My thoughts over the origin of our moral

My thoughts over the origin of our moral prejudices—for this polemical tract is
concerned about that origin—had their first brief and provisional expression in that
collection of aphorisms which carried the title Human, All-too Human: A Book for
Free Spirits, a book which I started to write in Sorrento, during a winter when I had
the chance to pause, just as a traveller stops, to look over the wide and dangerous land
through which my spirit had wandered up to that point. This happened in the winter
1876-77, but the ideas themselves are older. In the main points, they were the same
ideas which I am taking up again in these present essays. Let’s hope that the long
interval of time has done them some good, that they have become riper, brighter,
stronger, and more complete!
The fact that today I still stand by these ideas, that in the intervening time they
themselves have constantly become more strongly associated with one another, even
to the point of growing into each other and intertwining, that has reinforced in me the
joyful confidence that they may not have originally developed in me as single,
random, or sporadic ideas, but up out of common roots,


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