living becomes death exit window,when all fingers point at you as the bad one,the cast out,the betrayed,the unfaithful one,we realise how wrongly misunderstood and concluded judgements hiding an amusing knowledgeable suprise that no ne never really knew you,they only knew the concluded version of you,i cant live like you means my life aint like yours,mountains of pains,troubles that trembles young hearts,guided wisdom from supposed family is no option,verbal curses now hurts more than losing your loved ones,forgiveness is too precious and woukd be given at personal considerations,selfishness watches a generality shatter like spilt milk,on individual journeys you realise your best friend is ignorant of your true identity,pain crowns loneliness,self thoughts are my lips wishes,forgivness of others mistakes doesnt mean yours would be forgiven,you findout your in an endless war with n enemy that doesnt know defeat asking yourself are you the quitter or the winner,ever taken a decision thst makes you feel like you have sentenced yourself to the gallows,the past and present information can convinct your future.second chance not an optionlife becmes a bitter taste that yo want to puke your guts out,love becomes a casted away feeling,neva to let it in,neva to feel it,neva to see it,life gives blows you wont wish for your enemy,blows that would scar a lifetime,blws that would make loneliness paradise,blows meant for gods,blows that driple hot tears at quiet times,blows that keep your going automated,that makes you a survivor,that makes you fit with saddend embedded pains.your memoirs your perrls,your pain becomes your best friend.











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