there is a statistics that suggests that for

there is a statistics that suggests that for a lot of men,retirement is really a bad idea,lots of them die within arelatively short time of handing in their briefcase,they have ceased to swim against the current and get swept away.keep swimming little fish,keep swimming,try to see set back as a chance to improve,they make you stronger not weaker,you only get burdenened  with as much as you can carry,although i do appreciate that at times it may seem as if its a whole lot more,and of coursethe struggles dont come to am end,but there are lulls in between times-backwaters where we can rest for a while and enjoy the moments before the next obstacles get thrown our way.and thats what life is,what it is meant to be a series of struggles and lulls.and whatever situation you are in now,its going to change,so what are you in,lull or struggle,rain or going to the beach,learning or enjoying,dead fish or healthy salmon. 


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