the Anointing Water to the entire family, himself included. He went for a routine check up and was awaiting the results. He received a call from the doctor congratulating him and inviting him to the hospital. They showed him that his fasting blood sugar range had come back to normal level indicating that he was free from diabetes. Previously, he urinated frequently both day and night as a result of the diabetes but since ministering the Anointing Water, he slept soundly without any disturbance or rushing to the bathroom. The family curse of diabetes which had claimed the lives of two of his brothers came to a sudden end as God Almighty used the Anointing Water to break every chain of sickness the devil had used to connect this family to himself. He advised all that they should not allow their situation to mislead them because man’s condition does not change God’s position.




Mr Azuka Morah




This motorcycle dealer was down on his luck to say the least. His business was steadily going downhill until there was a terrorist attack in his state. After the bomb blast in his area, his shaky business became drastically worse. After going through the tension of securing a loan from his bank, putting up his house as collateral, he was further frustrated to the point where his loan even expired and his bank manager turned his back on him. After the loan expired, he still could not sell his products, occasionally selling a single bike in two weeks. He could not even pay his children’s school fees and his house was endangered for the now expired loans he had taken.  In the midst of his situation, a nephew encouraged him to come to The SCOAN to receive the Anointing Water. In faith, he came and received. He returned to his warehouse that was so full you could not even enter it and took photos as he knew his testimony was restored. In no time, a company he used to do business with bought all the motorcycles to the tune of 30,000,000 naira. He has settled the bank and has reclaimed his building – he is no longer a debtor and business is still going fine. He now has peace and can sleep well. His children who had to stop their education due to the problem the family was facing, are even schooling abroad now! Advising all and sundry, he said we should trust in the God of Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ for all we need to live for Him here and now.


Dennis Samuels

From the time he became a partner of Emmanuel TV, he had been praying for the grace to be a committed one. He was among a few of the privileged who received an Emmanuel TV badge. A prayer partner was also assigned to him – one of the wise men. Each time he had an issue, the wise man would pray with him and counsel him over the phone. In January, 2012, his company received an invitation for a big exhibition in Burkina Faso. He managed to raise funds with his entire staff and set off for his j

ourney to the exhibition. When at the airport, his phone rang. It was his prayer partner, the wise man. He asked him where he was going and Mr Samuels explained that his company was elected to be a part of a big exhibition in Burkina Faso. The wise man counselled him and advised him to go ahead, that God would go with him. In accordance with the words of the wise man, Mr Samuels’ company was the star of the three day competition in Burkina Faso, as God favoured his company. Everything happened as the wise man had told him and he was given an award for ‘The Best Hope In Computer Security’. DENNIS SAMUEL {EMMANUEL TV PARTNERSHIP -DIRECTOR GENERAL FOR A COMPUTER COMPANY}

In a subsequent phone call from his prayer partner, the wise man, asked him, “When last did you check your blood pressure?” He said, “Please, can you go and check it and call me back”. Mr Samuels said that he went to the nearest clinic to test his BP. He was shocked when the doctor  who had asked him to wait came back with a perplexed look on his face asking Mr Samuels how he had come, that his BP was not only high but at the crisis level! The doctor advised him against driving and wanted to hospitalize him. Mr Samuels called his prayer partner who told him that that was the reason he had called him. His prayer partner then proceeded to pray with him and within a week Mr Samuels’ BP was back to normal.

He advised that to be a partner of Emmanuel TV was not about having a partnership number, “You need commitment. God is monitoring your activity. Be consistent and sincere in what you are doing. God is the rewarder of all things!”



Mr Harrison Ugboh
He and his wife were separated. He got a call from his mother that his wife was in The SCOAN. He laughed over it because he did not believe in The SCOAN. His wife called later saying she wanted to see him at the church. So he came. Wise Man Daniel touched him during the service and that was all he could remember of his deliverance. He used to go to a river to fetch water as a child. He went, caught a fish and went to eat it. That was the River Ethiope. He noticed a fair lady sitting at the riverbank that day. He noticed cowries on the riverbed where she was, bent and picked them up. A similar fair lady came in his dreams and demanded for her cowries back.MR. HARRISON UGBOH {DELIVERANCE TESTIMONY--SPIRITUAL WIFE}He was a teenager then and in fear, he awoke, ran out of the house and threw them away. The spirit of the River Ethiope appeared to him the next day in a dream and said that she owned him. Since then, she came in his dreams and he started having serious wet dreams. He would see her physically and if she wanted to come, she came with a cold presence and no matter what he was doing, he would have to look up and they would make love. His parents started suspecting him of being possessed and once found him on the floor crying and shouting where nobody else was.

This spiritual wife affected his life by addicting him to chatting with girls on the internet and giving him the spirit of lust to womanize. His career and business were also destroyed by the malicious spirit. One such instance occurred when a lady came to his travelling business and paid 300,000 towards travelling to the United Kingdom. As the money entered his account, his business folded up over the following weeks. Each time he was about to get somewhere in a business, the spiritual wife would come into his dreams and tell him that that business was dead. Every time the spiritual wife killed a business, she would give another idea for businesses which would immediately catch on until the evil spirit again would crush the business.

The spiritual wife was extremely jealous of him and any woman who came near to him, would face immediately attacks. There was a terrible case where a girl who stayed with him during his school times, started bleeding in her brain which stopped immediately she moved out from the same house as him. The spiritual wife then led to separation from his wife.

So, when he came to The SCOAN and was delivered through Wise Man Daniel, life changed entirely. The affection for his wife was fully restored and he had peace as the spiritual wife and wet dreams then became a thing of the past. While he was still at The SCOAN for a week, he got a call that he should come back to his state for an urgent parcel. The man of God said he should attend to it and when he did, he found that it was a document which he had not applied for but offering him a contract with AGIP oil company to the tune of $200,000 which was an equivalent of 38,000,000 naira. That was not the only breakthrough he received. He was also able to join partners to his company who landed a massive project for the three of them to supply over 100 million units of their oil product of which the proceeds would be shared between the three of them at the rate of 1 naira per unit! His advice was to encourage parents to be conscious of their little children and not to allow them to pick things up off the floor and that people should not wait for their case to get as bad as his, come to a living Church where the Holy Ghost was in control, Jesus Christ is waiting to receive them.




