as long as we look back and see where we went wrong and resolve not to repeat such mistakes,there is little else we need to do remember that any rules that apply to you also apply to evryone else around you,they are all getting older too,and not any wiser particularly,once you accept this,you will be more forgiving and kinder towards yourself and others,finally yes time does heal and things do get better as you get older,after all the more mistakes you have made ,the less likely that you will come up with new ones,the best thing is that if you get a lot of your mistakes over and done with early on in life,there will be less to learn the hard way later on,and thats what youth is all about,a a chance to make all the mistakes you can and get them out of the way

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cries of a cute one as they make there way through the urethral canal down out the vaginal opening into what i,ll call an invention,humble yes but the passage down the urethral is just a pigment and minute path that would span d beginig of anoda path that is not a coincidence to the previous one,it wont be the first nor would it be the last,pssages,tunneling would continue or would remain continuos,so goes another prologue in the ponderings,,lol.atangonistic referrandum and auditively patterned seeking knowledge or to see knkwledgable proofs that may conflict and contradict already existing,resultational proofs but out of growing inquisitiveness and to further place the missing links and resolve puzzling nd abandoned left behind questions that taunt our general minds,why would one outof sheer selfish individually deprived laziness to seek soleintelligence bully another ones innocent mind to prove nothing of beneficial purpose to  man but a meer mockery…

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