I,lll quickly move to where I want us to be in my previous visualizations samples I was trying to effectively contemporaries on I,lll stop the wonderings and go quickly, and swiftly into my analytical frame fro which I,ll be working with all alike towards my observation and stand to be corrected as I peruse through line to line.I won’t bother our heads with the planetary revolving of the known planets around the sun.I,lll be focusing on our main planet of abode called earth, the earth apart from mercury and Venus is in third succession amongst the planets that revolve around the sun .it therefore means that a good percent of the suns solar energy is been reflected on our humble planet.now let us look at the north pole and how lifeless it is and certainly appears from all outward appearance, it certainly shows us how low the percentage of lives existence is very low there because of the coldness and great fall in temperature in the region which stands as the greatest detrimental element to the growth of life because for certain reproduction to occur amongst a high percentage of living organisnm,fertilization reaction must occur at certain temperatures which means or infers to lifeless nature Arctic region or various countries in our planet meanininh the sun is therefore the main factoral element for any reaction from plants to organisms





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