Miss Seeafahu Okoro
The man of God replayed a video of a prophecy he had given to a woman the previous week where he asked her who Lawson was. The prophecy had revealed that she went to Europe where she did prostitution. After showing the video, the woman who was present in the service said that the man the prophecy concerned, Lawson, was introduced to her by her sister. He had promised to take her to Europe to work in a bar and wash plates. So, they went to a herbalist to make a covenant by taking hair from her private parts, armpits and blood from her forehead that she would have to pay him 50,000 euro after she started working in Europe, to which she agreed. MISS SEEAFAHU OKORO {DADDY'S PROPHECY--WHO IS LAWSON}The man then slept with her before taking her to the airport to travel. When she got to Europe, she was surprised that the man gave her some sexy clothes and told her to work on the street as a prostitute. She was taken by 6 men on the first night and from there, slept with between 40 and 50 men every day over the next two years before she finally paid the money. She fell mysteriously sick and the hospital told her that her kidney was damaged and needed to be removed before it affected the other kidney and could become fatal. She had to undergo surgery and was left with only one kidney. She was repatriated to Nigeria when she cried out to her embassy and returned to Nigeria with nothing. She came to The SCOAN and received the word of prophecy that delivered her from this past life of pain and disgrace. The man of God said it was a lesson to many, that it is not where you are but what you are. “No continent can change you if you are not ready to change.” He said.

next two years before she finally paid the money. She fell mysteriously sick and the hospital told her that her kidney was damaged and needed to be removed before it affected the other kidney and could become fatal. She had to undergo surgery and was left with only one kidney. She was repatriated to Nigeria when she cried out to her embassy and returned to Nigeria with nothing. She came to The SCOAN and received the word of prophecy that delivered her from this past life of pain and disgrace. The man of God said it was a lesson to many, that it is not where you are but what you are. “No continent can change you if you are not ready to change.” He said.





Mrs Amaka
She started by asking for forgiveness from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, stating she had blasphemed and said so many bad things, spreading rumours against T.B. Joshua and his ministry with the intention of destroying him and his ministry. “Every evil thing you could think of, I said it against him” she said.When she was young, she craved power. A spirit entered her and she saw herself always on top. When she went to university, she joined a female cult where she became the ‘number one’ in that cult. She took girls on the campus for initiation. She used to take the girls to a forest under the pretense that they were going to a party. She had a hundred powers she collected from a witch doctor and said “The more you looked at me, the less you would see me”. Once she raised her hand and said something, people would abide by whatever she said. She would consult a herbalist who would clear the coast for her any time her cult planned to do an initiation in the forest. The code was that they would wear a black bra. They would tie their eyes and she would bring the prepared concoction. She would bring out a razor and force the girls to take an oath during the initiation to take their blood. She would put the blood in the concoction and tell them to drink it which would make them high. After the initiation, the power would tell them the evil things they should do.

She said the day she started spreading a film blaspheming T.B. Joshua, that was the day things turned against her. She left school and got married but the curse on her life remained. A friend told her about the testimonies on Emmanuel TV. She went home and had a dream about T.B. Joshua, in which the man of God told her she should ask God for forgiveness, that she had sinned against the Holy Ghost. She began watching Emmanuel TV after which she came to The SCOAN and received her deliverance through Wise Man John Chi. She said she encountered Jesus that day through the prayer of Wise Man John Chi. She stated there was no gain in joining secret cults.


Denise, a 28 years old who was brought up in the USA said she never knew that the devil had so much control over her life until she was set free at The SCOAN.

Her mother was a drug addict – at two months old, her mother gave her to her aunt in America who was unable to have children at the time. When her aunt had her own biological child, then she started maltreating her. The authorities heard of it and locked up her aunt. Later, her aunt decided to send her back to her mother but at this time, Denise did not know that the woman she had grown up with was her aunt and not her mother. She was deceived that she was going to Chicago to stay with her favourite uncle but found herself in Freetown, Sierra Leone. After this, she was to board a flight to Liberia, unbeknown to her, to meet with her mother for the first time. When she was about to arrive, they said there was a war on in Liberia and they could not enter the country at that time. Then she was taken care of by the flight hostesses until there was a ceasefire and they could enter.

Another lady saw her when she was crying in the airplane and started talking to her about Liberia where she was going. As soon as they got to Liberia, the war started again. Denise’s only clue as to where she was going was to find a lady called Gloria who she was going to be staying with. When she found Gloria, she said, she was told to take Denise to her biological mother. She had not been able to find her because the mother was always taking drugs and high. When they finally found her mother, the mother was dirty, smelly and carrying a newborn child. For a while however, she enjoyed the motherly love she had never had for the next three days. On the third day, her mother told her that she had to grow up now; this was not America. Her mother then started using her to get money by leaving her with men and it was just the grace of God she said that none of them ever raped her as the deal had been between them and her mother.

To escape from her mother, she found a rich boyfriend who was into and introduced her to drugs, smoking and drinking. But when the war restarted again, the man gave her money and fled. So, she also tried to flee and got to Ghana. In Ghana, she was wasting her money on her drug habit and when she got high on drugs, she would start singing. A day came when she tried singing at a Karaoke Bar, and the owner liked her voice so much, they employed her to be singing there. That was her first job. So, she started building up a new life again. She auditioned for MTN Project Fame and got to seventh place, whereas there were only five winners. The Project Fame organization did however give her a $2,000 prize with which she got her first apartment for two years. So, she realized that competitions were the only way she would be able to make clean money without sleeping with people. There were several older men who offered her help for sex which although she didn’t want to, she had no option as her money was all gone. After sleeping with such men, not one of them could fulfil their promise.

She got seriously sick and then, became suicidal. She tried to kill herself three times but someone would always come in and save her at the last minute. One of her friends said he would take her to The SCOAN and as she was wondering if it was another spiritualist or ‘juju man’, he said, ‘‘No, I am taking you to God.’’ She said, “Okay, if it is not God, after this, I am leaving this earth because I am tired”.

The road was rough and the devil really opposed her coming to The SCOAN, even making her to fight the man that tried bringing her to the church but in the end, she got to The SCOAN and received the deliverance she had never even dreamed of. Now, she is happy, delivered and free from all her addictions. She wants to give her life to Christ and asked Prophet T.B. Joshua for advice and instruction for her future.

What more can we say? Lives are changing, nations are changing and the world is changing through the Gospel of Jesus Christ on Emmanuel TV. Continue to be a part of it as you stay tuned and stay connected anywhere you are – distance is not a barrier.

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The SCOAN Saturday and Sunday services were packed as usual to capacity with huge overflow crowds in the facilities outside the church auditorium. Worshippers from all over the world came, eager to see the power of God working in the Spirit to expose the kingdom of darkness and set multitudes of captives free through Prophet T.B. Joshua and the five Wise Men.


The SCOAN Saturday service started with the wise men ministering praying to the people in Jesus’ name at the prayer line and it was clear that each wise man was energized by God to break the grip of satan and his agents off the lives of the people.



Prophet T.B Joshua gave some dynamic words of wisdom during the Saturday and Sunday services and said that those who humble themselves under God have taken the right course to secure themselves.TBJ


He said that joy is a fruit of faith and that joy is something only believers have, while the world may have happiness which they find in the environment around them. He further said, “If your hands are full of money and your brain full of information but your heart is empty, your life is very empty.”



