Religion,lifestyle,political and racial beliefs would be founded,held up by some more different views as its based upon by individuals opinions it brings me to a path into a main theorem that am not inferring in any way for  placing it from a general viewpoint is what I,ll like to do here,now never before looked upon and which I want us all, to individually look upon in quote individually again.

God in all acclaimed/ accustomed and n a rationally imbibed form is an existential ratio,let me mathematically represent it God is constant so

K(constant) by maths K is in constant change with relativity to time,I read the whole bible a couple of years back,and an English Koran,if reading both books,be should also per use the books of moses,7th and 8th books of moses,let me say it is called 7th and 8th because according to ancient historical philosophers and theologians along side Islamic scholars,but now would refer with the bible here,it was said moses wrote the books from genesis,d first book of the Bible to Deuteronomy d 5th book, am not trying to disprove anything from both books just trying to explain the historical beliefs from scholars as to the books of moses I mentioned, basically its like d private books of moses that was never added to the Bible, written from mount Sinai and all that period of going to the mountains to hear and get knowledge including the ten commandments, that’s all,like said earlier K is change,and we all know that change is d only continuous constant known,if yes so it infers that change is running or n motion with an inertia power visioned force relatively with our existence determined  by time,so can I say change is a factor if in relation with existence and powered by time,because every human must understand that everything we do is n relation to time,basically,any tin,at every point is been done  at a particular time,and time here more expantiatively,is 







D representation above is even if smtin hpnd last yr,DAT last yr is  d time.

God is known as an existing must respected force variable of his names by different languages,a higher,more advanced force we humans must respect whether its called a name u know , or not.God is god,with a commanding power homological, homogeneous to itself,so if given a chance to ask,what if God was life’s bible records God breathing into man the breath of life and man became a living soul or being.if life as we know it has a lot of challenges to man that scant control,but must take and accept,and if life is pondered n deeply we would discover Both God and life having the same homogeneous nature,plz let’s ponder on it,when a. Baby is born,we give thanks to God,in refrence t life its d joyful beginning of a new life when a man dies,they say,god givesgod takes,n question,to life,its an end a life and no questions are asked too.can anybody feel or has thought about it,that God may be life at the same just two different names.


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