Man God-God man

From every Standpoint of inquiry can a man be God or can a man out of his out i intuitiveness and initiative from a strong personal standpoint on a paradigm initiate convinctions that would arise a belief not only that is strongly embedded in him but also would be one that other humans alike.can follow not only as convinctions but can also be a believed natural cultural aspect of there lives both socially,culturally and religiouslly alike that would go down the generational lineage of our time both from past to the present,it may appear ignorantly to us but there are men both of old and in the present who may have affected the lives and sociocultural lifestyle of quite a mass population but because of the apparent yet foolish and over exaggerated platform which we humans have placed whatever we have termed a God both by inherent conditions that we are totally unaware of hereby using even letters to identify and seperate God from god making me feel i n a sarcastic way now not to appear as a critic that we humans are somewhat the architect of the diversity out of still the desire and the insatiable taste in us we may have through time have conceived what I call [man knowledge creates, mans thirst for knowledge and power destroys hence what man has created man has also destroyed]:-)


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