Wise Man Racine gave a thought provoking message during the Sunday service title: ‘A Heart Decision’, the proof text being taken from John 17:16. He started the message by saying that in Christ, challenges and opposition are part and parcel of greatness, stressing that the road map to future greatness is not a bed of roses. He said, “No one can grow without challenges and opposition.” WISEMAN RACINE


He asked what lessons could we learn from the heroes of faith in the Bible like Job, Hannah, Zacchaeus, and the poor widow in Mark 12:42-44,  who took advantage of their opposition?


  1. Their victory started within them with a heart decision
  2. They had room in their hearts to bless God even when He takes away.
  3. They took a heart decision to honor God in their trials and God blessed them through their trials


Wise Man Racine further explained, “We overcome by keeping our purpose, our vision and our mission in the forefront of our mind.” He ended his message by saying that when we begin to have a heart decision, our life will begin to change.


The following faith building testimonies were given during the services by people from different walks of life to acknowledge and thank our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for His mercy and favour:



Mr Linus Ejike, a young footballer, developed severe chest pain which crippled his sporting career and rendered him unable to train with his teammates. Weakened and in constant internal pain, he went to the hospital and was tested and diagnosed to have heart failure. The diagnosis surprised the doctors, as he was an active young man and had previously been healthy.  After months of taking treatment, the situation continued to deteriorate to the point where he was a shadow of his original self. It was at this low point of his life that he came to The SCOAN to receive the Anointing Water, knowing that his problem had gone beyond the power of nature and required divine intervention. He prayed, in Jesus’ name, ministered the Anointing Water all over his body. As he ministered it, Mr Ejike felt a supernatural strength returning to his frail body. Revitalised and renewed, he decided to go back to the hospital for a test. The doctor tested and confirmed that the heart was now functioning perfectly. The young footballer testified that he has now returned to the field of play and is healthier than ever before! He held up two medical reports showing his condition before and after the healing, medical proof of his miraculous recovery. To God be the glory!MR. LINUS EJIKE {FOOTBALLER HEALED OF HEART DISEASE-AW}



Mr Buba heard the Prophecy For Individuals in 2013, delivered by Prophet T.B. Joshua during the New Year’s service, stressing that agriculture was an anointed business for 2013 . At that time, he was very poor and was struggling to take care of his children. He decided to go into farming, based on the words from the man of God. After purchasing the seeds, he prayed and sprayed the Anointing Water on them before planting. To everyone’s great surprise, at harvest time he reaped extremely large yams. Displaying some of the tubers of yam in the church, he advised all to trust in Jesus Christ for their breakthrough.MR. BUBA {LARGE YAMS -AW}



Mrs Okonkwo was faced with a desperate and dire predicament. She had been barren for 13 years and nightly experienced strange spiritual attacks where a man would sleep with her. This experience was followed by lack of affection for her husband, resulting in constant quarrels and fights in the house. The marriage was at the verge of breaking when the couple decided to visit The SCOAN, having exhausted their efforts moving around hospitals and spiritualists. Medically speaking, her husband was diagnosed to have a low sperm count as well as an infection. Upon arriving at The SCOAN, the couple were privileged to receive the Anointing Water. Upon returning home, they ministered it together in Jesus’ name, believing that God would replace their barrenness with fruitfulness. The first sign of the deliverance was that Mrs Okonkwo began to sleep soundly, not plagued by the constant demonic attacks. Peace and unity began reigning in the house and affection was miraculously restored between husband and wife. One month after her visit to The SCOAN, Mrs Okonkwo experienced some strange stomach cramps, prompting her to visit a hospital. To her greatest surprise, she was confirmed to be pregnant! She proudly showed her pregnancy to the congregation, testifying that God used the Anointing Water to wrought a mighty miracle in her life and marriage. Her tears of barrenness have been wiped way!2



Mr Opuofeni Esanmabeke, a Director of Social Planning & Drama Director in Delta State, Nigeria came to The SCOAN with a powerful testimony of breakthrough in his life and career. Mr Esanmabeke was gifted as a writer and playwright but constantly encountered disappointment at the point of breakthrough. He had penned a book twenty years ago but all efforts to see it published proved abortive. Realizing that he was caught up in a cycle of backwardness and limitation, he decided to visit The SCOAN and was privileged to receive the Anointing Water on December 31st 2011. From the day he ministered the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name, miraculous breakthrough began unfolding in every department of his life!MR. OPUOFENI ESANMABEKE {PLAY PUBLISHED AFTER 20 YEARS}


First, his unpublished play written 20 years ago was published after financial empowerment miraculously came. Thereafter, he submitted one of his publications to the Delta State Government and it was approved to be printed as an essential item in every Secondary School of the State for students to study. Lastly, an associate of his blessed him with a brand new jeep, the picture of which he happily showed to the congregation. Indeed, he has been lifted from the bed of poverty, stagnancy and backwardness!



After eight months of pregnancy, Mrs Alika Collins was given some terrible news. Her baby had died prematurely in her womb. Two different hospitals had confirmed the tragedy and counseled her to immediately go for an operation to remove the dead baby. However, these desperate circumstances triggered her desperate faith. Refusing to be discouraged upon hearing this news, she rushed to The SCOAN where she was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. She ministered the Anointing Water and then returned to the same hospital which had confirmed her baby to have died. She authoritatively told the doctors that the baby in her womb was alive, contrary to their diagnosis.MRS. ALIKA COLLINS [DEAD BABY DELIVERED ALIVE -AW}


She felt labour pains and began pushing even in the midst of the doctors skepticism, believing God that a miracle was about to unfold. The doctors reluctantly assisted her, expecting to see the lifeless baby come out. To their greatest shock, the baby emerged crying and full of life! Dumbfounded, the doctors reassessed their initial checks and could find no medical explanation for how the lifeless baby had resurrected in the womb of Mrs Collins. Even her husband testified that he never expected the baby to live but rather sent his wife to The SCOAN just to satisfy her desperation. Mrs Alika proudly showed her baby to the world, saying that she had named her ‘Emmanuella’ in honour of the Anointing Water that God used to restore her life. What a God we have to worship; what a Son we have to praise; what a future lies before us!





