But basically even then the real concern for

But basically even then the real concern for me at heart was something much more
important than coming up with hypotheses about the origin of morality, either my
own or from other people (or, more precisely stated—this latter issue was important to
me only for the sake of a goal to which it was one path out of many). For me the issue
was the value of morality—and in that matter I had to take issue almost alone with my
great teacher Schopenhauer, to whom, as if to a contemporary, that book, with its
passion and hidden contradiction, addressed itself (for that book was also a “polemical
tract”). The most specific issue was the worth of the “unegoistic,” the instinct for pity,
self-denial, self-sacrifice, something which Schopenhauer himself had painted with
gold, deified, and projected into the next world for so long that it finally became for
him “value in itself” and the reason why he said No to life and even to himself.
But a constantly more fundamental suspicion of exactly this instinct voiced itself in
me, a scepticism which always dug deeper! It was precisely here that I saw the great danger to humanity, its most sublime temptation and seduction. But in what directi


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