The Facebook Experiment: the ‘why’ questions…

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Facebook question markA great deal has been written about the Facebook experiment – what did they actually do, how did they do it, what was the effect, was it ethical, was it legal, will it be challenged and so forth – but I think we need to step back a little and ask two further questions. Why did they do the experiment, and why did they publish it in this ‘academic’ form.

What Facebook tell us about their motivations for the experiment should be taken with a distinct pinch of salt: we need to look further. What Facebook does, it generally does for one simple reason: to benefit Facebook’s bottom line. They do things to build their business, and to make more money. That may involve getting more subscribers, or making those subscribers stay online for longer, or, most crucially and most directly, by getting more money from its advertisers. Subscribers are…

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Chicago Gay Pride 2014 Photos Galore!

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Every year I’ve lived in Chicago and I’m available to do so, I shoot the gay pride parade.

This year Bill and I went out together with a portable Chimera beauty dish, my Canon 5D Mark 3, a 50mm 1.4 attached with a polarizer. I don’t have a ND filter for it right now. We shot everything at f2 and it was SOOOO much fun. We got great stuff with beautiful people.

Should we have run into any protestors, I would have loved to have photographed them with the Chimera. It would have been the best light they’ve ever been seen in. :)

I remember the first year I shot it, I was still a little more country than I realized, and I was more or less horrified and intrigued. I produced some videos with some footage, and when I showed my family, I’m pretty sure their shock was all…

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The Real Reason You Should Be Worried About That Facebook Experiment

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People are up in arms about the recent revelation that Facebook manipulated its users during a psychological study. The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and conducted by researchers at Cornell University and Facebook (full disclosure: I know the authors and the article’s editor), showed that people who saw more happy messages in their News Feed were more likely to post happy messages too. The researchers interpreted this as support for the theory of “emotional contagion”: that emotions can spread through online posts and interactions.

Unfortunately for the researchers, the explosive response to their study over social media confirms their findings. Negative emotion can easily go viral.

Why is this study is so controversial? Psychologists have known for years that individuals’ emotions can be influenced by their social surroundings. Sociologists have also shown that people act like their friends or other people around them…

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Oakland County Sheriff: Ax-Wielding Teen Chased Mom After She Flushed His Pot Down The Toilet

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PONTIAC (WWJ) – A Pontiac teen has been arrested after police say he chased his mother with an ax when she confiscated his marijuana plant and flushed it down the toilet.

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard said the mom was able to get away from her 17-year-old son by lock herself in the bathroom at her home on Blaine, near Cesar Chavez.

“He had kicked the door, he’d smashed the door with the ax and was yelling very agitated vulgar verbiage at his own mother,”  Bouchard told WWJ’s Newsradio 950’s Zahra Huber.

“And as soon as she dialed 911 he stopped hitting the door,” Bouchard said. “She wasn’t sure where he had gone after that, so she stayed locked in the bathroom until we arrived on scene.”

Deputies found the teen on foot about a block away from home. He’d left the ax back at the house, officials said, and it was taken as…

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19-Year-Old Prostitute Accused Of Choking Man To Death After Not Paying For Sex

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LAKE WORTH, Flo. (CBS Tampa) – A 19-year-old prostitute allegedly chocked a man to death after he did not pay for sexual services.

Andrea Alvira is facing a second-degree murder charge for killing Brandon Day Jan. 15, the Sun Sentinel reported. The woman told Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office that she met Day in a park and that he offered to give her a ride after a john stood her up.

Alvira told investigators that she attacked the 22-year-old man after he pushed her to the ground, raped her, and took off running after robbing her. But police said there was no evidence to back up her claims against Day.

Investigators determined that Alvira agreed to providing sexual services for a fee and that they had arranged to meet at the community clubhouse.

Day tried to escape without paying her for her services, but the woman chased him into a…

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We Are Russia And We Are A Sad People

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•   When giant meteor hit earth in February 2012 naturally it hit Chelyabinsk Russia

‘Cuz we are Russia and we are a sad people

•   When world have worst nuclear disaster naturally it happen to Soviet Union

‘Cuz we are Russia and we are a sad people

•   America fight Nazis and take over British and French world empires. We lose 20 million people to fight against Nazis and all we get is Eastern Europe

‘Cuz we are Russia and we are a sad people

•   We have glorious Revolution to overthrow horrible Czars and get more horrible Stalin. Then we overthrow communists and get fat drunk Yeltsin and horrible dictator Putin

‘Cuz we are Russia and we are a sad people

•   We are wonderful blend of tall blonde Viking, muscular Slav and dashing Asian horsemen but still nation of ugly babushkas

‘Cuz we are Russia and we are…

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Gay people “will bring on the bloody apocalypse” says Silvester

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UKIP councillor David Silvester has accused the Prime Minister of causing the storms and floods during the early weeks of the New Year, saying that by making the decision to legalise gay marriage, Cameron had acted “arrogantly against the Gospel”.

Silvester condemns the PM’s decision to legalise gay marriage because the act goes against the Leviticus passage in the Bible which states, “thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind”. Silvester claims that no man can digress from God’s law or disobey divine decree without reaping the worst of consequences and it now seems as though Britain is paying the price for Cameron’s bold move in the form of torrential rain and gale-force winds.

Across the country people are reporting bad weather as a result of the acts of gay people, strengthening Silvester’s allegation. In Devon a middle-aged woman reported that the heavens opened and large hailstones rained down…

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