Mr Orobosa Aryudu had poor vision for 20 years. Doctors told him that he would wear spectacles for the rest of his life. He was not able to read or drive without his glasses and had even gone through four sets of glasses in five months.  He was very frustrated and discouraged but after seeing what God Almighty was doing in the lives of the people, he came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. By faith, he ministered the Anointing Water directly into his eyes in Jesus’ name. The following day, his final pair of glasses broke and he realized that God was encouraging him to step out in faith and receive his healing. The next day he woke up and realized his vision was clear and he was not wearing glasses. He went about his daily activities for the first time in 20 years without using glasses! He can now read, drive and do all other activities without the use of his glasses and even read a portion of a sermon to the congregation to prove that he is completely free from myopia. Glory be to God!MR. OROBOSA ARYUDU {HEALED OF MYOPIA-NO LONGER USING A PAIR GLASSES}



Mrs Jane Linch from Zimbabwe had the problem of a spiritual husband that tormented her.  The evil attacks she was experiencing in her dreams resulted in her facing severe financial difficulties and disappointments. She explained that the evil spirit had destroyed not only her marital life but also her relationships with her friends and family. She said she was married twice and that the first marriage had ended in divorce and her second in the death of her husband. She said that after meeting the strange man in her dreams, a few days later, her business would crumble. She also said that she had borrowed all the money she had to the value of $52 000 to a woman she knew very well. The woman promised to return the money within eight months but when the time came, she refused to return the money and kept giving Mrs Linch one excuse or the other.MRS. JANE LINCH {DELIVERED FROM  SPIRITUAL HUSBAND & $52,000 RETURNED}


In the midst of this desperate situation, Mrs Linch was introduced to Emmanuel TV. She saw how God was delivering many people from the same problem of spiritual husband she was facing. The testimonies encouraged her and she said to herself that if the Anointing Water had changed the lives of millions of people, her case would not be an exception. She came to The SCOAN and was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. She prayed and ministered the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name and received instant deliverance from the spiritual husband, as that night she slept peacefully for the first time in many years. She joyfully told the congregation that she no longer saw the strange man in her dreams after ministering the Anointing Water. Mrs Linch returned to Zimbabwe and to her greatest astonishment, the woman she had borrowed the $52,000 to, called her and told her that she had paid all the money she owed her into her bank account. From that day forward, the blessings continued to roll in as the spirit behind her setback had been sent packing!  She is now blessed with a booming business of importing maize. Glory be to God!



Mr Eze Meletus from Enugu, Nigeria was in his shop one day when he started having severe stomach pain. When he got home later that day, he started vomiting. Alarmed and in pain, he rushed to the hospital and the doctor’s said that they had to do an emergency operation. When they operated him, they discovered that Mr Eze had a ruptured appendix that had burst and rotted inside him. After the operation, he was discharged from the hospital but his stomach started to swell like a pregnant woman and he had to be rushed back to the hospital for yet another operation. After the second operation, he was once again discharged from the hospital but to his greatest dismay, his stomach swelled up yet again. The doctor told him that a third operation had to be performed. Hopeless and with great sadness, he asked his brother to get the Anointing Water for him before the third operation was to be performed. He prayed and ministered the Anointing Water on his stomach in Jesus’ name and instantly, his swollen stomach started to go down moments before the third operation was performed. The doctors were shocked and asked him what happened. He explained to them that he had used the Anointing Water and the doctors praised God and told him that they did not believe that he would survive. He was immediately discharged from the hospital without having to undergo the third operation and within one week was completely healed. He testified that he no longer experiences any pain or swelling and is now strong and healthy. He also showed his before and after medical reports stating that had a ruptured appendix and another showing that he is now completely healed. He advised people to have faith in God and believe that He can do all things.MR. EZE MELETUS  {HEALED FROM RUPTURED APPENDIX}


Mr Eze shared yet another testimony explaining that his wife Mrs Eze Meletus used to have miscarriages and had a hormonal imbalance. He said that they prayed and ministered the Anointing Water to Mrs Meletus in Jesus’ name believing that God will take control and after meeting as husband and wife, to their greatest excitement, Mrs Meletus got pregnant. She is now seven months pregnant and proudly showed her pregnancy to the congregation. Glory be to God! Miscarriages are a thing of the past thanks to the Anointing Water.




Mrs Mary Akinola and her twin daughters came to The SCOAN to thank God for saving their lives. Mrs Akinola explained that they used the Anointing Water as if it were perfume and sprayed it on themselves every night before going to bed and every morning before going out. When spraying the Anointing Water, they would pray and ask God for His divine protection on their lives. One morning, she ministered the Anointing Water as usual and went to the market to buy goods to trade with. Upon returning from the market in a small bus with two other people and her goods, they experienced a terrible accident. She woke up and found herself outside a burning bus. With great horror, she watched as the final pieces of the bus burned to ashes with the two other people still inside. Miraculously, she was the only one who survived the ghastly accident. She further testified that her handbag and everything in it was burnt in the fire from the accident but to her greatest astonishment, the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker which she had stuck on her Bible and kept in her handbag, were not burnt at all.MRS. MARY AKINOLA & TWIN DAUGTHERS {SAVED FROM A BURNING CAR & TWINS FROM KIDNAPPERS}



Mrs Mary Akinola’s twin daughters shared their own testimony of how God had saved them through the Anointing Water. The sister’s confirmed what their mother had earlier said that as a family, they would pray and minster the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name before going out in the morning. One morning, they were on their way to school and entered a bus not knowing that it was full of kidnapped victims. They explained that when they entered the bus, they noticed that everyone was silent with serious facial expressions. When the bus passed their bus stop without stopping, the conductor told them that it was a ‘kidnapper bus’ and they had just been kidnapped. They started praying aloud to Jesus Christ – the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to save them. As they shouted, ‘Emmanuel!’ the bus conductor immediately turned and asked them whether they were from T.B. Joshua. They said yes and the conductor started shouting that he could see fire and instantly instructed them to leave the bus. That was how they were saved from kidnappers!



Mr Theophilus Danjuma had been addicted to using snuff for 20 years. In an hour, he could take it twice. It cost him a lot of money and when there was no money, he would sell his property to buy it. He could not sleep without taking snuff and had to take it first thing in the morning. He would even close his shop early in order to buy snuff. He saw many people delivered on Emmanuel TV from various similar addictions. That strengthened his faith and he borrowed money to come to The SCOAN. He bought more snuff in Lagos on his way to the church but when he entered the church, he forgot that he had snuff tobacco with him. He received the Anointing Water and prayed with it, in Jesus’ name. Instantly, the urge for snuff disappeared. He threw away the snuff he had bought and is completely delivered from the addiction to snuff. He could not eat after taking the snuff previously but now, he can eat. He is a healthy man now and has put on weight. He promised to serve the Lord with dedication because of what God had done for him. Advice: The Anointing Water is fire, in Jesus’ name and people should trust in the power of God to deliver them, just as God used it to deliver him!MR. THEOPHILUS DANJUMA {20 YRS SNUFF ADDICTION}



Mr Anakpe had no source of income and was jobless when he came to The SCOAN. He received the Anointing Stickers for a house and car by faith regardless of the fact that he did not own anything at that point in time. He said that he had faith that God would bless him through the Anointing Stickers because Prophet T.B. Joshua had said that even if you did not own a car or a house, if you take the Anointing Stickers by faith, you will become a car and house owner.MR. ANAKPE {CAR OWNER THROUGH ANOINTING STICKERS} Mr Anakpe believed what the man of God said and took the Anointing Stickers by faith believing that he soon would be a proud owner of a house and car. When he returned home, he told his friend that the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua had given him a house and a car. His friend congratulated him and asked where the house and car was; when he showed him the Anointing Stickers, his friend thought he was joking and laughed at him. Mr Anakpe was not moved however by his friend’s unbelief and within no time after receiving the Anointing Stickers, he got a job and was able to purchase his first car. He showed the congregation a photograph of his new car with the Anointing Sticker proudly stuck on its back window. He advised everyone to have faith in God’s power.



