Describe music,entertainment, yapper The link talks of how media in the form of music,the. Drink and food to the soul,the miking of the mind depending on the listener and the personal state of mind of the fan or listener,we all worldwide because of ethnic background and sociocultural upbringing backed up by backgrounded traditions embedded to the DNA of our platform foundation has sent and brought about the media diversification in music but every lover of music would always appreciate a good man music in any genre in comes in and a good musician and entertainer is an individual that can create a well diversified identity to spot a meeting point to be able to blend in there music with another kind of music because as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,music is in the ears of the he listener.and jay-z I believe is amongst name few that has done music to that point or level which i believe as i ,m very diversified in my love for music, and a strong critic to a great deal of. Them depending on how the artist presents there artism personality, I judge a good music by only 3 tins ,and in this case,I mean any kind of music both English,slangs or local dialect here,presentation taking into cognicance,beat,words,sound in relation to beat and the entertaining nature of the artists, I wouldn’t even think of comparison between drake and jay-z,when jay ranks with d likes of has and kanyenwest when it comes to hip hop, been the kind of music both of them do,sometimes I even wanna call drake A singer a stated in DOA by jays. I’m quote u his swinging too much get back to rapping quit t-paining too much, I might wear black 4 straight, if u ask me I,ll rate jays flow more than drake here, plus I cant seem to place drak as a pure rapper or rapper/singer anyway, more on music would come along in time as links would be published .

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