At every point in the deemed fit to live fascia of any ecology of ones existence call it a non living point in a lively ecological environment because every humans alike say according to personal opinions what has been anoda mans opinion or anoda individuals thoughts,insight into ones mind crates a belief because knowingly or unknowingly humans believe out a probable convjnced assumptions of another human,and into a wider more perspectualised believe’that at our present existence point has  turned man from asking questions’and only just believing how ,many do ask questions as a result of taking a deeper and wider look into prospects that are  strongly believed in by many whereas it may have actually been a believed assumption,

Let us all take an indepth and more archival research with all having individual retrospective and stereospective insight of  our existence based on living that is life living us or we living life,we have never or some care less and from birth till death never knew DAT watever was all stood  by them was basically living a life of assumptions So I ask again who is living who when a man  has upholded orders that was another mans assumption even another mans fantasy ,tell me what’s worst at least living or own fantasy s better than living another Mans fantasy don’t you think, tinkering must be done indepthly on viewpoints of life as pectoral and theorems alike.


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