A video was replayed showing Alphonsus Ugan who had developed a terrible skin disease all over his body. The disease had been with him for over 8 years. As a result, he had to stop school. Because of the smell, he could not be in a public place or with his friends.2The fungal infection escalated and the doctors transferred him from hospital to hospital without a solution. Alphonsus was brought to The SCOAN by his mum and placed on the prayer line. He said that when Wise Man Daniel prayed for him in The SCOAN Prayer Line, it felt as if something left him and instantly, the pain disappeared. Within just three weeks, the terrible disease had cleared up and he was able to return to all normal activities expected of a teenager. Completely healed, he has since gone back to school. The doctors who treated him were shocked at his miraculous recovery and said that what was medically impossible, God had made possible.HEALING


Alphonsus is now studying political science at the university and is one of the best students in his class. He showed the now perfectly restored glowing skin on his hands, legs and feet to the congregation with only a small scar on his right leg to remind him of what God had done for him. He also showed everyone that he can now wear shoes, which he could not do before. Alphonsus advised people to believe in the Mighty Healer, Jesus Christ because nothing is impossible for God and that He alone can heal all types of diseases.2 (2)


Alphonsus’s mother also spoke and said that four specialist German doctors had told her that they did not know what to do because they had given her son the strongest medication for the problem with no effect. She said that her son’s condition affected her so much that she even lost her job as a civil servant because all her attention was on caring for her son, Alphonsus.1 (2)She explained how she had to carry him to The SCOAN on her back because walking was a grueling and painful task for him. She said that immediately after the prayer from Wise Man Daniel at The SCOAN Prayer Line, the dead infected skin on her son started to fall off his body and within three weeks, he was completely healed. She advised everyone not to lose hope or limit God and said that when God touches you through His servants, you will be healed and restored in Jesus’ name.3



Mr. Patrick Benson came to The SCOAN unable to walk without a walking stick. After armed robbers viciously attacked him, he sustained a horrific injury on his foot after the robbers opened fire on him. A bullet ripped through his foot, leaving a gaping wound. Escaping with his life, he was rushed to the hospital where doctors recommended an immediate amputation of his foot due to the severity of the wound.2


Mr Patrick refused to undergo such operation and began desperately searching for solution. However, the condition of his foot kept deteriorating and the wound kept widening.1After exhausting efforts moving around both conventional and unconventional hospitals and herbal homes, a friend recommended he come to The SCOAN. Hobbling painfully into the prayer line, fully dependent on a walking aid, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Mr Benson in the power of the Holy Spirit.healingImmediately he began to walk as he threw the walking aid away and placed weight fully on his foot for the first time since the robbery incident. He returned to The SCOAN to testify that since receiving prayer, the wound on his foot completely closed and covered over, enabling him to return to work and continue his daily activities freely!3Within just a week, he returned to the doctors who were astounded by the speedy recovery and said he no longer needed to go for the amputation. Hallelujah!7



Last week Sunday, we listened to Ms Chinonye Ubochi who said that she was pregnant but that the man who impregnated her rejected the pregnancy. As a result, she said she had wanted to sell her baby for 250,000 naira. She stated that she had already negotiated the said price for her unborn baby with a particular woman who was waiting for her to deliver. She said that she had told her mother about her intentions to sell her unborn baby and that her mother had said that she should do whatever was in her mind because her mother was already taking care of her other child and the familywere not financially capable of caring for another. She wanted to sell the baby because she did not have a job or any source of income. Prophet T.B. Joshua said Ms Ugochi needed deliverance as it was an evil spirit that pushed her to even contemplate such a inhumane act, promising that the ministry would provide scholarships for the unborn baby and her other child. Later in the service that day, she was prayed for in the power of the Holy Spirit by one of the wise men and delivered in Jesus’ name.MS. CHINONYE UBOCHI & MOTHER {UNBORN BABY FOR SALE}


During this week’s Sunday service, Ms Chinoye Ugochi shared her testimony and explained that she used to have evil attacks at night and had two pregnancies including the current one, from two different men who had each rejected the babies. She said that after her deliverance, she has been sleeping well and no longer experiences nightmares. Chinoye’s mother also thanked God for delivering her daughter. Chinoye was given a cash gift of 300,000 naira for her children’s scholarships from Prophet T.B Joshua and The Emmanuel TV Partners as well as four bags of rice and a copy of The Mirror. They rejoiced and thanked God for His mighty provision and restoration.



Mr & Mrs Steven Eze, Nigerians residing in South Africa came forward to share their touching testimony. During last week’s service, Mrs Ifeoma Eze was delivered from an evil spirit that had threatened to destroy their young marriage. The evil spirit had caused constant fraction in the marriage, leading to no affection and regular contemplation of separation. Mr Eze described living with his wife before her deliverance as being hellish, stating that it was as if she was a robot programmed to irritate him. Before their marriage, he was a thriving businessman living comfortably but since getting married, he stated that it was like someone pointed a remote control at him and pressed ‘pause’ as all his business investments and contracts ground to a halt. It was only after installing Emmanuel TV in their home that the couple began to realize the spiritual element to their marital problem and resolved to visit The SCOAN together.MR & MRS STEVEN EZE {DELIVERED FROM SPIRITUAL HUSBAND}


Mrs Eze testified that since her deliverance last week, she had slept peacefully without being tormented by a strange watery man in her dreams. She further stated that it was as if her eyes were opened after deliverance and she saw her husband’s handsomeness for the first time! Mr Stephen thanked God for his wife’s deliverance, explaining that even in the short period after her deliverance, he has seen huge changes in her attitude and relationship with him. The couple advised people to watch Emmanuel TV and attend a living church for deliverance if they realize they are facing a problem which is spiritual in origin.



