Humans living- or considered non-living without referring to death for is death at a convinced believed point?going further humans living based on existence at every command point we live whether we like it or not,for man stands at a compulsory or involuntarily is forced live or we just like to live or be alive because if  am allowed here to say a man poor,rich disabled,abled desires his life involuntarily so at every point of any humans existence they are living,when we love,hate,sleep jealous,fight transact intact anything done by one at every point is considered as living not withstanding any pains’or emotions accompanying anything we do at every point of our lives we are all living,from  a random mind is it life DAT actually lives us or we do live a life by everything in respective of whatever we feel or factor measurable with living,we founded the theory out of a widely generalized believe rooted and initiated from ancient time’s so hate-love very strong feelings that drives all and sundry its living,or is it only the positive aspects living,then relatively is the disabled  man,destitute,prostitute,physcopaths not considered living life or would we say that life is living them.


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