Again to the present formational platform to which

Again to the present formational platform to which we all live and call home ,no matter the racial stereotypes, colour,sex and age no one amongst us can cal, another planet our home or may have once acclaimed that they once lived in another planet before earth ,earth therefore is the first and only planet which we are aware of and is known to fully support life and yes it does,now we know that earth as it is does support different life forms in the form of plants, animals and beings all coexisting on it declaring out supremacy to each other as to which life forms holds true knowledge behind our existence as a planetary body under a galaxy under which earth revolves known as the milky way, could this galaxial epitomy be the source of earths liveliness or the origin of earths elements that we thrive on,the rain falling,the sun shining,autumn,snow or the different land formations, boundaries between countries differentiated by both the lines of the equator,longitudinal bearings and latitudinal bearings all defined as a result of us revolving on this galaxy, the four axial points ,would i be that if earth belonged o another galaxy it would be different or we would look or appear differently,would it be that every living forms on earth be unique because of the milky way,could beauty,ugliness and. All, appearing forms be as a result of the milk way,I was presuming that if God was life itself how would our thoughts be directed would man be more cannibalistic or reformed ,or be driven by anarchial thirst that is insatiable and overwhelming,I have written on thoughts but even I am just self convinced And of no value or Importance for if man truly becomes aware of a single originated point don’t you think divisions spurred by racial idealism would be left behind.


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