Mrs Amos came to The SCOAN in August 2012 knowing that her marriage was in a rocky period. She had not heard directly from her husband living in Malaysia for nearly three months and he had sent a text message to her sister that he was no more interested in the marriage. Arriving at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua located her in a word of prophecy, stating that he saw separation in her marriage but that she should not cry as her husband would return from abroad to apologize to her and reconcile. As Divine providence would have it, Mr Amos was watching the prophecy live and direct in a different continent and time zone in Malaysia. MR & MRS AMOS  {PROPHECY RECONCILIATION}He had already made up his mind to quit the marriage and told his friend that the only person in the world who could restore their relationship was Prophet T.B. Joshua. Shocked to see the accurate prophetic message, Mr Amos called his wife, forgave her for the past issues they were facing and asked for forgiveness for his previous actions. He testified that since that reconciliatory act, his business in Malaysia began booming miraculously. Upon returning to Nigeria, he went straight to meet his wife and they have been together since. He stated that before the prophecy, he was a womanizer and used to go out late at night with friends to smoke and drink. However, since the prophecy, he has been staying at home with his wife. Who else could bring about this reconciliation other than Jesus Christ!



Mr & Mrs John Gbasa from Nigeria and Mr & Mrs Benson from Ghana came to testify to the fulfillment of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophetic words. Mr John Gbasa heard Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophecy that the year 2013 would be a year in which agriculture and the food supply industry would boom. He immediately went into cocoa, cassava and plantain farming regardless of the fact that he had no knowledge or experience in farming or food supply. Within a short period of time, his agricultural business started booming and international companies started partnering with them. His company represented Nigeria in a Japanese food exhibition a week ago where there was a huge demand for his products from foreign customers.MR & MRS JOHN GBASA FROM NIGERIA, MR & MRS BENSON FROM GHANA { A  BOOMING FARM INDUSTRY AFTER DADDY'S PROPHECY FOR 2013}


Mr Benson the company director representing the company in Ghana spoke and said that within six months they had harvested a mighty harvest of plantain, cassava and cocoa which should have taken more than one year to achieve. They advised everyone to take the prophetic words from Prophet T.B. Joshua seriously and act according to God’s instruction.



A video was replayed of a pinpoint prophetic message Prophet T.B. Joshua gave to a couple during the course of last week’s service. The prophecy centered on a controversy over a child which had resulted into a serious marital crisis. Mr & Mrs Ben Emenari came forward accompanied by their first son, the child the controversy concerned. Mr Emenari explained that he travelled to Italy after his wife conceived their first son and only returned three years later. He was surprised to see that his son’s development was abnormal because all his other children were academically excellent and showed no such signs.MR & MRS BEN EMENARI & SON - PROPHECY- THERE IS A CONTROVERSY OVER A CHILD


The issue caused arguments between the couple as Mr Emenari began believing it was not his child and demanded for another son, even though they had initially decided not to have children again. He explained that as a result of this problem, he sent his family back to Nigeria while he continued living in Italy. Mrs Emenari spoke further to confirm the prophecy, explaining that medical doctors in Italy told her that there was a blockage in his brain that affected his growth. She said that the problem with their child really affected the marriage to the point where she almost left her husband due to the constant fights. The couple thanked God for the prophecy which reconciled the couple. Prophet T.B. Joshua said that he was going to join the family and pray for the child’s full recovery.



Mrs Okafor Omale came to The SCOAN for the first time last week and was surprised to receive a word of prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua while sitting on the gallery. Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that her senior brother was in grave danger due to a community clash close to he was doing his youth service. Mrs Omale came forward alongside her brother to testify to the accuracy of the prophetic message. Her brother, Mr Vincent, said that immediately he received the call from his younger sister, he left his vicinity and came straight to The SCOAN. Whilst in The SCOAN, one of his colleagues in the community he was serving in called him that during the course of that week, he was almost killed in that community by unknown gunmen.MRS. OKAFOR OMALE & BROTHER -PROPHECY-CALL YOUR BROTHER I SEE HIM BEING KILLED


Prior to that, there were serious clashes within the community that led to many deaths. Most of his colleagues rushed away from the community due to the severity of the clashes but he refused to leave and stayed behind. The crises continued to the point where most of the residents and all of the youth corp members in the community left but he was the only one that remained. He testified that God really used Prophet T.B. Joshua to save his life from certain death.  Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that the young man had a very bright future.



Prophet Ebenezer Gabriel was in The SCOAN last week with his wife when he had a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ. First of all, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to him in the service, asking of his father who had something to tell him and revealing that he went to a spiritualist which had adversely affected his life, despite his claim to have accepted Christ. Thereafter, as the Wise Men moved in the midst of the congregation, Wise Man John Chi prayed for Pastor Ebenezer and the evil spirit within him manifested, saying that it was an ancient altar over 250 years old that had destroyed his life and ministry with lust, anger and depression.PROPHET EBENEZER GABRIEL & WIFE {DELIVERANCE -ANCIENT ALTER}


Prophet Ebenezer explained that after attending Bible College, he was ordained as a prophet but still experienced severe demonic attacks emanating from the ancient shrine in his village that his family worshipped. The evil spirit that tormented Prophet Ebenezer gave him the spirit of lust, depression and anger. He said that after his deliverance, something that had been influencing him came out from him and he is now free. He feels light in his spirit and no longer has bad dreams.


His wife, Mrs Ebenezer explained how the spirit of lust had pushed him to watch pornography on the internet. His preoccupation with pornography left him with little time for his wife and also stopped him from reading his Bible and praying. She said that he especially loved watching pornographic images of large, fat women with fair complexions. She said that after his deliverance, he has started appreciating her and her marriage has been restored in Jesus’ name.



A video was replayed of how Mr David Parkotyuk from the USA received his deliverance some weeks ago through prayer from Wise Man Racine. He narrated his life story of how the evil spirit that possessed him caused him to live a life of hard drug addiction, stealing and fighting. He said that his destructive lifestyle led him to prison many times where he met hardened criminals. He explained how one day he had a argument with his father while David was yet again high on drugs and the evil spirit within him drove him to attack and attempt to kill his own father, if not for the fact that he was restrained and tied up in order to stop him from hurting himself and others around him. He was then taken to prison yet again and David sadly recounted how his life had become hopeless and how everyone around him had given up on him believing that he could not change. He narrated how his family had taken him to many places and churches in search of a solution but to no avail and he thought that coming to The SCOAN would yield the same fruitless results but that he had nothing to lose. To his greatest shock, David received a powerful deliverance when Wise Man Racine prayed for him during a service day. He said that after his deliverance, he is completely free and is eager to follow Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.  He thanked Prophet T.B. Joshua for mentoring and caring for him physically and spiritually. Indeed, no one is hopeless whose hope is in Jesus Christ.



Twenty one year old Mary-Jean Nleya from Botswana came to share her testimony with God’s people. She said that when she came to The SCOAN, she explained to the man of God that she did not have a father who could finance her education. Prophet T.B. Joshua told her that her father was Jesus Christ and that He would provide for her. She became a beneficiary of The SCOAN scholarship scheme sponsored by Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partner.MARY-JEAN--A FIRST CLASS LAW DEGREE FROM SOUTH AFRICA Prophet T.B. Joshua counseled her to pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on her. She studied diligently and the messages of Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV inspired her to remain focused amidst distractions from the world. To the glory of God, she obtained a distinction in law, equal to a first class result, and was picked from millions of students worldwide to undertake an internship at the world-renowned International Criminal Court at The Hague, Netherlands. She has also applied for a master’s degree at the Oxford and Cambridge Universities and The London School of Economics.


