life #love

Its a known and true theory or fact putting in the mind of my readers that I,m not a critic here owing to what is true that we will or we do alredy have loved ones that we have lost to death even if we don’t now ,we would someday’but I wouldn’t delve into the emotional aspects of the dead now perhaps some other time,now like I stated from the prologue but didn’t say that love can only be felt by the living as it is associated with certain physiological changes and characters that can’t be found from the dead,so if am allowed to infer here that the dead are numb to love and as such can’t give or share it or express it as we the living do or as known to us because even amongst us the living the emotion or the feeling reflected by various actions to portray its level or value is expressed and reflectively expressed in totally different ways,forms and values but In all the feeling both to who is expressing and receiving is quite similar as it almost a resultant value. Whether positive or negative in variable, by similarities I also mean by life playing its role yet ignorant to us as we are the propagaters of life and the only way from populous means must involve copulation, sex,love making, hardcore or not, its all a means of propagating and a means to keep our species,thereby ultimately resulting in evolution and devolution both core events in relation of time'(not to displease any,but,cheating, raping,bdsm,fendom,porn,whatever levels or value the pleasure comes in it variable,its all towards the propagation of life,our existence, and in general, conglomerating the embedded systems of characteristics in us mammals(ladyboys,transexuals,)oweing that not all sex or reflection of love ends in the propagtionn of life as we know it or the continuous survival and growth of our species but also in resultant variable positive or negatve evolution or devolution


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