Remember, better is not good enough: the best is yet to come!

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Prophet T.B Joshua The SCOAN Saturday and Sunday services, which were watched by millions around the world, gave many hope and a new existence. God not only used Prophet T.B Joshua and the Wise Men to preach His Word but He gave being, that is life, to His Word. Here is a snippet account of what actually took place.






During The SCOAN Live Saturday Service, Prophet T.B. Joshua contributed to the faith of congregants and viewers worldwide as he gave a life-changing message on knowing the value of our situation. He said, “As a Christian, you must know the value of your trial. It is to prepare you. Trials are meant to strengthen you. But when you don’t know the value of your trial, you will complain. It was in the midst of situation that the Lord got me to the place where He could use me. You need to know the value of your trial. When you know the value, you praise the Lord. No one is ready-made before God got him. The Apostles in the Bible, none of them were brought from the palace. Once you know the value, you have overcome”.


WISE MAN CHRISTOPHEROn Sunday, Wise Man Christopher’s dynamic preaching left many with food for thought. In his message titled, “Man’s Judgement”, he said that man’s judgement is a judgement that is based only on what is seen, heard and on what the circumstances look like. This kind of judgement is limited and cannot understand God. When you base your judgement only on what is seen, heard and on what the circumstances look like, you have not looked deep enough to the heart. In Acts 16:16-18, if Apostle Paul had considered what the slave girl was saying, he would have been misled. In 1 Samuel 16:1-13, if Prophet Samuel had considered only the sizes, appearances and experiences of David’s brothers, he would have been misled to anoint the wrong person instead of David – a man after God’s own heart. The same thing could have happened to Ananias.  Acts 9:15, “But the Lord said to Ananias, ‘Go! This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles and their kings and to the people of Israel.’ ” If Ananias had actually considered only the past record of Saul, he would have not gone at the Lord’s instruction to pray for Saul who later became Apostle Paul, by the grace of God. These men were able to see things from God’s stand point because they acted with God. When you act with God, you will know God’s opinion about yourself and others. The summary of the message was clear, “As a child of God, look deep enough to the heart by focusing on what God says about the situation at hand”.

It was testimonies galore during the Saturday and Sunday services. Jesus Christ gave us plenty of evidence to believe in Him as testimonies of healing, deliverance and breakthrough seemed to be the order of the day. Testimonies were restored through the mediums of the Anointing Water, Anointing Sticker and His servant’s voice!


Rose Muller was a chronic drunkard for 40 years and was addicted to marijuana and cigarettes which she got involved with at the age of 14. She stated that it all started with the bad influence of friends. She would finish two bottles of alcohol a day. As an elderly woman of almost 60 years old, she would go to nightclubs, drink and dance the night away! She said that everybody knew her in the clubs. She would get so intoxicated from the alcohol that she would not even know how she got home from nightclubs. According to what people would tell her, colleagues would put her in a taxi which would take her home. ROSE MULLER She became well known among the taxi drivers in her area as a chronic drunkard.  She was deported from Germany as a result of her addictions as none of the required insurance companies would cover her because of her serious drinking habit. After administering the Anointing Water, she experienced a radical transformation and was set free from her smoking and drinking addictions. Her cousin confirmed that after praying and ministering the Anointing Water, Ms Rose no longer dances at clubs, drinks or smokes.

She advised people who had a similar problem to hers, “Run to Jesus and go to a living church. Smoking and drinking alcohol destroys your life. Jesus is the only way.”


Iyoyin Oritseweyimi is a young man who had been addicted to gambling for 20 years. Gambling had led him to stealing and committing adultery in order to get more money to gamble. He stole his brother’s car, sold it and used the money to gamble. He stole his friend’s generator to do the same. When he was looking for money and had nothing left, he would lie to his friends that he wanted to start a business; they would give him money and he would gamble it away. When he married, his wife had to shoulder the brunt of the costs as due to his gambling, he had no money in his bank account. As if that was not enough, his wife was also the one who rented and furnished their house. When she was not at home, he began selling the possessions in the house to continue gambling. He even sold his own wedding ring in his pursuit to continue gambling. But all this came to an end after watching Emmanuel TV at a friend’s house. After witnessing the transformative power of Jesus Christ, he decided to come to The SCOAN to receive the Anointing Water. He prayed and ministered the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name and was set free from his gambling addiction. He discovered that he no longer had the urge to gamble, steal or lie. What’s more, his friend who was also into gambling, on seeing the change in his life, also decided to quit gambling and he too was set free, by the grace of Jesus Christ through the Anointing Water.



SLYVIA  KARLSSON (2)Sylvia Karlsson from Ghana had a fracture of the tibia and fibula, rendering her unable to walk after an accident in which she was hit by a motorbike. This had put an end to all her normal activities and landed her in the confines of a wheelchair from which she could only venture, albeit in great pain and difficulty, with a pair of crutches and knee brace. She and her husband came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. They prayed together before ministering the Anointing Water back at their hotel after the service. She said that immediately she ministered the Anointing Water, she felt a difference and shouted that she was healed. She took off her knee brace, dropped her crutches and began to walk by herself for the first time in ages. Guests at the same hotel were astounded and asked her if she was not the woman they saw coming in with crutches. She showed pictures of how the condition was after the accident, before receiving the Anointing Water. She advised that with the power of God in the Anointing Water, all things were possible and that people should look up to God Almighty.



Twenty-one year old Cynthia and her sister, Faith got tired of their destructive and useless lifestyles. Enough was enough. They decided to take a different direction in order to achieve a different solution. That step was what brought them to The SCOAN. Cynthia stated that at the age of five, she had a spiritual husband who would make love to her in the dream. There, she would see herself as a princess in the sea. Following her experiences in the dream, in the physical, she began to live an immoral lifestyle, sleeping with different men. The men she slept with would tell her that she would appear to them in their dreams as a mermaid. When relationships with men started breaking down, she went to a spiritualist where she acquired spiritual powers.  She used the powers and charms she obtained to attract men and entered into a lifestyle of prostitution.

The powers caused her to steal, lie and sleep with men. She would first seduce them before sleeping with them in order to get money to fund her education. Then she would steal their money. The spirit would tell her where the men kept their money.  She said that she had locked one man in the bathroom after sleeping with him and then stole his money.  However, the money she would collect from men would mysteriously disappear. She said that the lifestyle affected her education. She would write exams but the results would always be cancelled and hence, she would not get admission into any university.


While doing prostitution, she also fell into the hands of some ritualists who intended to use her as a sacrifice. Fortunately, she made a narrow escape and decided to come to The SCOAN where she was prayed for by Wise Man Christopher. During the prayer, she received a mighty deliverance from demonic possession, in Jesus’ name. After her deliverance, she had a dream where she saw three snakes come out of her body. She chased them and they ran into a bush. Since her deliverance, she no longer has the urge to sleep with men, lie or steal. The ‘old man’ that once dwelled in Synthia has gone! Her advice: “God’s time is the best. God answers prayer; just wait for the appointed time.”


Faith entered prostitution at the age of 14. She said that her friend would introduce her to different men and they would go to nightclubs and negotiate how much men would pay them for sleeping with them. CYNTHIA&SIS (1)She went with her friend to a spiritualist who gave them charms that would attract men. After sleeping with men, she would regret her actions but was unable to stop. Her friends convinced her to join a cult where she was initiated and given a tattoo. She chose the tattoo of a dollar sign representing money, believing that as long as she had money, she would be alright in life. She also took a blood oath. The evil spirit behind her behavior also caused her to steal. When she would dance in nightclubs, men would fight over her. One day, she was captured by kidnappers who they took her to the bush with many others. There, she saw many different body parts lying around. They undressed her, left her in her underwear and started to price her along with others who were captured. An argument broke out among the kidnappers where she took the opportunity to escape. When she came to The SCOAN with her sister, Wise Man Christopher delivered her. She no longer has a desire to continue her previous immoral and destructive lifestyle, having been set free from the evil spirits that had possessed her, in Jesus’ name She advised people against living for satan and encouraged them to embrace Jesus Christ.



MRS ACHAIMrs Achai came forward to testify to the mighty deliverance she received in the course of last week’s service. She came all the way from America knowing that she needed divine intervention in the troubles in her life and family. Her case was very mysterious. She explained that she came from a family in South Sudan that worshipped an idol located in a river. The idol would regularly demand for sacrifices of various animals. However, according to the stories told her, the goddess of the river one day demanded that her great-great grandfather should give her his most priceless possession – his only daughter named Achai. He therefore threw his young daughter into the river and she disappeared instantly, never to reappear. For generations, the worship of this river continued. Every second daughter of the family was to be named Achai in reverence to the river.


As the second daughter of her parents, she also was given the name Achai. At age seven, she fell extremely sick to the point where she actually died. Her grave was prepared but she strangely recovered. Her guardians insisted she made a sacrifice to the river for the fact that her life was restored. Upon entering the river with a goat in hand, strange forces suddenly grabbed her legs and took her deep down underneath the water into another world where she witnessed many strange things. She saw people with the appearance and skin of fish moving around, as well as people who were half-fish, half-human. A young lady approached her in the watery kingdom and placed a bracelet round her leg, requesting that they swap places. Upon Achai’s refusal, she was pushed back up through the water and reappeared physically. She had been underwater for three whole hours; the bracelet she was given appeared with her!


Ever since that encounter, Achai realized that she had a number of strange powers. Any person who angered her would end up in trouble, as she realized that any word or curse she pronounced would come to pass. She also realized that she had the ability to foretell the future and would converse with dead people as their families carried them to the morgue. These strange powers isolated her from society, as well as destroyed her marriage and career. Her dreams were filled with people from the river trying to force her to take up responsibilities as a queen, something she kept refusing to do.


It was in the midst of these troubles that a friend introduced her to Emmanuel TV and she decided to visit The SCOAN with her elder brother from America.MRS       ACHAI&BROShe explained that as Wise Man John Chi approached her in the service, something within her suddenly told her to run away as fast as possible. However, the light of God overpowered the darkness in her life and she was completely delivered from the demonic spirit that had tormented her life and family for so many generations. She advised Emmanuel TV viewers around the world to follow Jesus Christ as the only Way, stressing that the spiritual world was real but the power of God superseded all demonic powers. Her brother also thanked God for his sister’s deliverance, stressing that their journey to The SCOAN was a miraculous one from the onset. He advised the congregation to put full trust in God. Hallelujah!



MONGOLIA LADY (2)Ms Sumiya and her children ran to The SCOAN a few weeks ago for refuge and protection. She explained that she was from Mongolia and that she had met a Nigerian man in China and followed him to Nigeria. She lamented that when she arrived in Nigeria, he started to beat her and lock her up in the house. She also explained that he took her passport from her and she had no way of returning to her country despite trying to contact her nearest embassy in Egypt. She said that upon seeing her suffering, her neighbours came together to give her money to come to The SCOAN to meet the man of God. During last week’s Sunday service, Prophet T.B. Joshua invited the man in question, the father of her children, to come to The SCOAN to explain his side, which he did.  Today, we listened to Ms Sumiya, the father of her children and his brother.


Ms Sumiya said that after Prophet T.B. Joshua had met and counselled them, she forgave the father of her children and his family for whatever they had done to her.She said that her decision however was to go back to her country, Mongolia with her two daughters. She also said that she would invite the father of the children to freely come and visit his children in Mongolia. She thanked Prophet T.B. Joshua for all he had done for them. She then showed copies of her and her children’s travel documents, which the man of God had helped them to obtain from the Mongolian embassy in Egypt, in order to travel back to her country.



We listened to Chinonye UbochiCHINONYE UBOCHI (1) who said that she was pregnant but that the man who impregnated her rejected the pregnancy. As a result, she said she had wanted to sell her baby for 250,000 naira. She stated that she had already negotiated the said price for her unborn baby with a particular woman who was waiting for her to deliver. She said that she had told her mother about her intentions to sell her unborn baby and that her mother had said that she should do whatever was in her mind because her mother was already taking care of her other children. She wanted to sell the baby because she did not have a job or any source of income. The man of God said that that was not the mind of God for their lives and that the ministry would provide scholarships for the unborn baby and her other children.





During the Saturday service, Mrs Titilayo Suleiman from Abuja, Nigeria received a prophecy from the man of God. Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to her that he could see a key that was used to lock something and that unless it was opened, nothing could go well. She initially denied that the prophecy was true but the following day, during the Sunday service, she apologized to the Holy Spirit for her dishonesty. She explained that the problems that brought her to The SCOAN were failure and disappointment in marriage. She expressed that some time last year, she was in a relationship with a man who had cheated on her. She said that she went to a spiritualist who took a padlock and locked it, stating that the man should never marry. The spiritualist locked the padlock and gave her the key, which she threw into the sea. She said that after that, her life had been in a state of confusion and that neither she nor the man, had married. The man of God said that both their marital lives had been locked by the spiritualist and that neither would be able to get married unless they were delivered and the padlock was unlocked. It was a lesson for all present to know the value of being sincere, open and honest in the presence of God.

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